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I can't play this myself, as I don't have enough (brave) friends, but I like the concept. I'm definitely going to save this for next Halloween, or maybe the next new moon as the instructions suggest.  The  instructions are pretty spooky and under the right circumstances, may be down right frightening.

I like this a ton! Really hooks you in when you start playing. My single complaint is that the grey text is on the brink of being too dark for me to read with my usual brightness settings (although that's more of a personal problem).  The lack of instructions was jarring at first but I got the gist quickly enough.

The theme and colors and stuff are all very unified! I think the pumpkins as lives is a nice touch. It was a cute affair in a tight little package. 

I am amazed. This is definitely my type of game: puzzle platforming, no enemies, lots of exploration. I thought that that would be it. But suddenly there are secrets, and now I've fallen even more in love. Thank you for making this.