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This is incredible. Thanks for the good time :)

To all,

The web version is now working properly! However, there is still a Windows download available for a smoother experience.

Thanks for you patience :)

Appreciate it, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi all!

With the end of voting coming up, I just want to give a huge congratulations to everyone who has taken part in this jam! I've played tons of awesome games, and the community has been super nice. We're also the biggest jam in history!! 

It was probably lots of people's first jams, as well as mine, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks for everything, and keep making games!

I'm really a sucker for criticism and feedback.

Mines a platformer with a missile launcher!

Here's one, if you're dexterous enough ;)

My game is an action platformer with a missile launcher. There are time attack elements too!

Here's my fast paced action platformer with a rocket launcher! You can only hold one missile, so don't mess it up ;) Enjoy

My one's an action platformer, only keyboard needed! 

Thank you! And thanks for the feedback

When exporting to HTML, Godot treats cookies like it would a computer's filesystem. Therefore, saving data to a file like you would with a desktop app also works when exporting to the browser!

Thanks, glad you like it. The explosion was from ;) definitely needs a change

Thank you!

Thanks, could you specify what you felt was slippery, so I can fix it for a post jam release?

(1 edit)

Sorry, It's an issue with my export, the HTML doesn't support particle effects on some browsers, sadly. Here's a Windows download if you'd like to play :)

Thanks so much!!

Thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

The bug has already been fixed and will be updated after the jam :) thank you

Sup Godot-ers!

Here's my time-attack platformer, you have a missile launcher which can only hold one round.

Really well made! Nice

I have a little pixelly dude who loves their missile launcher?

See them out in the field ;)

I tried my best ;) thanks

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Thanks for that, I think it has to do with the rendering engine I used when exporting. It's a shame, but since the jam is still going I can't change it. Feel free to use the Windows download.

If you don't do mine, I will be VERY sad.

Try to really bring out the platonic loving relationship between the player character and their missile launcher.

That's great, and thank you! Your scores save, so feel free to come back any time you like ;)

Salute to a fellow Godot user! This game is super polished, great job! Would love a longer game, as well as more incentive to move. Apart from that though, a great jam entry.

I love how smooth and chaotic this feels! The aesthetics are also really nice. 

The game is quite abstract and I had a hard time understanding the rules, but it feels very polished! I like the mood set by the music too.

Fun arcade-y action. I like it! The game went blank after starting a new wave, but apart from that, a solid game.

That's great to hear!

Here's my game, an action platformer where you can only hold one missile in your launcher. Use the momentum from it to get around, as well as shoot things!


Nice vibe

Great concept! I like it, very fun.

It's a shame Godot is a bit laggy in the browser, my game suffers with the same issue.

Keep it up!

Love it! I was wondering if someone would be able to pull off a one pixel game, and it seems like you did.

Nice game, well made. I like the sprites!

Your game is super addicting, nice job! Would be cool to see your score after you die

I don't have this, but HTML can be a bit buggy. Try the Windows download here!

This is a really novel concept, I love it

I love the vibe, nicely executed!