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Beep Yeah!

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This is great!

visually stunning and fun to play!

so fun

Thank you for the kind words. And thanks for playing!

glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!

nice work Terry! this is super polished and fun

Check out MR. BLAST, a challenging platformer that is great for a quick speedrun.

Here is a speedrun from YouTube:

that's faster than me!

thank you!

thank you for the kind words!

Great playthru, thanks!


Awesome, thanks! If you hold down X to bring up your shield, it's a lot easier! -Tom

wow! amazing work

Voidrun community · Created a new topic Mac version?

Hi are you planning on releasing a version that runs on Mac?

so polished! awesome work

thanks jupiter!

love it! for an added challenge, cars (or snowplows) could drive by periodically and toss more snow onto the drive :D

nice work. i like how you combined characters to create the ship. and the existential message in lieu of trying to add collision detection XD

i did it! ... took me 24 turns tho...

truly marvelous


unique concept! 

its... just...




this game is best played while listening to this song: 

yes! so good

definitely not winnable, but also definitely fun and impressive :D

thanks man! i'm gonna go check yours out!

Amazing work. love the concept and execution. Thanks for making it :)

This is genius! Thanks for making and sharing it : )

What are the options for Android/iOS export?

thank you! glad you enjoyed it!

Beautiful graphics!

thank you!!!!

looks so good. nice work!!

Well, getting green potions makes your ability to resist the pull greater! and blue makes the vortex smaller, and therefore less powerful. : )

a very clean experience! feels very modern, esp for pico 8

lol. and don't worry, yours is far more enjoyable/playable! : )

rad game! reminds me of an ASCII sidescroller i made in the 90s! : )