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That was sick and scary as hell XD two shards is my best still :D congrats on the game yo ^^

Heck yeah nice game tho, i loved it! congrats ^^

Thanks tho, glad you liked it ^^

Love the charming visuals, it's a fun little game ^^

So good and polished, difinitely challenging but still fun, congrats to the team ^^ amazing job

Thanks a lot, this means so much, so glad you liked it that much ^^

Thanks tho, i appreciate it ^^ glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot, glad you like it :D the difficulty gets a bit sttep but that's cuz of the small amount of levels. I'm aware fo the door problem, is definitely a fix for post jam ^^

So cool and polished, nice game tho ^^

Cool sfx, unfortunatelly i have no friends to play with. idk if that was intended but i could control the characters with WASD, it there's a PC layout would be usefull to have it ingaame or on the itch page at least. i had no joypad while playing :S

That was really good tho, congrats on it. loved the mechanic and the sfx, all so good to mess around with ^^

This is so polished, holy moly :O great game, congrats!

Sim mano, sou brasileiro ^^ parabéns pelo jogo, é bem daora :D

Amazing job here, the voice acting, song, everything is so fun and good. Congrats ^^

Loved the pixel art tho, the game is quite hard, enemies nonstop lol but i love it and the ARMAGEDDON is great!

Good looking and good sounding game, i just got completely confused about the mechanics and started messing around till it worked lol. but it was fun tho ^^

Pretty cool tho, i miss some impact when you hit enemis and some sfx, also a visual feedback for when you get hit. besides that pretty cool and pretty nice looking ^^

Sozanek you destroyed it :D so good tho, took me a while to realize that the summon could be done with less than 3 energy things so i tought the jump just wasn't possible, after insisting a bit i found out and holy sheesh, this is a great command pattern puzzler. Congrats ^^

This was really cool, the stirytelling and the music at the end. the level was fun to play too tho, even if it was a mattr of patiance and walking i got thru it and felt good to collect all ^^

*evil laughs with cool mustache* lol

That was a blast, loved every bit of it and the slow mo effects is dope, great entry!

This is so cute and addicting, i couldn't stop watching my hamsters and placing more of em. Congrats on the submission ^^

This was so great, i loved it start to finish, the ressurrection mechanic is so damn satisfying. congrats ^^

Loved the game tho, the puzzles made my tinny little brain suffer lol but it was worth it :D

Thanks tho :D glad you enjoyed it, the last couple of levels are quite hard, the energy drains quick cuz i manually set the drain value for each level to make it tight XD i'm sorry for that.

This iss really good, is exactly the type of game that i like, bloody stuff XD congrats tho

That was a blast! i felt like in an action movie orsomething while gliding and shotting those robot bois, loved it. The only thing i would add would be more visual feedback for the shooting and the robot being hit.

Thanks :D glad you liked it and thanks for playing o/

Yeah, i used an Area2D for the polarity detection so that's why, this is something to take note for a post jam for sure ^^ hope you had fun and not much frustration :D thanks for playing ^^

Thanks tho, glad you found him cute ^^ thanks for playing and hope you had fun with it (even with the last level difficulty).

Yep, some of the SFX are made with my mouth and mic lol. got me XD thanks for playing tho and i appreciate the feedback :D

Thanks tho, glad you liked it ^^

Cool idea tho, got me a few tries to get it right even with the instructions but still really good when yo get the hang of it. for some reason the clean power sources wouldn't be implemented, i wouldn't let me place em anywhere. i might have messed up lol. Congrats on the submission ^^

Super cool and funny tho, the way the doors open gets me all the time lol, congrats ^^

So good! i love it and some puzzles got me scratching my head and gave me that a-ha moment tho. super dope!

Loved the visuals and the feel of it, super juicy. super fun to finish, only thing it need is an ending screen ^^ keep it up 

Hey Kobold o/

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it ^^, the last level is meant to be a bit tight since it's the last one but hope you enjoyed the challenge :D

Thanks :D glad you enjoyed it!

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the arrows audio go BRRRR lol, thanks  for playing, also for the feedback and i'm glad you enjoyed it overall :D holy high five for jeebus o/