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Cardboard box gains sentience and learns how to use a grapple hook
Submitted by Joseph Ferrari (@JosephMoonGolf) — 2 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#704.6004.600

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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loved it


This is a concept executed really well. I love it!


This is a very good looking entry, admittedly I did not progress very far because I struggle to get the jump timing just right, regardless this is a very good entry!

simply and fun


Absolutely outstanding.

I love everything about this game, from the art and sound to the engaging level design. I completed the whole game through New Game+, and I was able to find one secret (without spoiling much, it involved a hat). How many secrets did I miss, I wonder?

I also love that there is no music. I'm not sure whether that was an intentional choice, but it makes the game feel more open and factory-y. Even during both 'boss fights' you just hear calm dripping.

It was so nice seeing what you could do with the simple movement mechanics. It's hard to make platformers this fresh and interesting.

This is easily my favorite platformer that I've played in the jam so far. Thanks for submitting!



Well polished platformer. Looks and plays very well. I did, however at least for me, get a bit tiring to keep hitting the jump button all the time. Have you considered or tried if you could just hold arrow left/right and it automatically keeps jumping? Sounds were all right, I liked how elevators sound pitched according to the speed of it. It could use some background music, tho.


Amazing! I'm impressed with the level design in this one. Pixel art, vfx, sfx all great! Really polished experience!

Just one thing bothered me: Most of the times I tried to grab the ceiling the second time (after quickly releasing X and pressing it again) it just didn’t work. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong. If this is a bug (and not just me being a bad player) fixing it would make the game perfect.



Amazing game, loved the muted monochromatic scheme… The accent colors work perfectly, if anything the plain white of dashing jumps was breaking the style a bit for me but other than that really pleasant and consistent… Hard to master the dashing/consecutive jumps and it’s a bit tricky to do some platforms without proper skill with that. Excellent work!


Fun concept and cute animations, but the platforming is a bit too tight for someone who doesn't play a lot of games in the genre. Especially with how you need to perform two jumps in order to get your full jump distance. 


Everything about this games is excellent, even level design. Well done!


Really enjoyed the sounds and the cute animations!


Lot of cool platforming puzzle mechanics on this one!  Good job!


The most polished entry I've seen yet. I wish i could get further but i'm having trouble making the larger jump in the first area. Definitely inspired to push the presentation on my own games a bit further after playing this. Great job!


The attention to detail is amazing, particularly loved the sound design.


The idea is super cool, love graphics too.


If I saw a full release of this game, I would buy it. It has fitting sounds, a cute box, and great gameplay.