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This game looks fucking awesome!

Would you consider making a Mac version?

After like 9 months the day has finally come. Thank you lmao

Omg thanks

This is friggin good and sounds like really similar lol

Except it's... Chinese? I really don't know


Thanks xD

I was being sarcastic but I appreciate the love

Absolute Mad Lad


You definetly worked a lot harder on this than I did on mine

Wow, only Bitsy game

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Oh, thank you! That's really nice.

Did you notice my incredibly subtle, absolutely genius imagery right here?:

Look closely lol

Not tryna flex but I posted my game first

It's definitely going to be the crappiest game in the jam by far...

But at least I'm fiiiirst

I played the game, saw Lancer make that sexy face, took a screenshot, and now it's my profile lol

Can this game be available for Mac sometime soon?

The perfect game doesn't exi-.......

Do you plan on releasing this for Mac?


Hey, you commented on my Halloween game  saying the music was cool and I just wanted to say thanks. I moved the music over here if you wanna check it out.

Thanks, mate!


A lot easier than doing it by hand.

Great job!


Nice job!

Looks really cool and spooky, but the drawing style kinda looks like Scribblenauts which (in my own opinion) makes it look a little too soft

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I actually freakin' dig this.

Good job.


That was legitness

I think these lyrics from this song help define my rage.

Friggin awesome.

Can't wait to see the final project!

The art design blows my mind.

It is stunning.

This game should have gotten more attention, I freakin' love it.

You chose fantastic music, lovable, unique color schemes and beautifully simple design.


Oh that's really cool.

Yeah the game was fantastic, keep making them! You got a gift!

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Wow I really love this! Very funny

Do you have a link for the Bitsy font?

Was this inspired from The Giving Tree?

So friggin cute and cool.

I love it!

I lowkey just held down the arrow button without letting go


Eat is suckaz

Also (should have said it first but) I really freaking liked your novel, using Bitsy to create an interactive story the way you did is really cool.

You also introduced me to the cool booklet and I now figured out that A Series of Unfortunate Events is goth lol

I read that series when I was like 11 years old and thought it was kind of a weird story for kids.

Can you provide a download for the font or a link to it?

I actually really like it