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Become an influencer and spread violence. You want it.
Submitted by bodro (@LeBodro), qw3rtyuu (@raphinait) — 13 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Special Feature Implementation#113.0513.200
Fun Factor#212.0982.200
Theme Implementation#321.7161.800

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How is your game related to the Theme and Special Object?
You break people using a phone, plus there's a secret twist.

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The upgrades were fun! I think it could have used a charge up bar to show the player how strong the throw is. I also think allowing the player to aim up and down would have added some more dynamic gameplay. But most of all, thank for for providing a build for Linux so I could try it lol.


Thanks for the feedbakc! We think the same. The aiming up and down part is semi-functional: the angle at which you drag the mouse influences the angle. But again, a UI would have helped make that more clear.


I'm not sure how to earn money? Maybe I'm playing the game wrong.


You just have to throw you phone at people. We didn't have time to add in a tutorial before the jam's deadline, sorry about that!


yeah I tried, but the phone throw is pathetically short


When in "throw mode", press and hold the left mouse button, then give the mouse a good hard swipe right and quickly release the mouse button. I hope it works!


Turns out the throw feature was crappy. I improved it and I made it so if the throw has 0 strength (can happen even when it shouldn't because lag and stuff) the phone is not thrown and you can try again. Also, you should have more control over the angle and distance. I suppose you have no time left to lose with this game, and that's ok. Just wanted you thank you for your feedback and tell you it was taken into account.

Only the Windows version has been updated at the moment. Other versions may follow (depends on my teammate).