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Played this one a Japanese dev get together, dev is a great guy! The mechanic is very ingenious too

I really like Time Elements, any time frame on when it will get more content in general?

Hii, I have a question about how you plan to handle the Dokimon "franchise"

Some games like Touhou have a very nice universe of fangames. Fans are allowed to release fan games with characters from the Touhou series and profit from them.

The main reason why I ask this is because these monsters are freely usable assets. But if people don't use the Dokimon name, it creates a bit of "it's stealing from Dokimon!" or "Argh, another game using this asset pack". However, if they are marketed as licensed fan games of Dokimon, this creates a different aura for the whole thing.

Touhou kinda went big because of all the fan games, so I think it can benefit the profitability of Dokimon too.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Trully gorgeous!! If water is animated, consider adding a gif!

You really managed to make the palette look good, congrats!

This one

And this one

Felt quite different to me, but maybe it 's more related to ambience and lighting

Your quality has been going up and the style changed mid-way through, would be nice if you divided your collections between the more painterly stuff and the more saturated stuff for the platformers since those have tons of assets (the saturated and non-saturated don't look like they could be used together) 

Keep up the good work!!

It looks absolutely gorgeous!

elemental stuff would be nice

These look so good! Do you plan to make sword slashes or magic spells?

why didn't you release this little gem on Steam?

A license similar to what you describe is CC0! CC0 is the best license

Damn, could you send me your save file? Wonder what is happening

You must be confusing something, the auto-exploration button is the last button in the small buttons in the upper part of the screen. 

The blue button in that screenshot

There is auto-exploration button to keep fighting foes automatically, and also a button to automatically advance areas. The unknown tab indeed requires some baby sitting. Sorry to disappoint!

Hey, right now all normal enemies have the same images, bosses have a different one for bosses and challenge area enemies (you can face them as Lu) have a different one. I'm thinking about adding enemy graphics but nothing is final

A bit late but if you learn programming you can probably write code for it fast. Or you can buy one of the many pixelation tools in Itch.IO

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting it!
Damn, do you think you can do one of the two (both would be best):
A) Open the browser console and look at the error

B) Look at the local storage and retrieve your save file, and paste it here

Ahh, yeah! I played that in the past. My game is more loot oriented and only has combat though

Final Fantasy? hahahaha

Which game?

Nice! I'm guessing to fix it you just had to re-export the sprites? Your tool is pretty cool!!

Did you create all 2D assets from 3D assets beforehand? The game looks great btw, but the edge detection system changing the color of the edges in the train to black/orange/blue do feel a bit weird/artificial. Maybe if the edge didn't change color it would have been better? Not sure.

I saw it on Steam! My question about pixel art wasn't rethorical though, do you have any tips for making pixel art so fast? You make all the art from scratch every time or do you use some kind of pixel art compendium you have and combine parts of it and stuff?

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Holy cow, I am playing through this and it's amazing!!!

I remember playing you Firefighter game jam version back on feedback friday, maybe? It was cool, didn't know you were the lead dev for dead cells!

Anyways, how do you make pixel art so fast? While still having time to make the entire game. The graphics look amazing

How did you make the isometric sprites for the battle? I mean, the diagonal battle sprites like breath of fire

I love this!! Are you going to make the individual parts also available? Then we can use the miniparts to make our own poses

Could you show examples of mockups of the scenario combined with the monsters?

What is the license?

How about releasing the enviroment used? :D

Glad you enjoyed it! It wasn't exactly the most standard entry out there, right?

Different colors for the characters would indeed be nice, easier to understand and possibly a little bit more pleasing to the eyes.

And yes, interesting animations and transitions would also be cool too. I may expand the game later on, thanks for the feedback!

Awesome game!!! I did not get through the game, I'll admit, too challenging on some of the larger rooms :( but yeah, very polished, great mechanics, very well written ending, the option to skip to the ending was also very well done
Great graphics! You're a cool artist too :D best of luck

Nice graphics and gameplay! The audio fits too, nice job. I liked the shitty money lol The one thing I didn't enjoy so much was the approach to the theme, bit underwhelming

I'm shocked to find out you can beat the game (saw it in the comments). I think that detracts a bit from the meta theme but it's cool that the game has a nice ending!
Play my game too if you have time, would love to hear what you think on it! (it's much simpler than yours though)

I wasn't the chosen one...  =( made me giggle a couple of times. One thing I didn't like is that I kinda died out of nowhere and there was no explanation as to why I died. Since the dragon only talks I feel like it should be more like you run away crying instead of dying xD

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Thanks for playing!!! :D

To be honest I've never wanted to revive her either :( I love sad things in stories and I wish her death had made a bigger impact on my experience. It's just that you often hear that her death was a case of gameplay mechanics not fitting the story (at least I often do haha) that I thought it would be a good place to start the meta-ing