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Love the game! You hit something good here

Time is Money

Love the polish. This is what a good game™ feels like

This game is awesome! I can really see the polish and detail put into it. I also use Godot: I'm curious, what was the original game made in?

Looks awesome! Very unique style

Love what you do, keep it up!

This is a really cool game! It feels like once you get the hang of it you can go really fast through the levels.

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Can I still access all the custom patterns from V1.0?

Dang, I've had this program on my computer for like 2 years and just checked back and there was an update? Very nice :D I like the sample faders especially

This is really well executed! The gameplay and audio syncing with the music is a really nice touch, and the music itself gives a nice kind of urgent industrial feel. I'm curious how you managed to sync the gameplay like that in Godot, I find that most methods usually drift offbeat.

This is very fun, nice job!

This game is really entertaining! There's something about it that's very engaging. I like the juicy presentation too

This game is awesome, I'd love to see it explored further! If I had a suggestion, It would be that shifting all genes over by one can get a bit too chaotic and hard to strategise with. Instead, how about it pushes off one trait (or 3 genes), so that you lose one ability but keep the others? Really cool though, nice job

This game has no right to feel this good to play! :P Super polished, nice job

Nice! I love your writing style, very poetic.

Pretty fun! Nice job

Very nice game, love the stylised look, and I love the little touches you've added to the menu etc. Makes it feel like a great work of passion! Awesome

Nice game! Fun experience

Awesome, really polished game! Love the bouncy graphics.

So people were only playing half of the game??

This was really fun! It's a very well made game, lovely visuals, and the mechanics are really, really cool once you get used to them. I'm also impressed with the AI. Great job

not a good time to pirate the game I guess, haha! good luck

Something about having a persistent world with stuff you can move around and interact with just gets me, I'd love to see more of this kind of thing around!

I haven't finished the game yet, but I really like it so far! I love how the controls in the game world reflect that of the cyberspace, and I also really like the physicality and tactility of all the different computer components. It really feels like there's something more to the world like in starseed pilgrim, and the meta gameplay feels alot like baba is you. I really like this style of game you've made, wonderful job!

Is it possible to upload a gif of the animation? Looks great

its an engine called Bitsy, it's all online and I highly recommend it for little narrative stories

Which way did he go?

I played this game a couple years back but didn't comment; just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it

These graphics and animations look really nice!

The is REALLY cool.

This is awesome! It looks like a better version of a game I made, called me and my missile launcher ;P would love to see more!

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Just realised it's dev_dwarf on the new games page haha. Yeh the game is also awesome, music, art, everything.

Edit: Ok, I just finished it, I love this, it's seriously something. Has serious pico-8 Celeste vibes with the amount of polish and style, I totally see a full game.

Straight away, I've got to say that the webpage design is absolutely awesome!

lots of fun!

This was really beautiful. Congrats on such a well made Bitsy game

This game is so awesome! The gameplay is really addicting, it's so fast paced, and the animations are really polished. If you're looking to add to it, I think it would be cool if when you hit a wolf halfway through it eating a rabbit, the rabbit meat is dropped and the wolf goes straight for you, so you get a little reward for timing the shot. So fun though, great job!

This looks really cool! Suggesting an idea for the fuller game you said you're working on, how about different levels with different board sizes/shapes?

Nice! Good luck

Here are my highscores, I know all the shortcuts though ;)