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Doggy DriverView game page

Keep dogs moving and earn some treats!
Submitted by Dorblin7z7, CALEBPENTECOST, erinpentecost, dt (@xhiggy) — 2 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

I really love the game idea, art, and music, but the game itself just did not work. I was able to play a little while but on four different tries the game crashed with an error saying "WebGL context lost, please reload the page". :/ My main critique on the actual game though is that it's really hard to tell the road directions from just a small half-arrow, especially when you're unable to stop moving. I really loved everything else about this game, but the one-way roads seemed to make it unnecessarily difficult for me. (I'm sorry!!) Great job on the design and concept, though!


What browser were you running on? Any other ideas what might cause the crash? We haven't been able to reproduce it on any of our machines.

And yes, with more time we would have loved to improve the difficulty but oh well. Thanks for playing!


I'm on Chrome. I played it on a really old Mac, so maybe that's why. I'm not sure though, since other games have worked fine. :/

Submitted (1 edit)

Neat idea. Maybe start the player off in a smaller town, and work up to something bigger ?

I sometimes had the feeling the game was eating/ignoring my input. But things go so fast that it's hard to tell for sure.


My passenger got mad because I couldn't drop him off at the barber shop (?) hahaha, so hard for me with this perspective turning the car left or right (arrows look like big ones 1). Would be nice the location icon be bigger. Who doesn't love doggies! Good job!


Really cool style and design!  Dog profiles are great, and how is the town art done?  is it actual 3d models or 2d drawn?  The leader board is a great idea, i gotta learn how to do that!  5 stars!  Please check out if you have time~


2D Sprites made in an Isometric perspective. We're glad you loved the dogs :)

Good game maybe charakter could be lighter, nice to play

Please check our too:


I hope everydog had their seat belts on... and good insurance.


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Phenomenal job, this game was oozing personality and uniqueness in almost every aspect. Beautiful, funny, and a great interpretation of the theme. If I had one complaint, it's that the difficulty seemed really high and the one-way roads were pretty frustrating. I think I'd either have the one-way roads + high speed or the high speed and other cars, but not all three in concert. It often felt like I was funneled into crashes that I couldn't avoid. Also, a skip button on the tutorial would have been appreciated, but I adored the radio host. I really enjoyed this game overall, one of my favorites I've seen so far!



Yes, the difficulty is much higher than we would have liked. With the time constraints though we didn't get a chance to make the changed we hoped to do, but that's the way Jams go!

We had a lot of fun playing it and are super happy folks appreciate the effort that went into making the characters stand out!


Totally understandable, and the game was still awesome overall! If you have a moment, I'd love it if you could check out my game as well! Thanks, and good luck with the jam!


I'd hate living in that down! ;)
Love the art and well executed. Not sure if I liked the layout of the roads: you seem to get funnelled into the same paths quite often. Maybe that was intentional though, so that you got familiar with the map a bit faster?


We wanted to encourage players to 'learn the map' while playing, but there is definitely some more work to be done with making the game a bit easier and give players more control over the paths they choose. Thanks for playing!


great to see more dogs with jobs. cool graphics!


The art and presentation are great, but like mistheart said, the isometric view makes it hard to navigate. The player car and the waypoints can also get lost amongst the clutter, too.


Good art, music, and idea. Sticks to theme in more ways than one. Other cars are a tad annoying at times either being just slower or just faster than you. I rate this updog.


This game is really cute and fun. The isometric design does make it a bit challenging to know which way you are turning though.