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Help the goo escape the sewers in this adorable puzzle game!
Submitted by Beep Yeah! (@beepyeahgames), grumpus (@ramorris_3), cfwalter — 12 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
As you move the goo characters throughout the levels, they become joined together (for good or ill). Groups can be broken apart with lasers or sewer grates. Sometimes an angry blob will infect a group which is an unwanted union, indeed.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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I really miss a rewind button as it is very easy to slip up and make a mistake and have to redo the hole level again. Great work nontheless. 


Really impressed with how good these puzzles were with such a short period to make them in, really good job! Definitely got burned once when I moved a red slime onto a sewer at the same time I moved next to the sewer, didn't think it was going to infect me haha. Overall really great submission!

(3 edits) (+1)

Hard but not too hard, the puzzles were pretty fun to play and I finished the game :).

I mainly comment because I founded a bug, when I press multiple time on the direction to finish the level my number of blob is counted multiple time (I guess this is because a new blog is on the finish line). I am playing on the windows version.

Edit: Like many I have seen afterward than other people already founded the glitch ^^'


Great game from front to end. The puzzles start out easy and ramp up nicely. I love the sewer tile. The SFX and music are really nice and the whole game looks adorable.

I think you can expand this into a full game!

Congrats on making such a cool game!


A fellow slime puzzler! Hellooooo! I love your slimes. They are cute and in a good looking game with great music and sound  effects. Well done! 

The puzzle mechanics here aren't anything wildly new, but the level design is very well done. The first level asking the player to split a group and rejoin it really opened my eyes. I got through all 10 levels and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Congrats.

This is a very nice game for a 48 hour jam. Excellent job to everyone!


I was able to mash the direction into the pipe at the end and get triple the slimes in the tube, but Il iked it none the less


I'm surprised that I was the only one to find this glitch but on the windows version if you have for example 3 slimes but you need 4 to complete the level you just have to be near the pipe and spam X times the direction towards the absorb pipe and it will absorb the slimes X times. Making it possible to complete the level with 3 slimes and even 1 slime. Aside from that nice game but I could not stop myself to cheese some part with that glitch. It was surprisingly still challenging with the red slimes haha.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Nvm just saw one comment saying that haha. I liked the presentation a lot btw!


Yeah we are aware of that glitch and are itching to correct it in the post-jam release. but for now it stays! :)


Lovely artwork and great puzzle designs!


a creative and challenging puzzle game. looks and feels very good, and I genuinely dig the music. great job overall guys!


The concept is great
my only complaint is it gets too hard too fast


Very, very fun game! It fits the theme perfectly and the puzzles are really unique. The art and music complement the game's vibe nicely as well. This is probably my favorite game I've played so far. Good work!


Very cool, charming game. Great sounds and visuals. Really polished!

I'm not really into puzzle games but I have beaten all levels and enjoyed it throughout. Amazing job!


just lovely!


This game was adorable and really fun! Very polished graphics too considering the time t was made in.


The art and the puzzles were great. I wish there was an undo button though.


It's a very tightly and elegantly designed game. I love how you control both your blobs and enemy blobs at the same time, that's a nice touch.
I got a bit stuck on the first two levels, but I think that was just my dumb brain getting used to the mechanics.
I also like how you clearly indicated the controls on the screen and that there's options to both reset and skip levels (very thoughtful indeed, tho thankfully I never got so stuck as to need it).

I honestly think this could be a commercial release if you just made more levels for it. Maybe toss in a mechanic or two into later levels depending on how long it is. The simple controls lend themselves well to porting to mobile and I think this is the kind of game I'd love on my phone (tho it's good enough for a desktop as well).

Oh and the blobs are adorable. Both visuals and audio are stellar in this. 


What a great game. Starts off simple but introduces new and interesting mechanics as you progress along. Solutions to the puzzles are also very clever as several involved uncovering tricks with the mechanics. Could easily see this as a full release, awesome work!


Pretty cool take on the join together to get bigger mechanic. This was really fun to play! Nice color palette you have used, makes the gameplay super clear! Color palette is very  similar to my jam game :)


This is super fun! First of all, I love the cute aesthetic and relaxing atmosphere. I'm not normally so great with puzzle games, but I really like that you relax the constraints here, that you're allowed to finish the level with slightly less than all the blobs, and you can "shed" some in drains.

Every level kind of surprised me with how much more depth there was to what I thought was a simple concept. Like when I realized I didn't need to be one blob, I could split myself in two by having a drain in the middle and become two separate characters in a way.

Great work!


thanks for playing, and for the awesome feedback!!


Very well presented with some intriguing puzzles to solve. With no special gameplay you managed to bring a new visual with a variety of levels. Congratz!

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