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Simple, Relaxing, I could fall asleep playing this game... no wait i want to win so i'd stay up all night

reminds me of 2009 mobile games in a good way

Finally, a shoot to move without having to really move! I did get stuck on a level cuz the enemy killed me and just kept shooting endlessly

i see about 30 sequels, make it yearly get a deal with the farming and goat

BRO the music makes you feel badass even when you suck, the graphics are MWA and paper airplane == good game. great job five outta five

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if i didn't suck at rhythm games this would prolly slap hard af

now i want to kill my brother. pretty good, but minus a star for the ass present. :)

I don't have a ps4, but this really made me feel like spiderman... if he was doomed to an eternity in hell!

Pretty fun! Could use a bit of polish, a little more direction ( im embarresed how long it took me to figure out the rocket boost and i couldnt shoot rocks) but once i figured it out I had a good time! Definetly needs fullscreen mode though. Good job! keep with it!