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I grabbed almost the first creative commons music I found, but thanks 😅

Yeah that bug is annoying, I've had several reports of it but find it hard to reproduce it. Gonna hunt it down this week I think.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad someone understood how to swing the sword 😆

Man, this was haaard... on a trackpad at least :D
The movement worked with a controller, but not the shooting?

Very nice concept having to run over and get your bullet back. Hitting multiple enemies was super satisfying too. Nice job!

Here's my twin-stick hack-n-slash where you grab things and swing them madly around you.

Really cute! Adheres nicely to 'only one' and an interesting idea.

I really tried to run this on my linux but couldn't get it to work. I failed compile the specific Löve version 10.2 you used and the only package or executable to download was version 11.2.
So I tried running it in 11.2 but got the following error:

I'm unfamiliar with Löve so I can't tell if it's a version problem or an issue with your package.

Your game sounded interesting though. A shame I couldn't get it to work :)

+1, yeah I can't figure out how to run it on linux either...

Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it ^^

I had trouble unpacking the rar file on Fedora Linux. Looking in the archive, there didn't seem to be any linux build there, even though you marked it as such?

So I'm sad to say I was unable to play it.

This was really neat! Simple mechanic with multiple uses is always fun. Wish it had controller support though, since I'm stuck with a laptop's trackpad at the moment! :D

Yeah, the mouse + keyboard was a bit of an afterthought. Realized that perhaps not everyone got a controller ':D
Glad you liked it and thanks for the comment!

That's a shame! I played it in Firefox btw, it may be the same on windows. Hope it's just me though, best of luck! ^^

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Excellent puzzle mechanic, even though you're evidently inspired by Fez.

I don't think it adheres to the theme, tbh. 'Only one perspective' goes for most games, really... I'd rather say you have multiple perspectives to chose from and that's in fact the opposite of the theme.

Even so, it's a good design and if you enjoy puzzle games you should explore this more after this week (you'll be busy rating other's entries, right?). One of them got me rattling the ol' spatial thinking quite a bit.

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Sure, I'd be happy to help. Send it to <REDACTED> if you can't submit here during the game jam.

Just noticed that the kb+mouse scheme is pretty buggy :<
and the start button for the controller doesn't work on the web version.

I should've had a QA team ready for this before submitting :p

Thanks for helping out ^^

Wow, that seems really not like intended. Was this in the browser or downloaded? Did you play with a gamepad or keyboard + mouse?

I did not press the gamepad button... I didn't know there was a pause menu! :D
Now that I did though, it still didn't work. :/

20% less wasn't enough to notice a difference, imo. Maybe 50% even? ^^

I'd hate living in that down! ;)
Love the art and well executed. Not sure if I liked the layout of the roads: you seem to get funnelled into the same paths quite often. Maybe that was intentional though, so that you got familiar with the map a bit faster?

I guess a patch will have to wait until after the jam. I've played through it a few times without it crashing though, so I hope it doesn't bother too many.
Just curious, did try playing again after the crash? That vending machine wasn't essential to completing the level anyway :)

Couldn't get my gamepad to work in the web version and I'm on linux. So I played with the trackpad on my laptop... anyway: Loved the laser gun! Nice concept to have to use different guns all the time. The purple guy was annoying though, wish he had a bit less health since he's so dodgy.

The character is pretty easy to control but the level is really unforgiving. It was quite a few times where I hit an obstacle by accident and had to backtrack a whole lot to turn around. Pretty annoying, tbh. I don't mind difficult challenges in games like this, but as the difficulty ramped up it became a bit too tedious to traverse through it all whenever I made a mistake.

If you can solve the tedium of backtracking and getting back to where you failed I'm sure you'll have a good game here. Good job!

Dang it... it seems a bit random, I haven't been able to track it down. Thanks for reporting it! ✌