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Thanks, I’m glad you liked it ^^

Unfortunately, Draw Over is not in active development, so I don’t think an eraser will come out anytime soon =/ But it’s got the Undo (Ctrl + Z) feature that you can use to “erase” drawings that got wrong, maybe that’s good enough for your use case.

One thing I thought of doing is a way to select individual shapes/drawings and being able to delete them one by one, but never got to implement this idea.

Thanks, glad you found it interesting ^^

I’ll take a look at it, thanks!

I’m really glad you liked it =D

As far as I know, the highscore for this game is my own time of 4:08, I’m not really sure yet how I pulled it off =P

I haven’t played Downwell, but I did play Gato Roboto and it does the same thing, having 2 color palettes, but there you have to find the extra palettes throughout the game.

Really glad you liked it! =D

At one point the gameplay was solid enough, so I didn’t change it afterwards at all. Just went to making the game feel better: integrating the art, recording the sounds, finding a way to explain how to play…

I’m really glad you enjoyed it ^^

🎤 poom tsh poom poom tsh

I understood the order after pushing the split handles all the way, then it was much clearer =]

There are some ways for making loopable music I can think of right now:

  • you can have a well positioned silence where the music (re)starts, like I had in mine
  • you can have an audio clip just for the music intro, then start the perfectly loopable clip right after the intro ends
  • you can use just the looping part even if it doesn’t start freshly and fade it in, so you don’t have to worry about having different clips and synchronizing them

Mouth sounds are usually very fun to work with, I recommend xD

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I just recorded some improvised mouth sounds, you composed a whole musical play in 1 week! ♫♬ It’s trully amazing =O

Nah, don’t worry, the game is awesome even lagging xD

I just replayed it without going full screen and it worked much better 🤔 I also saw later that you disabled the lights on mobile, so I guess this is the main bottleneck =P

Hmm, maybe something with regards to positioning and AudioStreamPlayer2D? Or the audio assets only have the left channel?

It’s tough, in programming/game dev bugs could be pretty much anywhere xP

Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed it 🐡

Haha, that was fun! I love this music and the sound effects and the visuals and animations! It’s just a little uncommon having health and never being hit at all, but no problems there, it is very satisfying just slashing through everything =P

For some reason, I can only hear the game audio on my left speaker…

My best score was reaching level 19 🐉

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Wow, this game is just so awesome! I mostly love the voice acting and the songs, which are just so cool to hear and really on point with the narrative!

The visuals and the motion in gameplay are great as well, congratulations!

The only thing that bugged me was the night level, where the game lagged quite badly, probably because of so much dynamic lighting =/

I really like the atmosphere of the game, with the art, music and sound effects, congratulations!

I found the controls to be really difficult. I really didn’t understand how exactly the sling direction is measured. Usually I’d set the direction carefully, cancel the move, and then make the sling without moving the cursor so that the direction would be where I wanted and I could go farther. But then I got to a part with some moving platforms and they always changed the sling direction even if I didn’t move my mouse, so I wasn’t able to beat the game =/

Oh, and for 2 times I just jumped from the big arrow sign in the first area, before trying to kill the flying enemy xP

It is quite satisfying eating everything xD

I got a little lost in the beginning, but found the way easily after eating the first fruits. Then I eat something bigger almost accidentaly and everything made sense! chomp chomp chomp

The sound effect is very nice, I just wish there was a background music.

Curious about what would be the next area and things to eat 👀

Really interesting concept you got there! The order in the end was a bit confusing, some digits could be (and were in my playthrough) above others that were more to the left, so to my reading they came first =P

Overall the game is very nice, congratulations!

I just wish the music was a little longer or at least looped more seamlessly, it is just too clear when it restarts.

Loved the art, animations and music. It’s all such good vibes, there is a giant happy face just growing hair, just awesome! Congratulations!

I also find nice that people have different colors in the game! =]

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! =D

Is there anything you think the app is missing?

Thanks, glad you liked it!

At the beginning of the project I thought about making a progression on the game difficulty. But yeah, it is challenging enough with one spike every 2 seconds, the same gameplay settings I had from day 1, so I just let it be xP

Thanks! I’m really glad you liked it ^^

I was going to make a progression on the game difficulty, but it turned out the game was challenging enough with one spike every 2 seconds, so I decided to make the game feel nicer instead, with the colors and more sounds and stuff =P

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Haha, really glad you liked it xD

I actually recorded the song and all sound effects, it’s all a capella 🎤 I released the OST in the page, feel free to download and listen to or use it freely =]

I entered the jam in the last 3 days, so simple was pretty much a must =P

Thank you, I’m really glad you liked it ^^

When you enter a jam on the last 3 days, the game just have to be real simple =P

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it ^^

I guess recording this music was the most fun part of this jam for me xD

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Ebaaa, que bom que gostou! =D

Foi bem divertido fazer esse jogo, capaz que o melhor foi gravar essa música xD

(edit) Acabei de subir os audios originais e também uma versão da música aqui pra ouvir, se quiser incorporar às suas playlists ou usar pra qualquer outra coisa ♬

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♭♫ ♯♬ \m/

All original recordings just for this game xD

I might upload the OST sometime, why not?

(edit) I just uploaded the music and SFX files!

I’m glad you liked it =D

This game is mobile-first, I actually got the mouse wheel input for free just by using the awesome Godot-Touch-Input-Manager, really glad I didn’t have to implement separate logic for desktop =P

I’m glad you liked it =D

This game is mobile-first, I actually got the mouse wheel input for free just by using the awesome Godot-Touch-Input-Manager, really glad I didn’t have to implement separate logic for desktop =P

♭♫ ♯♬ \m/

Thank you!

I wanted to do a game with pinch gesture input for quite some time, I think it went very well in this matter =]

Great game with a nice polishment, congratulations!

I really love the sounds and music + the filter effect when you lose and how there are some really clever puzzles with this jump mechanic, it’s just great! =D

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

It was really fun to develop as well ^^

My record was 4:08, I still don’t really know how I pulled it off =P

I am very proud to announce the open beta of Raise and Shine, a height map visual editor with automatic normal map generation for 2D textures! =D

It has been exciting 5 weeks of development and I hope I’ll be able to invest many more to make it even more awesome! Check out the full release post here.

Happy Easter!

Since it’s Easter time, I’ll start off with an illuminated version of Bunny Rabbit LPC. Happy Easter!

Show off the cool illuminated textures you create!

You can save the illuminated preview using the File -> Export illuminated texture menu button.

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Post bugs and other issues here or here. Please attach screenshots and steps to reproduce, if possible.

Help us make Raise and Shine be an even better tool!

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Give your ideas and suggestions about how people can use and how we can improve Raise And Shine!

Nice update! The web build loads A LOT faster now, and those unnecessary icon image files are no longer downloaded =D

Also, I wouldn’t call when you fix a “grave bug” as “a mere bug fix”, be proud of your work!

I’m glad to help ^^

Precisando, tamo sempre aí! E eu fico muito feliz que o jogo ficou bem bacana ;]

Sô, foi bem divertido fazer aquela aula, viu. Uma hora eu faço mais, quem sabe, hein xD

Massa demais esse jogo, hein! É meio difícil pra pegar o jeito, mas tentando várias e várias vezes dei conta de mandar 210 pontos com o HooliTruck!

Essas mecânicas de carro, drift e rastro devem ser meio cabulosas de fazer, parabéns demais aí procês, ficou divertidão =D

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I made 210 points using HooliTruck! Took me like a million restarts, but there it is xD

Amei a vibe do jogo, tá tudo muito bonito e com uma energia muito gostosa! Ansioso pra saber como continua essa história…

Parabéns pessoal!

Aopa, prazer é meu, tamo junto ;]

Precisando qualquer coisa, só chamar!