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walking diagonally into it usually works.

Here's mine:

It's called Don't do that.

Thanks for playing it, and your games pretty cool too!

The visual design here is AMAZING! I just wish there was a mouse sensitivity option because it was way to high for me to aim well.

It would also do you well to lock the mouse in the window because my mouse would appear on my second monitor and click something when I tried looking too far to the left

Yours look super cool from the image. I'll play it.

Here's mine:

It's called Don't do that

I'll play your game right now.

Here's a link to mine:

It's called Don't do that

I'll check it out. Here's my game:

It's called Don't do that.

thanks for playing it :)

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"Uploads are temporarily disabled because voting for Community Game Jam is in progress. You'll be able to make changes after the jam is over."
I can't upload it to but here's a google drive link:

it has the same content as the windows version I have on the here.

I'm not sure how apps work on mac so let me know if it works.

I'll see what I can do

Here's mine

I wish I could have done more with it

Here's mine

here's mine. I think it sure looks nice if nothing else lol

Let me know if you like it

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you know, our games sound very similar actually haha I should play yours

mine'spretty short so you should be able to get through it quick. Let me know what you think

not really because then bots would not be able to regenerate their shield because every shot would hit. I would still like to be able to move to long range to try and regen my shields.

thanks. Keep up the good work! :D

Change the random chance of hitting at long range to just doing less damage. That or change it from randomization to hit once every two shots in the %50 zone. This way the gameplay is more predictable and reliable so when you are in a situation where your ai is smarter you don't loose anyway due to randomization. This makes the game more practical and gives more competitive interest.