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Solve puzzles and dodge obstacles with your friends as you randomly control part of each others characters!
Submitted by Nyfnkurfer — 9 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Each players controls are partially out of their control, and given to the friend they are playing with. Your character is not completely within either of your control but between the both of you they are

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

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great game ! I love the concept and the art style. I played alone so my brain probably looks like jelly now XD


This is mind bending! Then again I did play it solo.

It was tough enough coordinating both characters, but when the controls started swapping over it was a whole other ballgame! Really fun and challenging.


Oh man this hurt my brains. Really tough to get used to this set of controls, and play as single player. Great fun.


Really enjoyed the gameplay, even though I played it solo. My brain broke a little.

I loved the visuals and the small touches of animations were really well made. I also enjoyed the lil pixel butts waaaaaay too much. This game would improve dramatically if there were some sound design involved, even if its just a death noise, or a persistent background track, just to break the silence.

I really enjoyed the game, and can see a lot of potential in its future if you decide to continue development.


thank u so much, I was conflicted about whether or not to include the butts lol but I thought they were kinda quirky and cute, glad liked it :) I also wish we had sound, especially to communicate the switches, but we ended up running out of time sadly


Great level design. Changing the keys adds to the difficulty. Loved it!


I like the idea of co-op, but I'm not a fan of the way you mess with the controls. Even in the first level it is very hard when the up buttons get switched around. I would suggest changing all of the controls at once, rather than each action individually. Some sound would also be a good addition.

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Same. Nothing more to add 😗

(Sorry if i responded here btw)


really nice idea and art! i think it is a little hard. even in a level where i had nothing but pits to fear i would have failed at least once. here are some changes that would make that an excellent game:

- a few introductory levels
- some sound (espcially an additional warning, when the buttons change)
- maybe a visual timer like a line going around the buttons to better indicate when they switch

overall i am a big fan though!


I played by myself, but I still enjoyed it! this deceptively difficult game really messes with your brain (in a good way) 


Too cool game and great idea, I like this dificulty that makes me moan ^^


Screenshot of game:

Couldn't post to main page due to a glitch.


So much fun!  It's hard but really playable (keys switch so it requires close collaboration -> I got yelled at a lot). Charming characters.  We want more levels!!!!! 


Thank you! I also wanted to make more levels but the time constraint stopped us


This is awesome, I only wish that I had someone to play it with rn, but I'll keep it on my pc for the future. It could be so much better with more polish, but I'm not gonna give a negative review for that, it's still amazing


now i want to kill my brother. pretty good, but minus a star for the ass present. :)


LOL. thanks for the comment. I actually made this with my brother, we had a good time


Its really fun but also really hard!


Very cool idea