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This was kind of a delightful experience! I love that I had no idea where it was going next. Kudos on making transitions that flow well and aren't jarring. I think my favorites were the first person flame murder and little "choose your own adventure" film just because they felt very left field here.

I was looking through if there was a place to browse community plugins, and I found this:

However the link is dead, and I wasn't sure where to report it. Is there somewhere else that maintains a list or some easy way to search for them?

Hey! Thanks for compiling this Jupiter! It was fun to watch all the games like that. Sorry about the page scrolling bug in my game. I'm sure that made it annoying to record. I've since fixed it though!

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

I'm definitely really impressed by the atmosphere as well! I love the art and the colors, and especially the feelings it evokes along with the music. It's kind of a mystery but not too serious.

I felt like it was really easy to miss clues. Like I played it a couple times and thought I found everything, but then looking at your screenshots, I see there's a bathroom scene. So I went back again and tried to find it and finally did. I think it was hard to see that door because the lighting was pretty dark in that area.

I guess the end also feels kind of satisfying, or I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Is there a right answer? When it asks you who the killer was, it just slides away regardless of what you picked, so it kind of left me wondering if what I said was right or wrong.

Thanks Kai! I'm a bit concerned with the lag. It does lag for me on Firefox but not so much on Chrome. What browser were you using?

This was a really lovely experience! I absolutely loved that the cats followed you (but was so sad when they got off the train). 

I also really loved the last sequence, giving you time to pause and reflect (or just scroll mindlessly through your phone).

Ah, thanks for pointing out that bug Daniel! Looks like it was only happening in Chrome (not Firefox). I also appreciate the tip on how to fix it, should feel much better now!

Thank you Andy!!

Thanks for the thorough feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to test our game! 

That's good to know that the feedback on teleportation is lacking.  One idea I think that would make this really obvious is if the game froze when there was a successful hit, and there was a comical, physical swapping of the two characters (like you'd see them being moved across the space so it's not as jarring). It would also help slow down the pace of the game a bit since I noticed it can become just a game about how fast you can click to shoot. 

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Hey, thanks for letting me know!

Can you please tell me what problems you got? I don't actually see a way to embed the game on, because it's running an online server.

Did you try the link in the instructions on the game page? Did that not work for you?