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Well, as I was making my way across the bridge, I couldn't continue to the witches hut. Then I realized it was probably unfinished. I guess my ratings are self explanitory, but i'll explain for those who doesn't know why I rated everything one star. First and for most, it is an unfinished game. Guys and gals, if your game is literally only 2 rooms, and it is unfinished, don't submit it to a gamejam. I know the rules don't say this, but it's common sense. If you're gonna post an unfinished game, you're gonna get bad ratings. I am fully aware that this is a short amount of time to create a game, but I have played plenty of games on here that are finished. I'm gonna stop here, because I think that everybody gets the point.

Yeah, obviously.

I'm not gonna bother saying why I only made two rooms.

Completely understand the rating, thanks for checking it out.