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I love the graphics, the idea is simple and effective. Great game !

This game deserves that I spend more time there, not easy to navigate concerning the actions associated with the colors when it gets complicated. I would have liked to be able to move the objects during a break ^^

I will follow your game because it is very nice, very good idea and I imagine hard work behind it.

I clicked a little too fast at first but after several tries it was nice, good game !

Without reading your instructions I wouldn't have said to myself it's the decor that moves. Good idea in any case, it's a cool game :)

I struggled to play without getting stuck but the idea is good. Not bad at all ;)

A good idea, without specific objective, just for fun :)

A lot of work congratulations, a little exaggerated on the movement during the fall of the character but not easy to find the right game design in such a short time.

The poor cat :/

Very cool and good idea ;)

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I found a solution, still after posting a question that a response is found but it can help you too.

I didn't know about WebAssembly.

I want to learn use gbdk-2020 but which solutions is there to export on web like gb studio. 

They use a motor html5, do you know more on subject to pass of C to JavaScript/Html5 with gbdk-2020 ?

Thanks in advance :)

I had a lot of fun playing your game although it's not my usual genre.

I like your game ! You made  a real F-Zero's ancestor  :D

ok i will take it into consideration, thank you ;)

Not bad at all ! Who put these  boards that prevent me from reaching the targets at a distance rhaaa

Knowing some objects you used in the game, I find that you have fully exploited to create a nice environment. Good little game ;)

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Very good concept, i like that. A bit difficult for my but i'm bad ^^

Huge work on 3d, well done !

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ok I had a hard time getting used to it but it passed and received points ^^

 Nice concept like le score wich is inverse too :)

Thanks for my game ;)

Thanks very much. Blender was my main challenge, it's true. Glad you liked it :)

Thank you :) This phone is indeed only a decoration but has its role in the concept. I thought it would be best to do like that with the time available and my skills.

Thank you yes there would be a lot of things to improve, I think I will work on it again after a good evolution in my level of skills :)

This is where we see the number of good games that are ignored, I will continue to test as much as possible the games added here and I could see a lot of exchanges already between you it's cool :)

A kind of "Arcade Paradise", I love it and you could go more far on this concept. Lot work for 2 games already. Well done !

Life is good everything is fine and then they ended up having my skin :'( Cool game with a theme perfectly respect.

He does not want to jump when he is on the second obstacle (w or space). Is there something I didn't understand?

I see that many games are missing ratings, if this is your case (less 10 ratings) and he is playable (without technical problems) post it here.

Le mien est concerné :

If you like car games you can try mine :)

First time I made 3d objects myself for a game, so it's not very beautiful ^^

In France, "pain au chocolat" can also be called "chocolatine" :D Great game !!!

They are always hungry it is not possible :s

Excellent game !

A few problems like the character who doesn't always stay on the ground but not bad overall ;) 

Well done !

The game is fun but lacks visual effects to make it more lively. This project deserves to go further, there is a good base. Well done !

I'm putting your game aside to play when I can, I've never tested an indie game on it. Nice job in any case, it makes me want to try too to make !

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The character continues his jump by continuing to press, nice work despite the little problems :)

Excellent, i like this game ! But I would prefer control with the mouse and a rhythm that evolves ;)

Simple and effective, too bad not to have added a musical background and some sounds. Good little game :)

Very stressful with a headphone, very good game !

I don't have this courage  ^^

I love this style of art so much, great atmosphere.

Thank you for playing and your feedback, I plan to improve it by probably making several levels with different obstacles and bonuses.

Very fun to play, I suggest you slow down the monster a little when it hits an obstacle.

Hello, I invite you to try version 2 available in apk. The trajectories have been improved and there is a 10 pts bonus when sending into the tree. Thanks for playing :)