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Very charming and fun!


love it!

You can export Windows, Mac, and Linux builds with the EXPORT command!

So cool! You'll have to work the hungry humans into the game mechanic somehow : )


thank you!!

ok thank you! That’s very helpful to know 😊

Does skyland use your BPCore engine?


As President of Chronoco™ I endorse this application!

fun! .. challenging too!

It's out!

yes, it turned into a bit of a meditation on the futility of trying to make everything fit neatly. real life is a mess, much more like weird tetris than actual tetris

Nice game! time: 5:10, deaths: 12

Check out my latest PICO-8 game, NADIR. A super simple action game that only requires one button to fly and fire.

Play it here:

And be sure to post your high score in this thread!

I have been hoping to expand it into a larger game but haven't quite found the time. Yet!


Super fun! Hope it makes its way to mobile someday.

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We would like to submit our new release, RogueSlide as part of this bundle. Thank you for organizing this. We stand with Ukraine!

You can see a preview of the gameplay here. The game does not include any NSFW content or gore.




2048-style puzzles meet classic dungeon crawlers in RogueSlide. Gameplay feels casual, yet each move is strategic.

Swipe your way across three vivid worlds, each with unique monsters to battle. Play as one of five unlockable characters, each with strengths and weaknesses. Daily Dungeon and Arena modes keep gameplay fresh and interesting.

My score was 53

Thank you! :)

Yeah we are aware of that glitch and are itching to correct it in the post-jam release. but for now it stays! :)

A fun take on the Lights Out type of puzzle. Always love to see PICO-8 games as well!

Really nice entry! Fun/funny art and gameplay and a great mechanic. Well done

Good start, but it feels like it didn't quite reach it's potential. Hopefully you can build on it after the jam!

thanks for playing, and for the awesome feedback!!

Well done Henry! Great mechanic and everything is presented so cleanly. I love how you telegraph the flails movements. Nice work

Thank you Erin!

yeah, we noticed that bug about an hour too late :''''')

Great art style and concept!

Very unique concept and presentation, nice work!!

Amazing amount of polish for a jam game, and creative take on the theme. Nicely done

As always, a unique mechanic with lots of depth to be explored. Nice work!

I think you have a really nice mechanic with lots of potential here. Nice work!

Love me a minimalist puzzle game. This would work amazing with touch controls, i need it on my phone!

Congrats on the excellent puzzle design, and all in 48 hours. You could definitely expand this to more levels after the jam is over. Good work!

Great mechanic and artwork. You could definitely expand on this after the jam!