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Beyond my little lightView game page

Escape from things that lurk in the dark. A very difficult platformer for Halloween
Submitted by vh-games — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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Controlling light separately to show the path ahead is a very neat idea, I like it! Great little game, well done buddy! Good luck in the jam, and hope to see more in the future!


Thank you so much!

I agree with the comments below. The level design is not to good. It isn't that the learning curve is to steep. It's that you tried to make a hard platformer, with no checkpoints, that you have to go through a cut scene in order to try again. YES you put a skip button, but the cutscene still loads and you have a bit of dialog to sit through. I found making any progress in this game a bit infuriating because of that. The art is good for you not being familiar with it. If you wanna check out my submission you can, here's a link!


I guess you're right. Sorry about the infuriating difficulty level. In hindsight, it seems a bit too hard. The funny thing is that this was not my intention, but if you play your own game during the creation process, you know all the traps and enemies and you risk designing it more difficult than you wanted. I'll change that after the jam into something more accessible. Thanks for the feedback!

Yup, its the level design curse!.. And it wasnt actually to difficult. Rather, learning and as a result, dying. Only to be met with the same cutscene and not being put right back into the action was the downfall. By the time you get back into the action, you forget what killed you. Only to repeat the same mistake.. Or have something else get you.. Now that was the infuriating part. But your right, knowing all the traps and play testing it a million times does cloud your judgement.


Good job making the graphics yourself, I've been trying to do it as well, it's pretty hard! I found it a bit hard to play due to the darkness, I know this was the idea of the game but I think many games did this and I never liked it as a mechanic.

Honestly, the enemies are way op. I wish they were visible, even the slightest, in the dark. It took me way over 10 minutes to even get a little progress. Even then, I still couldn't complete the game. I gave it 5 stars for originality. I love the concept, I just wish it was possible, (yes, I know it's possible, I'm exagerating). I gave it 1 star for execution. The coding is poor. The mechanic of the flashlight is useless, because I would be killed by an enemy anyway. I gave it 3 stars for charm, I love the fact that your just starting, and the art is this good. Sure, it's not the best art, but it's better than a lot of others I have seen. And lastly, I gave it 1 star for spookiness. The game wasn't terrifying at all. Well, maybe further it would bring the scare factor up a bit, but again, I wasn't able to get very far. I didn't give it 0 stars because of the music, and the design of the enemies. They really brung the atmosphere to the right level.


Thanks for the comment. I'll try to work your ideas into my games in the future. One thing I did not completely understand was your criticism of the coding... Did you mean the scripts? Honestly,  neither Unity nor I could find any errors or problems there. Granted, I declared a few variables as public that should be declared private in larger projects and then accessed through getter and setter methods and I also did not include any comments within the scripts, but since I was the only coder working on the project I figured it would not matter. Did you mean level design or game design? If so, I'd agree on the first point in hindsight. The level design could have been with a slightly less steep learning curve. I'll remember that the next time. The flashlight is very useful if you take your time before each step or jump. Anyway, thanks for playing and commenting!