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After the Waves CrashView game page

A captain and his ship lost in sea, how horrifying could his trip be?
Submitted by Stefan, GabrielNied — 10 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Top Game!!


Fantastic art with a simplistic style. Would definitely play a longer story based game with this vibe! Congrats!


Thanks! Making the artwork for this was definitely a high of this jam. :D


kool game man. Enjoyed it. All 5 👍


Thanks! (:


Whoa, whoa. :O

Maybe this is something I feel as a game dev that isn't too used to thinking simple gameplay for a game jam, but you did a great job there! It's a good balance of polishing, gameplay, and story. Five stars for Originality. (I'll add stars too for Polishing if there were)


Thank you for the kind words! :D

Since the idea of the jam was a shortie we indeed aimed for good balance. Happy to hear you enjoyed it! 


I like this a ton! Really hooks you in when you start playing. My single complaint is that the grey text is on the brink of being too dark for me to read with my usual brightness settings (although that's more of a personal problem).  The lack of instructions was jarring at first but I got the gist quickly enough.


Happy to know you enjoyed it. :)

We had a lot of going back and forth about the monochrome colors, and we ended up erring on the side of spooky this time. If the game turns out to be too dark for more people we might tone it down a little but we want it to be as dark as possible. As for the instructions, the intention was to make it so you could pick it up on the go, so, once again, happy to know you managed to. :D

Thanks for checking us out! :D


Giving 5 for originality!


Thanks a lot mate! :D


The art was fantastic. The sound was great too! I like the clash of quick time events and story. I wish it was a bit longer, which is good! I feel like there should of been more story involved, and at one point I had to quickly press one of the buttons, which was then immediately followed by a sequence, you probably know what happened next :P ... Overall I really liked this submission. Good job! :) Feel free to check out mine


Thanks man! It was our first time actually making the sfx and bgm - and the pixel art wasn't really far off, we had worked with it before but no real true experience. I'm happy to know you wish it was a bit longer, it feels like a good sign! ^^


Oh it definitely is a good sign lol. It was a pretty solid submission. Good job guys! 


Really love the style! Had some problems in the beginning to understand. Just said "Hold strong" and I had no idea. But when I restarted I got another combination and then I understood!


Thank you! We did our best to make the gameplay easy to understand, without the need for tutorials or anything of the sort, but I guess it could get a little odd at first. Good thing you managed to get it on the second turn. (:


Beautiful game, amazing presentation.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, man. (:


Wow! One of the best games I have played so far. I gave originality 5 stars, because of the ocean aspect. I love the fact that we are out in the sea. Execution is a 5. The game works great, had no problem with it. Charm is a 3, I wish there were colors instead of it being black and white, but I loved the animation. And lastly, spookiness is a 2. This game isn't really that spooky, aside from the music, rain noise, and the monster design. Overall, excellent game!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey! (:

Sorry the colors and overall feeling weren't to your taste, we believe we struck the chord we wanted to - both spooky and charm wise. The intent in making a monochromatic game was both to hit the black and white vibe of the Bite Size Horror website and the game boy era of pixelated games.

To each is own, however, so thank you very much for the kind words and checking us out! :D