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Bend, Stretch, Collect: Navigate puzzles with your stretchy arms to unlock all the Tiny Doors
Submitted by EmberByte — 8 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#34.3604.360

Ranked from 89 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
There are many many tiny doors

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes :(

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Submitted (2 edits)

Impressive entry, super fun puzzles and overall sooo well polished! It looks gorgeous. 

I just wish it didn't zoom in when you grab the key at the end of a level, so that you could admire your tangled arm for a bit before "untangling", as well as watch that animation rather than just listen to it happening off-screen. 

Amazing work!


The reset animation was very cool!
I found myself backtracking a lot, it would be nice to have an undo mechanic (maybe interrupting the reset?)


Thanks. Yep coming in the post jam version


Awesome game! I love the art style, the subtle animations of the static elements, the soundeffects, the gamplay. Good job! Room 131 took me the most time to solve, it was wort it though :)


Loved the art style and the vibe of the game! Definitely some tough puzzles, too. Great work!

Really amazing concept for a game with challenging puzzles. There was a bug where if you restarted the arm would be on the opposite side of the starting door.


Restart as in pressing "R" to rewind or refreshing the page?


Pressing R to rewind.


Cool game! Love the puzzle designs!

There was an instance in door #7 where I reset it and I couldn't move anymore even after fully resetting. I tried pressing all the buttons but nothing. The hand was also facing left at the start when that happened!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for mentioning. Will look into it for the post jam version


A very cool game with extremely good executed mechanics, i really enjoyed it!!

I'd love if you'd play and rate my game <3


a very Innovative idea. i completely enjoyed this!!!


This concept is so good and well executed. The puzzles were really fun, the visuals and audio were so polished, it's quite amazing you managed to get this done in 7 days! Well done!


The best game I played so far. The puzzle design, music, sounds and artwork, all of it was amazing


This game is so fun, nice art work.


Its fun, fits the theme and its challenging without being frustrating I cant ask for any more


Got difficult maybe too quick, but it was still super fun to figure out the solution to each level. Nice job!


Yeah sorry about that :) It's incredibly hard to gauge the difficulty if you and other people already played a ton or know the solution. Need a better approach next time.

Just out of curiosity: Did you see/ use the solutions link in the game description?


Difficulty is always hard to gauge, especially for a jam game! I didn't see the solutions in the description. I think the hardest ones for me were room 7 and room 31


:D i finished all the puzzles ! yay 

thanks for your great game


Really cool puzzle game! I think I Finished it. Room 131 just sent me back to room 5.

I actually had a lot of fun with this! The last level was probably my favorite because I felt like I was able to solve each element one at a time and was the easiest to wrap my head around without feeling like I was just randomly guessing.


Levels 7 and 13 were a weird difficulty spike for me and were much harder than the levels before and after.

Backing up without pressing R could sometimes be a bit finicky. Might have been nice to be able to press R to start unwinding and then interrupt it where you want to be.

You can sometimes see out of the level when grabbing the key at the end of a level


Thanks for the detailed feedback. I got all these points implemented for a post jam version


Super great vibe for a fun little puzzle game! I enjoyed my playthrough, none of the levels were too tough but it still felt rewarding (except room 31, which i was stuck on for over 5 minutes lol).

There were a few graphical glitches (arms joints not being smooth) and places for refinement (hand is a little unwieldy to control), but this is a solid puzzle game with a fun mechanic.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks. Sadly there's nothing I can do about the glitchyness of the arm (I think). Unity's linerenderer apparently does not work at these scales and the code is internal and locked.

Lessons learned


Amazing idea! The music and visuals are really well done and i like the puzzles! Especially the door menue choice was nice, remined me of an advent calendar XD Well done!


Among the best games i played so far. Excellent work man!

It just tops on every category for me and have a very original idea. One thing that i still didn't got is the meaning of numbers on the doors.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great Idea! Great Music! Great Puzzles! The only thing i can point out is that would've like to know where the key will appear before solving the puzzles. But overall, lovely.


Really nice design, especially with the door menu. Nice job pulling all this together in such a short time frame. Had a lot of fun!

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