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Thank you! :)

Thank you! :D Yeah it's certainly very tough to make the game as we imagine it as well as finish it in the time and make sure everything works. But that's the fun in game jams! xD

I see. I'll try to out some work on the transitions. Thanks for playing!

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I think your game definitely fit the theme very well. There were collectibles and you had to go here and there! Pretty sure a nuclear power plant doesn't have employees running around collecting coolant and fuel, haha xD But it was very fun! GG

The only thing that I didn't like very much was the repeating sound it kinda became bad after playing it for a while. And your game has the famous - 'moving sideways makes your player go faster' problem (or feature? Depends on the person playing the game). I wasn't bothered by it in any way because it made me reach the reactor reset button quicker.

Haha, I liked the game. Simple to understand and play. The challenging puzzles took me a while to solve. Nice game!

Yeap will definitely play it

I see. Yes I understand. I definitely learnt a lot building this game. And yeah it has problems xD. I hope to get better over time. Thank you for your reply and taking the time out to play the game. 

I wasn't able to complete it Ahmed, I was working on a 3D game where you work as a ticket checker and you have to rewind your memory to see who you gave the ticket to and who you didn't. You get 3 tries to kick out the passengers without tickets and if you kick out someone else you lose tries. I finished the models of the player, passengers bus and environment but I wasn't able to get rid of the errors and bugs that happened when with the spawning scripts. Also no music and UI elements were incomplete. So releasing such an incomplete game would be bad. Hence I left the game jam. I'll play your game though and leave feedback.

Not that good at the moment... My script is all mangled. I have a prototype but its not a game... Let's see if I can fix it in the time that I have. How about you?

You too bud

I searched for 'pink screen on Unity build' and some people say that it could be due to missing shaders in the graphics settings. Maybe that's the issue?

Haha, funny drawings in the game. And really creative banana throws xD. But I think you have to make the movement a lot more smooth and really have to fix those enemy hit point issues. It takes a lot to kill the enemy and then move forward only to die again because the player movement wasn't that smooth. So overall cool idea but you could've expanded the idea of drawing your own spell by adding some other type of spells that we could also draw and switch between. That would be interesting. Also nice choice of levels, one in sky with birds, one in water with sharks and one on land with monkeys. Cracks me up. xD

Hey, I'm getting a pink screen when I run your unity build. I'm thinking its a problem with my system... I tried pressing various keys on the keyboard and when I press 'space' key it starts running the background sound. So the game is definitely working, but I'm unable to play it. I have't rated your game for this reason.

Haha I needed a recipe book for the crafting structure because whatever I tried the magic just didn't work. I tried the game and this time paid close attention to the instructions and got it. It was quite nice to see the combinations working together to produce 2 effects at once to the enemy. I think it needs tougher enemies that's all. Very nice implementation of the theme. Great game! Good music too!

Thank you for those kind words! Yes I messed up the controls... My bad xD I'll improve the crafting system to make it more player friendly. Thanks for playing! 

Ah I see... Yes I made them get destroyed after 3 seconds maybe that's why. I'll keep that in mind in my future games.

You too!

Oh thank you! :)

Lovely Game! Very fluid movement and easy to use crafting system. Decent sound too. Nice job!

How was it?


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Oh thanks for contacting me for being a part of your team. But I'm still participating solo bro. There's some things I want to test out. If I can execute it well I will join a team and contribute. Right now I'm not that good, I see tutorials and documentation for help. If I can make a few more games and learn everything very well, then I'll join a team. Sorry, for now I'm going solo.

Also all the best for your game for upcoming game jams!

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Haha Loved it. Nice art, it reminded me of the flash games I used to play on browser. Easy to use menu. It seemed difficult for me to understand at first but aren't all games like that? A few seconds of reading and I understood it. I mean you really can't go wrong with a simple click menu. It was great. Works very smooth as well and had cute cartoony characters with decent music. I noticed a bug when you hit the ghosts that are emitting electricity which causes your player to disappear. Also if you forget to tap on ctrl  to close the consoles they will just stay on the screen until the end. I went till the third level and got stuck there because my chi bar was over. And I thought there would be some clever and fast way to beat that level but I later realised that I could regenerate both my health and my chi, which was a bit disappointing because it kinda removes the difficulty and I was able to finish the game. You could really exploit this feature to limit the chi so that we can only get it from those electricity boxes/poles but to use that skill also we some chi left in the bar so we don't have any chi we just die. That would lead you to build some amazing level designs. Overall solid game! Well done!

Thank you! :D I just had no idea how to better explain the crafting. Maybe I should've gone for a dialog system but I was just too concerned with getting the rest of the features working. Thanks for playing!

Aah I see, that's an interesting game. Yes, do expand on that idea and create one. I'd love to play it.

Oh thankfully I kept a default throwable. Thanks for playing!

Oops I'm so sorry for mixing up the controls. My bad xD.  Thank you for playing!

Um... I like how smooth the jump and movement is. I just don't like that I don't know where I'm going, I'm just jumping around and falling off into the void which is the reason why I couldn't collect many items. I just used the fire skill. Maybe you meant to make it that way. Music is good too. I would like to play it with better level design, then it would be fun. Nice job!

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Its absolutely fine buddy! Keep building more and more games and keep submitting!

Um... Yeah, this game doesn't fit the theme of this jam. You could share this in MyFirstGameJam's Itch Page if it is your first game or one of the first ones. Everyone loves a good old zombie shooter game. If you wanted it to correspond to the theme, you could've added different zombie kills that makes you get skill points that help you craft a different gun. Anyways keep building more games!

Uhm... Is the game completed? I guess you didn't have time to work on it. I just went to the first page clicked on play and it just set up the box near the judge and the cross near the player. I think it's a nice idea you have there. Reminds me of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. You should try to add on to it.

You've got a nice concept of crafting items in a card game. You could make it a game where you have to make sure you are left with more points or just having no cards left against the enemy (computer). Or you could make it a survival type of card game where you draw cards and craft something that increases your points in surviving. It's a shame you couldn't finish it. I know the feeling of submitting an unfinished game. We just imagine it so differently with so many cool and awesome features. But its tough to implement them all. Well done on submitting!

You should really decorate your game's itch page. It can really bring more attention to your game. I liked the art, especially the ghouls xD. Music is also good. I wasn't able to craft though. I just went through all the levels by just the default shooting thing until I died.

What? Slimes can't do magic?! Did this slime just fool the buyers? xD I liked the humour at the start. Quite a simple topic to understand. I liked it. Originally I too thought why this isn't being enchanted, so maybe a text to indicate that we have to wait for certain time would be good. Also you could add a few fellow slimes coming to the shop and buying stuff so that there's a time limitation for us to craft whatever they need before they get angry and leave and we lose points. I liked the art. Great job!

Yes I tried my best to explain the system. I had plans to make more levels where you will have to use different crafted items to shoot the enemies but I couldn't do it well and removing all the bugs took a lot of time. I'll improve it in the future. Thanks for your comment and thanks for playing!

Ah I see xD. Yes, I should've explained it better. Well you have to take a diamond and an animal mana and then go to a crafting station. These won't work if you don't have the items in your inventory and hence by default you'll shoot nuts. All throwables do different amounts of damage to enemies.
If you are at crafting station 1: then you should have bronze diamond equipped and if you press keypad0 you get squirrel nuts.
If you are at crafting station 2: then you should have silver diamond and either butterfly, bunny or penguin mana and then if you press keypad 1, 2 or 3 you get coloured leaves, carrots and ice as a throwable. 
If you are at crafting station 3: then you should have gold diamond and either elephant, parrot or swan mana and then if you press keypad 4, 5 or 6 you get stone, different coloured leaves and sharigan to throw.
Once equipped the respective slots get removed from your inventory. A bit complicated, I'm sorry about that. I'll try to make a better tutorial scene and maybe improve the levels so that we know what to do and when to craft. Thanks for your comment and thanks for playing!! 

I loved the art style. The animations were great too. I didn't find the crafting part yet. I'm guessing you put it in the later levels or something. It would be good to see the slimes shadow or something so that I can predict where they are and where they will jump. Music was good too. And yeah like already mentioned in the comments the map had a problem; currently I have to click on the first dash on the left dotted line to start the game. That was a bit weird. Nice game though, I would love to play it if you release it and see where it goes story wise.

Loved the low poly art style and the mini planet. It game me an exploration type of vibe. It made me feel like I'm searching around the world and crafting items, which was cool. Also liked the tutorial, very straightforward and easy to understand. Didn't quite understand the grip though. The mouse sensitivity was a trouble for me (probably because my system isn't the best). I didn't like the music but I do appreciate the effort you put in making it. Nice game!

Oh I'm so sorry. I think that is because you can't use discord unless you're 13 years or older. It is for your own good. You can still participate in game jams and join the community on youtube. So cya there!

Haha, I loved the idea of working from home. A lot of stuff to do and at the same time trying to spend time with the family. Loved the art as well. At the end I kept mashing the mouse button to finish the work. It certainly went way out of control. xD Great idea! Loved it!