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Thanks for sharing! It works so smooth with the game!

Thanks for the rating!!

HAHAHA! So everyone will be wearing that guy hair ya XD! This is a very interesting idea! Fun and challenging! I super like the interaction when player step on the functional buttons on the floor!

WOW that is A LOT! I can only managed to score around 15 XO! By the way, how do you check if all the objects are coming into stationary state, before allowing player to drop the new cube again?

The idea of passing the food is cool! I liked the animation very much! I believed that more things can be done with the cat if given enough time into this game!

Thanks for playing :D

Thank you for playing! Ideas just doesn't come every time. And I do feel game like Shingeki no Kafka Kaiju Guren Langan is actually way smarter!

Thank you for playing! Initially I wanted to put four hammers with different directions, but the idea was later restricted by realizing the character has only 2 hands XD

Very cool growing tower! Fun and satisfying when shooting too! I like the simple yet clear objective of the game and environment. Just that maybe can set the game over timer a little bit longer XP

Thanks for playing! You have provided comments on every highlights of this game! I love players like you :3

Thanks bro! All these words are energizing me!

Its a very nice idea of the game! Fun and straight forward! Just that sometime I don't know if I should take in the power up, until i proceed further of the stage.

I love this game so much! The settings all especially the music is so nice! May I if the obstacles are generated on random position, or by some algorithm, because I realized no matter how much the obstacles generated, it will never give the player a dead end route. It is an amazing game!

I liked the idea so much! The music and sound effect is there! Its very challenging to play! Sometime the shark is just too much for me to avoid XD

A very straight forward nice game! Fun and challenging!

Very nice time competing game! I like the effect of taking item out from the box very much XD

Cool Game! It can be a very potential full game in future!

Good game! I enjoyed the boss fight very much! Very cute art!

Simple yet fun game! I like the rules that we got to take care of each step and jump we made.

Thanks for playing! I guess I should have put a happy ending for this game XD

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Very cute art! Its simple but very enjoying!

Thanks for playing! I am glad that you liked it!

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For some moments, I hope Janssons is a cube lol! I like this game so much! Its a very fun, humor and challenging game! I really want to help Janssons to find what he wants, but i just can't get over the glass wall  at second stage :(. 

My suggestion, maybe the cake should have increase more blood sugar for Mr Janssons, so I will have more time to help Janssons~

Thanks for playing! 30 mushrooms is quite a lot! XD

Very cute story! Neat game design! I laughed hard seeing those friends hiding on corners, doing nothing! Very well game given this short period of time!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I will take note on that!

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Thanks for playing and the quality suggestion!

Wow very cool idea of combining puzzle and growth theme together! Fun and challenging! Great stage design! Just that i feel bad for the dying heads XD

Its chilling when playing the game! Patience is the key to winning the game~

A very nice game play! Just that theres some collision bug that I cant really move to certain place after generating and releasing the weapon. It has a very nice art!

Great and simple game play! Very like this idea! I can't get over the scene where need to jump high enough to get the water TT

Wow, I like how the character stomp when hes becoming big! Will be very nice if got some buildings for me to trample ;P 
Anyway its has a very cool effects and bgm. Would like to see a full game out from this!

Cool idea! The art work is very nice! It was kinda hard to play at first, but it doesn't stop me from trying to get higher!

Good work! It is definitely a great start and keep up your good work!

Nice ost combination. Second days already make me feel the tiredness of working out lol. Nice and fun game! By the way, just a little comment from me that, I have to be very focus on the instruction, until i cant even know what words coming out from the top.

The size of bullet is just nice, for a challenging gameplay. The slim on the wall must be a good catch for players like me who will keeps sticking to the wall! Overall is a nice game, but i feel the shaking effect is little bit too shaky for me.

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I cant open the game, any idea how to open it? I am on windows

I like the art so much!

I liked how the fox punch. The fox can stick to the wall by pressing some additional buttons. This is challenging for me.