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(BTW the font used for the Halloween logo is actually Hawthorn EF, one of my favorite fonts)

Nvm found this online:

This game does look really cool and I might get it.

I know the is gonna sound stupid but this game does look really cool and I want to get it but I don't really know what the game is like.

Could you or (at least someone) provide a trailer, let's play video, etc.

I just want to understand what this series is like before I buy it.

Everything about your game is so dearly loved by me! The fun drawings and animation, the spunky music, the mind blowing fact that you managed to make the game incredibly colorful with only a very limited palette. You created a wonderful world with so little and I adore that completely!

Thank you! Appreciated!

I wasn't exactly sure where I could tell you about my game so I guess I am just going to put it here.

It's a crappy Bitsy called The Boy With Fire In His Eyes based on the poem by Daniel Nairn.

Extremely well written!

You clearly worked very, very hard on this and I appreciate that very much, that you would use your creativity and trauma and tackle an issue your own way. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

Of course. Both the original engine and this hack are incredible!

Can you submit this as an official engine/tool?

I am making a game and in the metadata I can submit what this was made with and you should submit this engine by clicking here.

It would be nice but I'm not trying to put any weird pressure on you if you don't want to.

There is a Bitsy hack titled Bitsy HD by VonBednar and I was wondering if you could add a version exactly like the original except instead of 8-Bit it is 16-Bit. I also like how to 8-Bit looks so maybe add a switch where the resolution will be 8-Bit or 16-Bit but either way compatible with Bitsy HD as right not if you try to use it, it looks kinda weird.

Sofa king awesome

P.S. You chose an excellent song. Arête is one of my new favorite songs now.

You have changed my perception in a way I can't explain.

The story-telling, the music, the art, they all lingered in harmony for your acceptance. It was poetic in a way even the most beautiful of words would only fail to describe and for that I thank you.

You have constructed a story that your mind dared to embark on and we all admire to witness the fantastic results. Thank you so much.

This is honestly incredible, thank you.

Is it a play on the name Crash Bandicoot or is it just a coincidence?

Do you have a website or email chain that I can subscribe to for updates?

I am so excited for the full game!

Sure, I'd like to see that.

Okay wait, how the frick do you make a 3D game in GMS that is crazy for me xD

I can't make a video but I'll try to explain it as best as I can.

(I will be referring to the Character Booklet but the Form Fillable follows the same basic way)

1. Setting up on your computer

Grab the Booklet PDF and in the top bar select print. (I use Mac and you can find it at the bottom of the File section)

It should give you a list of options of how you are going to print it make sure Short Edge is ON. Long edge will make every other page upside down.

Double-Sided also needs to be on or it won't work!

It should be that simple for setting it up on your computer. When everything looks good push the print button and let your printer do the rest.

2. Printing

Three pages should come out of your printer. (Obviously Double-Sided)

The first paper will have the cover on Side A, and a fancy pattern on Side B.

The second paper will have basic character info and notes on Side A, and the appearance of your character and page two of gaming advice on Side B.

The third and final paper will have your inventory and page one of gaming advice on Side A, and both spell book pages on the Side B.

3. Assembling

Make sure that all Side A's are face down on a table and all the Side B's are facing up and that the pages are in correct order.

Next, fold the papers in half so that all you can see are the first papers Side A which is the cover. Once you have a nice crease, simply put two or tree staples in between the spell book pages to hold it together.

Recommended: Have the top of the staple inside of the book with the bottom being outside. Also have the staples horizontal and on the outer spine of the book bend the staples inwards so that the book holds together slightly stronger.

I know this is hecka confusing but I tried my best lol.

Thank you, that is really cool!

Can you add a text version?

I can assume that this is its own game but will it possibly function as a D&D campaign?

So this game can be used as a functioning campaign for D&D as well as its own game?

Wow thank you for this.

Greatly appreciated!

Wow very impressive! I never would've guessed you made it with RPG Maker MV.

Hats off to you, friend.

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Sorry I don't really understand that. The same problem happened to me, can you explain it a little bit more descriptively?

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This is extremely cool and totally worth a simple two dollars.

This exactly fits my style of design. My brother usually cares for more analytical designs for D&D but I like more creativity so I deeply appreciate this and thank you!

Unfortunately the biggest problem is that both pages are on one side which confuses my printer and prints both pages on one paper sideways then I realized it was supposed to be that way so although I'm fine with that, I'd rather have each page take up a whole page but it's fine anyway. I would appreciate if you could add full page mode though if you don't mind adding that.

My sheets really stand out when I play D&D and everyone loves to check out how original this is. I can't thank you enough!

What is the difference from the Character Booklet and Form Fillable?

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I was like really bored so I made this.

I obviously could have designed this better but let's just call this a template for now. I will most likely remake this much better.

(The phone number is "Nuckle" in the Letter Number Cipher)

Really freaking fun.

I can get really obsessed with tycoons and this felt just like one.

The more you progress in a game (even if you die) your stats stay meaning you get better and better every time.

It was honestly really fun for the twenty minutes I played it.

I stopped playing after all my stats got to sixty-nine:

Over all a very fun game and I recommend you try it.

(It's free, like if you don't then you wouldn't be able to even read this comment because you clearly don't have access to the internet and/or electronics.)

HUGE TIP: BUY THE EXTRA CANDIDATE EVERY TIME it is extremely worth it as you will earn double-fame.