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Shingeki no Kafka Kaiju Guren LanganView game page

Submitted by jaspior, KeichiTS — 18 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Sfx / Music#1062.5582.558

Ranked from 43 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi guys! 

Thanks a lot for playing our game, for all your comments and feedbacks. 

We work so hard to play highter number of games and try to contribute as you did for us. I have too much fun playing your games and i think it's will help me a lot with my personal development. Time at time, i felt my mind blowing with your very good ideas, for sure, i learn a lot with you. 

All the good comments are hearthwarming and makes me fell so much fkn better. You're all kind and i will carry this experience in my heart forever. 

Furthermore,  we know our work is very simple and unrefined, but we will still working to offer something better next time. Problably we will work with the SKKGL for a time and we will try delivery something more worthy for you to play. 

Thanks again my friends, i hope see you soon and hope we can delivery a funniest and better game next time. 

By heart,



Thank you everybody who had played our game and give some feedback. I tried to play and rate all games in this jam but sadly, I wasn’t able to do it. I’ll still take a look in the games I wasn’t able to rate since there is many things we can leanr from them.

Once again, thank you!


Really funny and cool, awesome to see it grow and eat everything lol


Thank you! We are glad you enjoy!


Really well fitted to the theme of the game jam. Sounds were funny and great :D
I had lot of fun :)


Thanks for playing! We are happy you enjoy! 


Your game is very funny. It made me want to keep playing.


Oh, thanks for playing! We are happy you enjoy!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Very cute art! Its simple but very enjoying!


Thanks for playing ;D. 

We did the best we could ;D.


Nice little game, good work! I like the ability to eat kitchen furniture in the end lol :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing our game :). We are very glad you like S2


It is quite satisfying eating everything xD

I got a little lost in the beginning, but found the way easily after eating the first fruits. Then I eat something bigger almost accidentaly and everything made sense! chomp chomp chomp

The sound effect is very nice, I just wish there was a background music.

Curious about what would be the next area and things to eat 👀

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing our game! I'm glad you enjoy it!

We will add some eatable objects near the cockroach at the beggining, thanks the feedbacks now we see the kitchen maybe was to far XD. We will provide a soundtrack too and why not expand for next and bigger levels?

Thanks for your feedback too, it has helped us a lot!


That was a lot of fun! I love the puzzle at the beginning of working out what you can eat next, and it was great each time you realise you can eat bigger things. When it finished, I wanted to keep going to see what I could eat next!


Thanks for playing our game =). 

We will make some additions when the Jam ends, i hope you like our next updates ;D.


It's really satisfying when you get big enough to chomp everything lol!


Thanks for playing our game =).

I'm glad you like S2. 


Love it, This game is super fun and silly. Definitely made me chuckle while playing :) What will the next levels be, will he eventually eat planets?


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoy S2.

We will work in the game before the jam, problably we will add some level. Why not an spacial stage? =). 

Thanks for your feedback, this is very important for us ;D.


Shingeki no Kyojin spoiler ahead: Samsa was the parasyte the whole time

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

good game , at first i did get what i should do  ,so 

i think you should put some fruits at the start of the game , by the way good shingeki no kyojin , kaiju  no.8 and gurren lagann reference


Thanks for playing our game and thanks for your feedback, it's important for us ;D.

We will include some eatables objects near the cockroach at the start (can be fruits, like you say) when the jam ends ;D. 


the monster 8 reference was a coincidence, We named it kafka due to the main character being a roach. Just today I’ve learned that the main character from Monster 8 is called Kafka too!

Thanks for the feedback, you’re right, some fruits near the bed would help the player figure faster what should he or she should do in the gameplay


You have a bug in your game if... you know what I'm hinting at :P

Jokes aside, interesting idea! Try to smooth out player and camera movement next time and the experience will greatly benefit.



Thanks for playing and for your feedback =). I hope you enjoy! 

We will make some changes when the jam ends. I think we can do better if we apply your sugestions. 

Your feedback is very important for us, we will make our best ;D.


If Franz Kafka and Keita Takahashi made a game, it'd be this one. Enjoyed eating to get bigger and bigger as Gregor Samsa! The Metamorphosis is one of my favorite reads. I kind of want to go back and reread it again after play this game! Anyway, fun game! Great job!!!


Thanks for playing our game and for the good comment!

We love Metamorphosis and Katamari! You realy got our references ;D. 


The big fish eats the smaller ones... Or must I say the big cochroach eats everything! Really liked the mechanics and the simple graphics. I had a good time chewing all those furniture, cars and houses. Good job


Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy!

It's very important for us receive comments like yours, it realy make us happy S2. 


Can you imagine being this dude's neighbor. You're just living your life and one day f***ing Gregor over here's suddenly a roach and is eating the whole neighborhood. Anyway, this was pretty fun, congrats on your entry!



Maybe it probably would be an  so fkn scarry unsual situation ;D.

Thanks for playing our game, i hope you enjoy =D. 


Thank God roaches don't make that sound while eating! Nice game title, made me laugh.


Hahahahaah, it would be scary!

Thanks for playing our game, i hope you enjoy! 


My only criticism is the placement of the start button. Suuuper hard to see. Other than that, I really liked this game. It was fun to play and I liked being able to eat a stove in game.


Thanks for playing our game! I hope you enjoy!

We will fix the button when the jam ends.

Thanks for your feedback ;D. 


I hardly recognized the start button but the game was fun.


Thanks for playing our game!

I agree with the unsee button and we will fix it when the jam ends ;D.

Thanks for your feedback!


Made me feel like a cockroach. Movement is snappy and the gameplay loop is satisfying. Could use some effects when objects are eaten.


Thanks man, i hope you enjoy! 

We will make changes when the jam ends and lets try to add some good effects when the objects are eaten too. 

Thanks for your feedback, it help us too much ;D. 

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