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Wow! One of the best games I have played so far. I gave originality 5 stars, because of the ocean aspect. I love the fact that we are out in the sea. Execution is a 5. The game works great, had no problem with it. Charm is a 3, I wish there were colors instead of it being black and white, but I loved the animation. And lastly, spookiness is a 2. This game isn't really that spooky, aside from the music, rain noise, and the monster design. Overall, excellent game!

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Hey! (:

Sorry the colors and overall feeling weren't to your taste, we believe we struck the chord we wanted to - both spooky and charm wise. The intent in making a monochromatic game was both to hit the black and white vibe of the Bite Size Horror website and the game boy era of pixelated games.

To each is own, however, so thank you very much for the kind words and checking us out! :D