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Yeah we are aware of that glitch and are itching to correct it in the post-jam release. but for now it stays! :)

A fun take on the Lights Out type of puzzle. Always love to see PICO-8 games as well!

Really nice entry! Fun/funny art and gameplay and a great mechanic. Well done

Good start, but it feels like it didn't quite reach it's potential. Hopefully you can build on it after the jam!

thanks for playing, and for the awesome feedback!!

Well done Henry! Great mechanic and everything is presented so cleanly. I love how you telegraph the flails movements. Nice work

Thank you Erin!

yeah, we noticed that bug about an hour too late :''''')

Great art style and concept!

Very unique concept and presentation, nice work!!

Amazing amount of polish for a jam game, and creative take on the theme. Nicely done

As always, a unique mechanic with lots of depth to be explored. Nice work!

I think you have a really nice mechanic with lots of potential here. Nice work!

Love me a minimalist puzzle game. This would work amazing with touch controls, i need it on my phone!

Congrats on the excellent puzzle design, and all in 48 hours. You could definitely expand this to more levels after the jam is over. Good work!

Great mechanic and artwork. You could definitely expand on this after the jam!

Creative puzzles, and a unique theme. Nice work!

Nice presentation. I would have enjoyed an interactive tutorial on the controls, maybe in the post jam version! ; )

Nice work, great concept that really fits the theme. Nice presentation as well. Sometimes I wasn't sure why atoms would join up and sometimes they didn't.

Great visuals and presentation. Controls were a bit unwieldy. I would recommend adding a list of controls to the game page so people can reference all the controls in one place!

You can always press N to skip to the next level.

We also made a walkthrough video to help!

Stuck on a level? Check out the solutions here:

is anyone else noticing a difference in quality when you export an MP3?

very good information! Thank you!

press UP (w)

Pixelbox community » Meta » Questions · Created a new topic Build targets?

Hi, can you export your game to anything besides HTML5? For example, Windows, Mac, Linux, or even mobile devices?


it seems the farther you go to the right, it turns up the amount of "swing" 

Swing—sometimes called Groove or Shuffle—is the addition of tiny delays to every other hit of a beat.

Is there a way to copy this into a Pico-8 cart?


So good! Would love to have this on mobile :-D 

Ah, I didn't try the easy mode, I believe I went with the default Medium. I'll try it again!

This is really polished! My only complaint is that the obstacles aren't always very "readable" - some things that look like obstacles aren't, and some thing that don't look like obstacles are. I would find a clear way to visually differentiate the two.

Unfortunately, we built it specifically for the Apple ecosystem, so that it could run on the iPad and Apple Watch as well. Maybe someday!

very nice :D

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I identified this issue with the latest release. I fixed one bug, but introduced another. I have the fixed version up now. Thanks for making me aware of it, and thanks for playing!


this is so great!


I'm glad you liked the music. I wrote it on the piano for my son a while ago, and thought it would work well in this game. : )

means a lot coming from you! Thanks!