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This is really great! Navigation is an issue, though. The player character moves just a bit too fast and gets stuck on obstacles fairly easily.  I really like the concept, but level design is what would carry something like this.

This is cute! I really like throwing the pear to get birds on the way up as well as down. It's pretty hard!

I really like the art, but I'm not really sure how this is designed around just one of something, at least in unique way. One shot? One target? I dunno. Taking cues from the station clock and identifying the target is fun and challenging though! Audio cues and ambient sounds would help.

Those spike hitboxes need some work :( Otherwise, great idea! Controlling one character at a time and using them to solve platforming puzzles could lead to some really cool level designs.

The art and presentation are great, but like mistheart said, the isometric view makes it hard to navigate. The player car and the waypoints can also get lost amongst the clutter, too.