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Wow, this game was incredibly charming, lovely job

This game is so addictive, I love it. I like the polish, and the disc gun weapon was really clever

This is a really cool idea, and I love the minimal style and execution. Awesome, and really addictive

This is fun! I like how hitting the disc feels.

Got the secret ending, it was very fun!

This is really fun, and there's lots of charm! Really well done

Pretty fun!

Played a round of this game and it looks really fun! Art and music is great too. Reminds me of Water's Fine if you've played it?

This game is really fun! I like the progression of the game, and the different elements effects.

This is really good, very well executed! Feels like the mechanics really work together, and the invincibility time is quite friendly which is nice. 

I absolutely will check it out! Thanks for playing and I'm really glad you liked it, its very motivating. 

I agree with this, it's a great idea and I'd like to see it worked on further! Keep it up

These are fun levels! Nice game

A simple but polished and fun concept! I like how you get to choose your upgrades as you level up. Balance-wise, I think Necromancy is quite weak compared to the other options, i.e. I'd much rather get 10x gold gain than a 10% boost to summoning

Wow thanks, I really appreciate it! Thanks for playing

Teleporting is a really cool mechanic, and it also encourages speedrunning. Sounds fun, keep it up

It was actually really fun
If you were to expand it I would make the controls WASD + mouse so you can look around vertically, and also have separate buttons for setting and using teleport, since right if you want to set a new teleport you have to teleport to your old one first. This is much more fun than I thought it would be going in, nice job

Short and sweet I like it

Thanks for the read. I have great memories of playing and watching your games, and I wish you all the best in what you go on to do in the future!

Nice game, I like it :)

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What you would like added or changed to the game in updates?

Give me any ideas you have for new upgrades, enemies, or gameplay! BITCRUSH is still in development so expect to see new stuff in the future.

Hey guys! Here is a place for you to chat about the game. Enjoy!

Thanks so much!!! Yeah I saw that too haha, I'm going to have to rework that upgrade. I'm glad you like the game

I played this game for quite a while and I just revisited it again. I like the concept, it starts really satisfying and then turns into damage control lmao. I'm really interested in how you got the servers working, I've actually wanted to make social experiment games for a while but I never really got how to make it work online. Is there some way I could see the code for this game?

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How did you get that really cool wave effect when you capture bishops btw? I also use Godot

Edit: Got a new highscore!

Nice game! It would be cool if there was some sort of score multiplier for consecutive captures or something. I played it for quite a while though, it was fun :)

Fun game! It was quite short but I liked it

Very cool! I like it, just a very solid, fun game

Love rhythm games, and this was great! I like how your playing affects the music :)

This is a concept executed really well. I love it!

Lots of fun, I really liked the music!

Nice! I liked how there were different environments in the game.

This really has good environment building! The graphics and audio fed into the horror mood really well. The first time i saw an ghost they got me right as I was turning a corner and I got a heat attack! Great game

Hello everyone, hope you had a nice time during the jam :)

I made a bullet hell shooter where you travel into enemy space in order to buy lunch. There are a bunch of cool upgrades you can get along the way, and an angry general to deal with! Let me know what you think, any feedback is really appreciated. Thanks!

Check out my game! It's a fast-paced shoot-em-up with a silly story and a bunch of upgrades. I hope you enjoy, thank you!

I found it to be an interesting sidegrade. It's useful to take when you are low on health, and lets you take damage on purpose since you can get it back easily. It's harder in the sense that you have to be more careful with your shooting, but isn't having that gameplay variety part of the fun? :) Thanks for playing!

This was fun! Just a solid all around experience


This is really good gameplay!

Nice game! Couldn't get 3 stars with a trackpad though, haha