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I agree with the comments below. The level design is not to good. It isn't that the learning curve is to steep. It's that you tried to make a hard platformer, with no checkpoints, that you have to go through a cut scene in order to try again. YES you put a skip button, but the cutscene still loads and you have a bit of dialog to sit through. I found making any progress in this game a bit infuriating because of that. The art is good for you not being familiar with it. If you wanna check out my submission you can, here's a link!


I guess you're right. Sorry about the infuriating difficulty level. In hindsight, it seems a bit too hard. The funny thing is that this was not my intention, but if you play your own game during the creation process, you know all the traps and enemies and you risk designing it more difficult than you wanted. I'll change that after the jam into something more accessible. Thanks for the feedback!

Yup, its the level design curse!.. And it wasnt actually to difficult. Rather, learning and as a result, dying. Only to be met with the same cutscene and not being put right back into the action was the downfall. By the time you get back into the action, you forget what killed you. Only to repeat the same mistake.. Or have something else get you.. Now that was the infuriating part. But your right, knowing all the traps and play testing it a million times does cloud your judgement.