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I still think there are some levels that can work with the mechanics you currently have. like this one

maybe a different direction might have been, to choose a new different type of mechanic to work with like ice sliding, block swapping or a block trail. If you find the mechanics hard to work with finding new ones to work with might help. The new mechanics you decided to implement were quite similar to the old ones so they would probably have their same problems too. If you find mechanics in the future difficult to work with this might help you a bit. 

Personally I think I would look into a different type of layout design for these mechanics maybe cramped spaces and cloners just make the space more cramped when you use them or the player is not just moving a block into position has to move themselves to end point to push a block as well. The majority of layouts at the moment is getting the amount of blocks you need and placing them in a section and that can easily end badly if your not careful because of the amount you have to move.

I played through the whole game I like the shapes of the levels and the story but I am a bit critical about the gameplay. Most of the puzzles are not too 'thinky' and feel more about just placing blocks in position.  its not really my thing.  

The puzzles didn't feel like they were getting too difficult just more complicated. I didn't feel like I was figuring out a new idea or method to think in most of the puzzles and I think you should aim for something like that.

 And the new ideas that were explored were placed in levels like 14, 15, 18, 33 which are too easy. and I get that they are easy to show the new mechanic but you can show the new mechanic with the level also having a puzzle as well. You have a great example already level 16 could introduce the concept of green cloners and not level 14.

There were levels where I felt placing the blocks into position felt too much like 13, 18 and 34 (18 could of been halved down the diagonal to get the same feeling for the puzzle)  and I bounced off completely from 39 and 40 because the block moving/positioning was too much.

A lot of puzzles are either too easy or a bit too complicated.  The ones I liked the most were 9, 16,17, half of 18, 20, 29, 32.

You should probably post the puzzlescript play link in the #playtesting section in discord and ask for advice on the levels and their design, I'm not that great with that stuff  :/ 

be careful big is not always better. I personally use smaller levels to force myself to find interesting ideas for puzzles. If its done wrong it can lead to levels that you understand what to do but require a lot of tedious steps to complete it. 

path lines is a different beast than the copying, path lines had an interesting premise to wrap your head around whereas the copying is a lot of the time just about pushing blocks which if done wrong can lead to tedium fast.

 if you are making bigger levels make them all feel interesting and have unique experiences.

I personally like The copying over the other 2. Also I don't think extanded is the right word, extended or expanded would be better.

I can't take your work. You should post it to your own page. After you do that you can join this discord to get some good feedback on it.

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Ok I have changed and fixed a few things related to your comments ;)

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I found your comments now ill look at them

I don't think I ran into any bugs ( except for a misplaced light block in level 31). Could you go into specifics about them?

Thanks for making this I had a lot of fun. :) I'm surprised you made 50 levels out of the concept and they were all great to play. Good work! ;)

 I loved the art and playing around with the mechanics but some challenges felt a bit tedious or frustrating at times.

Loved the well designed puzzles and the elegant aesthetic. A flawless game jam puzzle game.

I believe the share function in puzzlescript makes a play link and a source link. You can see in my description how both those 2 links are almost identical

Loved the game with having to spot and infer groups made the game feel kind of IQ test like. An interesting puzzle experience that is rarely explored :) 

I like the mechanic and I see it as having a lot of potential fun with you jumping around with your friend using momentum but at the moment there's a lot  points where you get stuck and are trying to maneuver around to get them to continue which breaks the flow a bit for me. 

Interesting game and good art. I wish I could see how I did after the time runs out instead of restarting.

Also there's a bug where if 2 objects of the same part as close to each other dropping the correct object on both of them will create 2 completed objects, which I kind of enjoyed.

The art and the puzzles were great. I wish there was an undo button though.

Art styles great and I love the concept of different weapons power ups. I just found them a bit too hard to control at times, it would be fine if they were fast but their quite slow.

Nice art and gameplay. Would have loved more levels to explore the mechanic further

Loved the concept of the golf roguelike and game feel was great. I wish there was a reason not to just spam the golf club while dodging enemies to create a bit more thought or strategy to it.

Looks nice and is quite challenging. The end was a bit annoying when you are waiting for the last number you need to show up.

Game looked nice and I found the gameplay to worked well.

I liked the art. I wish there was a tutorial for how to fly because I could only do it 20% of the time and I had to try and use snakes to reach higher platforms instead.

I liked the art but I found it hard to understand how I should go about playing even with understanding how the game kind of works. 

Great concept though.

A flawless game jam game. Great art, sound and gameplay could use something like a level counter ( level # of 10) but that's just nitpicking

Love the game. It's sounds and game feel are so satisfying . I feel all that's needed is an initial mode where you mail around 25 emails with the game slightly changing ( like the environment shifting or you own physics changing in some way) and after its over you unlock this endless mode.

I just feel its better to leave the player on a high note rather then wait for them to get 'bored' and quit the game themselves.

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I love the polish and the artwork, its probably 1st in the jam. I just felt the gameplay was a bit simplistic and short. I was waiting for something more to happen to bring more variety and with the baby bots spawning regularly the game didn't feel too challenging either and I never felt I was going to fail once.

 The game ended before the high of the uniqueness of the game wore off leading to the gameplay feeling overall good, but something in me makes me look at the game and say it's just clicking continuously on baby bots with not much challenge. It has a similar feel to an incremental/idle game but without new elements being introduced. 

I think the overall gameplay feels great, I just don't know how to feel about the gameplay in general. It's sweet BECAUSE it is short and I don't know how to get my head around it.

Great game good work :)

Good concept and nice game. I found the final 2 puzzles felt a bit too fiddley.

look nice. It quickly gets very difficult XD

Had a lot of fun. I love how unexpected it was. 

Was fun and loved the art. I really like how the music joined together with the dwarves.

Looks great and had some fun with it. I found I could attach a ball very close to you which would let you avoid obstacles easier and that when a full wall is coming up I didn't have time to attach to a new ball to get away. I think having a set minimum distance would avoid the first problem and a slow down time mechanic for the second problem would fix it.

I liked the art and particle effects when shooting. I did feel like you moved a bit slow even with the boosted speed and if you die you have to make the slow journey back.

Love the visuals and the concept. Gameplay is fun to play. But I sometimes have trouble with aiming at the enemy like the cursor aim precision is slightly off and I wish there was more feedback when an enemy is shot to show the shot hit. 

Love the concept, the look and the sound. I just wish there was more feedback like when you are about to run out of time and that its based on tension

Amazingly polished and amazingly funny.

interesting mechanics and nice puzzles

Had a hard understanding what was happening the first few games. good game and great art and sounds. 

I'm sorry I didn't see too much point in the game or the reason the yarn is there. But the art and music are nice.