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Please make it optional! I liked to learn as I go and deciphering the game was part of the fun (at least to me).

Those pixel art teeth are so small! Well done and thanks for the fan art :)

As this was intended, thank you. Got two go, I really need to feel like raw bones.

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😬Always more teeth

That's what my mom said to the doctor the moment I was born.

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed!

Where am I?

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The aesthetic (graphics+audio) is beautiful, and the difficulty is just right. Thank you for this pleasant experience :)

I encountered a small bug with a "hurt" sound playing endlessly when I beat the final boss, but it didn't affect my appreciation of your game.

This game was made for you and other likeminded individuals. I'm really glad it reached you!

Thanks, glad you liked it! Complexity is subjective though. This game's simplicity made it more popular on Facebook than my previous games, as it appealed more to non-gamers. Even my mom enjoyed it!

You're welcome :)

I'm really glad Strings of Light had this effect on you, even if a little.

Thanks! Either you need to relax or not is your decision to make, but I'm glad Strings of Light raised that question. As for me, I found out relaxing helps me digest my learnings. The brain works in wonderful ways.


Thank you :)

Thanks for feedback! I see where's the similitude between our games: that moment where the player has to decide for themself to stop playing, as it's all part of the game. You make me realize that's kind of a recurring thing in some of my recent games: have the player think about the real world. I've been thinking about it lately and this is what I came to understand about my motivations:
The french (my first language) word for entertainment is "divertissement" which would be best translatable as "self inflicted diversion". As such, I see entertainment as something that diverts us from our intended path. It is a desirable way to relax, but can never be a goal as a diversion is the semantic opposite of a goal. I could expend on that even more, but I fear it would make me forcibly integrate those ideas in future games. As for a future collab, as I already make games full time, participating in jams has become my way of bringing my own undiluted ideas to life without the need to explain anything to anyone, at least not when it comes to code or design. I've worked in teams in the past, and will probably go back to doing it someday. Until then, happy game making!

Thanks Leo! I really do hope you give meditation a try. And then another ;)

Congratulations on your first game. I hope you make more! I liked the ending :)

Thanks for the kind feedback. This must be the unluckiest play I've seen so far for Strings of Light! But that's ok, trying is the important part :)

Kept me on the edge of my seat. And you achieved that with squares and lines. Great work!

Thank you!

I'll let AAA studios care about fancy eye candy. I deal in experiences. Thanks for the feedback!

The food is tastier when eaten this way anyway. People just won't admit it.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand your concern perfectly (I myself hesitated about it). Although, after seeing how the falling down part helped the message get through and helped one of my close friends, I came at peace with it and fully accepted my game wasn't meant to entertain everyone, but to help the few that needed it.

Thank you! :D

Thanks xamigames! I'm glad you liked it, and that the message got through. 

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Your interpretation is correct. This game is very experimental; I wanted those "gameplay-less" moments when you fall to encourage introspection. This meant they couldn't be distracting, engaging nor tell the player what to think. I could have made meaningful questions appear as you fall, but feared verbosity might put a veil on the real message. And as always, when I'm faced with a design decision for which I don't know the right answer, I opt for the easier implementation and see what happens.

Thanks for telling me about the resolution bug, too! I'll fix it as soon as I can.

The Android version does not support all aspect ratios yet. The thinner your device, the higher the risk of missing UI elements and text.

Thanks Toybox! It's much appreciated.

Bubblewonder would agree with you 100%!

Good read. Makes me want to do something about it.

I've made games for some jams already and my guess about what makes a jam popular would be: community. Look at jams that take place once a year (especially featured ones), and how many people join each year. It would sure be interesting to also have insight on's traffic to make better sense of the numbers, but nevertheless, you'll notice jams that get increasingly popular year after year, or month after month (like indipocalypse). You might want to contact their organizers to ask them about their experience.

Although I don't know if that's the right thing to do, if I started a gamejam, i'd do everything I can to bring its participants together, make the jam a regular and consistent event and celebrate the creations that made it to the top (congratulations, youtube video, discord roles, help with whatever you do best, etc).

I hope that helps.


Thanks! That's very good to read :D

This makes me want to improve the game further... when I have the time.


Awesome experience. To me, it feels like an accurate interpretation of humanity.

Such enthusiasm, thank you!

Thank you, it's very appreciated

Sadly, regular humans aren't what they used to be.

She would indeed. Thanks for sharing the teeth!

Like a narwhal! You're on the right track, your dentist would be proud.