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Quite interesting submission! Story was quite cheesy, but that made it more enjoyable for me. :)

It's fun, beautiful zelda-lite. Shame it was so short, I wanted to play more!

Needs some sort of of pop up message to tell player that they got a new tool. I think that the tool animations could be bit faster.

Thanks! Yeah weight and prices will take some playtesting to get the balance right. This jam proto gives me a good idea how to start tweaking them. 

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your feedback! 

How much stuff you can put in your wagon is based on the weight of the item, so you can actually take up to 20 rocks if you don't have anything else in it. But you can use anything you have as a weapon. I recommend using food for small packs!

Thank you for your kind words!

I'm still working on figuring out the scope and such for this project, but in a mean time I've drawn some new assets. Today I started implementing robber mechanic:

Nice usage of lighting and pixel textures in this! I also enjoyed the music. Gameplay wise it was a bit of trial and error, as I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do (feed Vlad = "who is Vlad? Where is it? Oh, THAT'S Vlad"). 

My suggestion is to change task list to TAB or other button. Having two different actions on scroll was a bit akward to use.

It's a good start and it has potential to be a fun game!

Thanks for playing!

In hindsight I should have made the wolf scene easier. Cumulative difficulty was on my to do list, but didn't have time to implement it.

Concept is cute! Gameplay was fairly simple and most of the hits I got was because I couldn't get around the bed in time.

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I have an idea to add highway robbers to the game as an random encounter. In that regards it would make sense to not have all your money with you at all times.

But that's not in the game so for this entry, it's true that it doesn't make sense! :D

Thanks for playing!

Great game! With some work this could be a fun little (mobile) title. Adding a shop/upgrade system to spend your coins in is probably already on your to-do list.


It's a fun idea that your tamagotchi mascot can grow into different heros depending on how you train it. Cute art. Baby stage was way too long (for a jam game), even at x16 speed. Training phase was a breeze compared to that, as there weren't any waiting.

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! Even though using using a very limited palette (13 colors total with most of them being different shades of grey) was a challenge from time to time, it helped with consistency and mood of the game. I agree that "not being the hero" part was tiny in the end, but it still was THE thing that inspired to make the game (try tossing a human to wolves).

Didn't have time to add in-game tutorial for this entry. I wrote down some instructions and tips on game page. Thanks for feedback!

Clever concept, I really like this! However, I cannot personally get into this game. When I have to remember something or take notes, I'll just write it down or take a screenshot out of it. I guess that can be considered cheating, but nothing is stopping me from doing it here.

I would like if the memory board is part of game mechanic somehow. For example; You would have to link a word to a certain picture, and then link that picture to the item when load request comes. That way I would HAVE to use memory board, and not just cheat my way through it.

This is really hectic game! I wish there was even a couple second break between levels. There isn't time to pay attention to your levels and upgrades. I guess this is a game you would just have to play more and git gud. But overall it still was fun!

At first I was bit confused how the game worked, but more I played, I got into it. And then the game ended! I wanted to see more! :D

I get the concept. Gameplay needs more work. Mainly attacking enemies is wonky, when some of your team is facing the wrong direction and you can't move, because you would touch the enemy. Maybe your team members could gather together when you attack?

Other main issue was that big number 50 that would block the view. Making it smaller or semi-transparent would help.

I played couple of times but didn't really get what I was supposed to do. Was that glowing box in the bottom right the generator? Couldn't interact with that. Art was nice, but gameplay was a bit frustrating.

Well polished platformer. Looks and plays very well. I did, however at least for me, get a bit tiring to keep hitting the jump button all the time. Have you considered or tried if you could just hold arrow left/right and it automatically keeps jumping? Sounds were all right, I liked how elevators sound pitched according to the speed of it. It could use some background music, tho.

I love the feel of diving in to the unknown and audiowork is excellent that really pushes the atmosprehe even further. I can appreciate the "extra" stuff you made, like swimming underwater and fixing your ship, even though core experience would have been fine without them. However the ship is a bit wonky to control and I did ran into some game-breaking problems. I did get "stuck" to the rock in ~4500m, in a way that I could ride along it, but couldn't get further than 2m from it. Then on third run I think I hit edge of the map or something, because there was something blocking me from going down. Then I just quit and watched a playthrough from youtube. :)

Good job getting this out less than 2min before deadline! :D

This was cute and beautiful little game. I see you mentioned on the comments about not using text. I think that this would have worked even without item descriptions! 

That was quite cute couple of minutes!

Thank you!

Thanks! That game looks interesting, is it worth checking out?

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Thanks! I didn't want to hold players hand, so I left stuff for them to figure out. :)

Thanks! Only one ending, but you can look for all the secrets to get an S rank!

Simple and fun! I think I got 770 on my best try.

Good call! Added.

Very interesting concept, I liked it a lot! It's tough as nails and there seems to be lots of different strategys to try out with items! Can you tell what are your favourites (and which ones are OP)? :D

I got 1440 on my best try (assuming left is the score I should focus on). Good game, I think I might have to play this again someday.

Oh that's weird. There should be maximize button on the title bar and also you can stretch the window in any size you want. Also, you can toggle fullscreen with F or Alt + Enter. I assume you have a 4K monitor? I did this because I thought if someone prefers playing in a window rather than fullscreen, this was only solution I came up with in Clickteam Fusion.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I made it a bit easy so people can see everything the game has to offer quickly rather than waste their time replaying same sections again and again.

Oh nice! I think I haven't played that one, but I can sense same vibes from looking at videos.

This bothered me so I gave it another try - and you know what? I did get good! Well, not that good, but I learned the timing for the jumps. :D Turns out I still suck at this game!

This was a sweet little game. For what I played, it all seemed to work all fine. Not too hard, almost relaxing experience with that lullaby-music on the background. :D The screen did however turn black after I defeated the first boss so I couldn't continue. I noticed afterwards that theres' a mention that web-build might be unstable so I guess you knew it already. :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah navigation can be a bit tricky, but I didn't want this to be TOO linear. ;)

Cool to hear that this brought up some nostalgia. I'm myself a bit of a retro-game nerd, so I'm curious, does this remind you of some particular game?

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree that there's room for improvements for the door system. Having a strict deadline and not playtesting with others can lead to these kind of iffy decisions that make sense for the dev, but not for the player.

Thank you for the compliments!

Thank you for trying out my game!

I'm not proud to say this, but I rage-quit this game on the second level. I just could not get the timing right for letting go and jumping. Tried with both keyboard and controller. Git gud I guess?

My initial thought was that game was bugged because I couldn't stop, but then realised that's how it suppose to play. :D Music was nice, but graphics were a bit too busy for me, at least on fullscreen. But I liked the cutscenes! How were they made?