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How about releasing the enviroment used? :D

What happened to that game? It looked pretty awesome

Glad you enjoyed it! It wasn't exactly the most standard entry out there, right?

Different colors for the characters would indeed be nice, easier to understand and possibly a little bit more pleasing to the eyes.

And yes, interesting animations and transitions would also be cool too. I may expand the game later on, thanks for the feedback!

Awesome game!!! I did not get through the game, I'll admit, too challenging on some of the larger rooms :( but yeah, very polished, great mechanics, very well written ending, the option to skip to the ending was also very well done
Great graphics! You're a cool artist too :D best of luck

Nice graphics and gameplay! The audio fits too, nice job. I liked the shitty money lol The one thing I didn't enjoy so much was the approach to the theme, bit underwhelming

I'm shocked to find out you can beat the game (saw it in the comments). I think that detracts a bit from the meta theme but it's cool that the game has a nice ending!
Play my game too if you have time, would love to hear what you think on it! (it's much simpler than yours though)

I wasn't the chosen one...  =( made me giggle a couple of times. One thing I didn't like is that I kinda died out of nowhere and there was no explanation as to why I died. Since the dragon only talks I feel like it should be more like you run away crying instead of dying xD

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Thanks for playing!!! :D

To be honest I've never wanted to revive her either :( I love sad things in stories and I wish her death had made a bigger impact on my experience. It's just that you often hear that her death was a case of gameplay mechanics not fitting the story (at least I often do haha) that I thought it would be a good place to start the meta-ing