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calibri and gadugi

thanks for checking it out. I'm glad you found it so impactful. :)

I'm fine with the way you have credited me already and I don't mind if you release the source with the things I made, so go ahead. ;)

thanks for playing and talking about your experience it really made my day.   

I don't mind if you take and use the tilesets and objects so go ahead. :)

Hi everyone.

Last year I decided to try and create a small puzzlescript game everyday for as long as I could.

 At first I was able to explore any and every sokoban idea there was .  I started small making 3-5 level games that took me 2-4 hours to make. But As the days went on ideas became harder to come up with and by the 30 - 35 mark it was taking me 30 mins to an hour to come up with a new idea. During that time too I was trying to make the games better which lead to games having 5-7 levels increasing work time to 4-6 hours while being surprised by how many ideas I was able to come up with.  By the time I was near the end at the 70+ mark I was making games that had 9-11 levels and had 7-10 hours work time put into them.

What stopped it in the end was a cycle of working on the games for a long time staying up later than I should of, waking up late because of it then finishing the games off even later meaning I woke up later again and so on. Adding on to the fact that game ideas had really dried up because I was on my 6th+ wind by then.

All this lead to me picking a bad idea that didn't work without me being able to change to a new idea because it was so late. It is why I stopped on the 87th day and not the 90th or 100th.

But still making a game a day for almost 3 months is pretty nice.

When I look back on it I'm very happy with it. I made a lot of good games and it will forever make me remember 2018.

The best game I probably made during that time was Islands:

Link to Islands

I also have a collection of the games I thought were the best:

The great puzzlescript games

And the rest:

The rest of puzzlescript games

Thanks for reading

thanks for playing them. I'm glad you liked them :)

Thanks for joining me and playing them. I really appreciated the comments :)

Thank you for playing them ;)

You're welcome :)

Thanks for playing :D

Yeah I like this one quite a lot too :). thanks for playing

Thanks for playing it :)

I probably should of designed level 2 better. I'm going quote what I said before "I was going for a sokoban where the player doesn't push the block but it evolved into some that didn't really suit that but also kind of did "

I was going for a sokoban where the player doesn't push the block but it evolved into some that didn't really suit that but also kind of did XD

yeah I tried to do that with level 0 and level 1 but I know it still doesn't do the trick that well

I guess I was going for a sokoban where the player doesn't push the block but it evolved into some that didn't really suit that but also kind of did XD

glad you liked it :D

thanks for doing it and playing :D

Thanks for the efforts of playing them :)

Thanks for playing. if you like this game you will also like this game as well

Thanks for playing. I'm happy you enjoyed it :D

Im glad you liked it :D

Thanks :)

yeah I think I'm bad at knowing just how difficult I make my puzzles XD

Thanks for playing. My best is 17 but the best score I've seen is 27 but I don't know if that's the optimal score. :)

Thanks for playing I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it :D

thanks for playing. Glad you like liked it :)

sorry I don't know how to fix that problem. I don't usually play and edit other peoples games. 

I made it using puzzlescript. You can make a puzzlescript game too. here's the link:

 I'm sorry you found the last level tough. Thanks for playing.

thanks for playing :)

Im glad you enjoyed it :D

The controllers I use seem to be working so it must be either your controller, its controllers driver or the controllers configuration.

You can try and play the game with this problem to have some interesting games.

but I don't think I can do anything about it.

Sorry I couldn't be more useful :(

(1 edit)

the game folder should contain a README file with the controls in it but if you want the controls here they are:

Start : Enter

Back: Backspace



movement: Arrow keys

"A"- Attack/join game : Right shift

"B"-remove player from lobby: Right control




"A"- Attack/join game : Left shift

"B"-remove player from lobby: Left control



Fullscreen toggle: Spacebar

QUIT: Escape key

Hope you have fun! :)

Thanks for playing :)

I'm sorry to hear you can't play.

Try downloading the game again.

If you are still having the same problem it could be the controller you're using, the controllers driver or the controllers configuration or button mapping.

I'm sorry this wasn't that helpful :(

(1 edit)

I tried downloading the game through the desktop app and for me it worked fine.

I don't use the desktop app so I don't really know how to fix that problem.

You can try uninstalling the game or deleting the game and its contents from your computer and try downloading it again.

If that doesn't work I think you will just have to go to the website and download it from there.

sorry I couldn't be more helpful :(

I sorry to hear that you can't play.

How are you going about launching the game?

Have you extracted the executable from the zip folder?

I don't have enough information to understand the problem you are having so I can't help you that much.

sorry :(

(3 edits)

You can actually tell who won because after the game is over the winner can still attack. So you can use that to tell who won.

I could of made it more clear that the player could have done that though.

My bad.

Thanks for playing :)