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I can't even start the game bruh. What do you do with the page thing at the start of the game.

thank you, I will sure be giving this another go soon.

Wow, another awesome game. I gave it 5 stars for  originality, it was a very unique story and concept. Execution is a 3, minor glitches and bugs, but not game breaking. Charm is 4 stars, I love the 3d style of the game, it's one of the first I have came across in this game jam. And lastly, 4 stars for the spookiness. This game really spooked me!

Wow! One of the best games I have played so far. I gave originality 5 stars, because of the ocean aspect. I love the fact that we are out in the sea. Execution is a 5. The game works great, had no problem with it. Charm is a 3, I wish there were colors instead of it being black and white, but I loved the animation. And lastly, spookiness is a 2. This game isn't really that spooky, aside from the music, rain noise, and the monster design. Overall, excellent game!

Well, as I was making my way across the bridge, I couldn't continue to the witches hut. Then I realized it was probably unfinished. I guess my ratings are self explanitory, but i'll explain for those who doesn't know why I rated everything one star. First and for most, it is an unfinished game. Guys and gals, if your game is literally only 2 rooms, and it is unfinished, don't submit it to a gamejam. I know the rules don't say this, but it's common sense. If you're gonna post an unfinished game, you're gonna get bad ratings. I am fully aware that this is a short amount of time to create a game, but I have played plenty of games on here that are finished. I'm gonna stop here, because I think that everybody gets the point.

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I'm not sure what commands to type. I wish you could've gave an example of a command, because I am confused. Anyways, I gave originality 3 stars because of the fact that it's in space, but I'm not sure that qualifies as horror. I gave execution 1 star because of the fact that it lacks tutorial, I literally had no idea what to do at the start of the game. I gave charm 2 stars, I like the design, but I wish there were more colors. Lastly, I gave spookiness 1 star. I find nothing spooky about this at all.

Honestly, the enemies are way op. I wish they were visible, even the slightest, in the dark. It took me way over 10 minutes to even get a little progress. Even then, I still couldn't complete the game. I gave it 5 stars for originality. I love the concept, I just wish it was possible, (yes, I know it's possible, I'm exagerating). I gave it 1 star for execution. The coding is poor. The mechanic of the flashlight is useless, because I would be killed by an enemy anyway. I gave it 3 stars for charm, I love the fact that your just starting, and the art is this good. Sure, it's not the best art, but it's better than a lot of others I have seen. And lastly, I gave it 1 star for spookiness. The game wasn't terrifying at all. Well, maybe further it would bring the scare factor up a bit, but again, I wasn't able to get very far. I didn't give it 0 stars because of the music, and the design of the enemies. They really brung the atmosphere to the right level.

I like the concept of the idea, you should consider making this a full game some day. I gave it 4 stars for originality, love the gameboy feel. Also the music makes it have a unique atmosphere, but in my opinion, not the right music. The music makes it seem like a mystery game rather than a horror game. I sadly had to give it 1 star for charm, I felt like the doors looked odd, and it was hard to tell what were stairs and what weren't. Also, when you move the character, it's animation takes away from the gameboy feel. lastly, I give it 2 stars for spookiness. Like I said, the music made it feel like a mystery game. Honestly, if you were to take a lot more time with this project, this could be a master piece. I see potential.

nvm I beat the game.

I can't start the game