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I'm pretty sure it's gold and not blue.

"Is it possible to create a repeating fractal of game within a game, which contains the outer game?"

Yes, Jason Rohrer made one called "Inside a Star-filled Sky". You should check out his games or his Wikipedia page if you haven't already. His games have an experimental vibe reminiscent of yours.

You can join their Discord server, I'm sure people will be glad to help you find the best resources available for a beginner:

Also, you will have to learn how to code in C#. Plenty of tutorials available for that. Happy learning!

This game is absolutely amazing.

To anyone reading this, rate this game, it only takes three clicks! It's the least you can do to encourage the developer into making more of that delicious stuff.

(People, play the game before reading)

Awesome and clever mix of text adventure and puzzle! Thank you for sharing. At first, going back felt like cheating. It was much fun slowly figuring out that the back and forth mechanic was in fact necessary, as the adventure felt more and more like a combination lock. Brilliant.

I made a friend.

I thought to myself this game reminded me of "David King Made Some Games" games, and then was about to press the "Follow" button. Well, if it were possible I'd follow you twice I suppose.

I love how the design forces you to think things through before acting and how easy to read (but hard to complete) the levels are. Thank you for sharing this awesome game.

thank you for making this game exist you are such a person for making this game how do i windows

Hi there, we used some of your low poly 3d assets in a 48h gamejam. Here is the result:
You'll need mobiles to use as gamepads, and lots of friends to play with locally. Thanks a lot for these!

Thank you for being part of this experiment, this is much appreciated. As the experiment's description says, anger is a possible side-effect of playing. In truth, in the jam version, nothing satisfies the TV guy.

Not yet. Maybe someday, when it becomes possible in a non-jam version.

I honestly liked your review, as any review implicitly says: "I played your game and deemed it worth being reviewed".

Spoiler alert

The jam version is not a puzzle game, it just "doesn't" end (it is that kind of experimental game).

Being a programmer, I kind of take it as a compliment that my acting is just "a little" poor! Haha

We kind of had these concerns and wanted to iterate post-game-jam about them. Thanks for the review :)

Awesome video, and very nice selection of games. Thank you, we're honored to be among them :)

I am the one you see in the video (although deeply affected by Mathieu's aura of insanity). I have a Youtube channel, but its more a video storage platform for my games (for now):

It was a bug with the movements, the character is actually floating. It happens when you step on furniture, the character just won't fall back to the ground. We're waiting for the end of rating to upload the fix.

Thank you for your honest and exhaustive review. We gave you a game. Turns out it's not what you want. I feel like I've stolen you time though, and in hope of making it up to you, I offer you this puzzle game: 

KlSS was made in 2 or 3 weeks (instead of 48 hours) and is more traditional (it eventually ends).

For "Not What I Want", we already have a fixed build, but can't upload it until the end of the rating process.

Thank you for pointing that out. It will be fixed later today when uploads are unlocked.

Cool game! Did you make the music?

Interesting universe. Thank you for sharing your game, I liked it :)

Very relaxing. It reminded my of fl0w in a way.

There was a bug that made my third planet "explode" before I could complete it, but still, I had fun playing :)

We did! Had much fun playing it on the TV with a couple of friends. Thanks to you for making this game.

Thanks for the awesome review! Timeboxing ourselves to 4 hours (3 hours of development + 1 hour of polish) proved to be a big challenge. It forced us to skim the design again and again to respect our self-imposed 4 hour limit. In fact, the randomization of the placement of the black cube was next on our todo list. Other fun fact: The monster going through walls was a bug that we decided would not be fixed as it made the game scarier.

Thanks again for your review, and for playing our game. I haven't made it past 5 points yet, but I think it might be doable.

You just updated your game. What changed? :)


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Hi Nick,

We made this game with Unity.

Apart from the engine, everything was made from scratch (art assets, code, sounds and music) although we used some tools. Art was made with Paint.NET, sounds were made with Bfxr and music was made with As for our IDE (the program in which we write code), it was Visual Studio Code.

It seems like the inputs are way more sensitive in the WebGL build (the one in the browser) than on the other builds (at least the Windows one). We'll see what we can do about that as the WebGL build does not provide the intended experience.

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Thanks for your feedback! Although we decided, before event starting to create the game, that we would let it as it is forever (so it remains "that game we did in 4 hours") we will take your feedback about input sensitivity into consideration for future projects. About the genre, I'd say you are right. This game is too experimental to be labelled; fixing it this instant.

[edit] Didn't realize there was #experimental and #abstract until now. Fixed!

It worked in chrome for me.

Got the "Failed to load mono" error too.


Love the puzzles and the style! Thank you for sharing :)

It supports 16:9 ratio and controller inputs for now, but thanks to your feedback, we'll tend to those issues. I'll rely your comment about the title screen to our artist ;)

Thank you for the feedback. I'll tend to the resolution problem. For the controls though, they use the analog feature of a controller's trigger. I have an idea for keyboard/mouse inputs, but it might be long before it is implemented. Nevertheless, thank you for your feedback :)

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Using the swap wand on Archeos and then on another ennemy causes the game to freeze. I wanted to do a Swap + Hammer combo to get rid of him. It would be interesting to also test if using the hammer on archeos to bring him down or kill him freezes the game too.

Thank you for this great game!