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A lot easier than doing it by hand.

Great job!


Nice job!

Looks really cool and spooky, but the drawing style kinda looks like Scribblenauts which (in my own opinion) makes it look a little too soft

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I actually freakin' dig this.

Good job.


That was legitness

I think these lyrics from this song help define my rage.

Friggin awesome.

Can't wait to see the final project!

The art design blows my mind.

It is stunning.

This game should have gotten more attention, I freakin' love it.

You chose fantastic music, lovable, unique color schemes and beautifully simple design.


Oh that's really cool.

Yeah the game was fantastic, keep making them! You got a gift!

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Wow I really love this! Very funny

Do you have a link for the Bitsy font?

Was this inspired from The Giving Tree?

I am horrible at designing Wiki pages so I need some help from some people who are good at it.

I made a Fandom for the game which can be found HERE.

All things relating to the Fandom/Wikia.

So friggin cute and cool.

I love it!

I lowkey just held down the arrow button without letting go


Eat is suckaz

Also (should have said it first but) I really freaking liked your novel, using Bitsy to create an interactive story the way you did is really cool.

You also introduced me to the cool booklet and I now figured out that A Series of Unfortunate Events is goth lol

I read that series when I was like 11 years old and thought it was kind of a weird story for kids.

Can you provide a download for the font or a link to it?

I actually really like it

How did you make this?

This is so freakin' cool

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

That's really weird why the links are locked in a specific country when it's the same video.

No problem, thanks for taking time out of your day to reply. I really appreciate it.

Btw, no pressure.

If you don't care to add music to the bitsy then no need to apologize.

I completely understand.

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Hey, I really (I mean really) liked your game.

The art and programming is so simple yet inspiring.

So inspiring that I made two songs from it.

Here is the first song: CLICK HERE

Here is the second song: CLICK HERE

The first song is a little in-your-face for the mood this game sets, and I could totally change it if you want.

The second song isn't really done yet (It's also kinda weird).

I just think this game could use a little music.

I love the stuff you make!

Keep making more awesome stuff!

(If you need the know how to add music to a Bitsy game, turn to this helpful thread)

Hey, I sampled one of your maps as the cover art for my itch project.

I gave you credit.

Swap out the second song with this link.

The original link doesn't work.

Beautiful art, rich music to set the mood, and all procedurally generated.

Absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful art, rich music to set the mood, and all procedurally generated.

Absolutely beautiful.

Hey, I made this (slightly more professional) ZIP file, you can replace the original download with.

You can open it up to make sure there are no tricks. You can also change the txt to say whatever you want.

I just thought this looks slightly more professional.

Here is the ZIP file.

Thanks I appreciate it!

Much very

Thank you for the feedback. I know it is really cringey for the two rooms it has but (Over thanksgiving lol) I will improve it.

Yeah, obviously.

I'm not gonna bother saying why I only made two rooms.

Completely understand the rating, thanks for checking it out.

This game reminds me of this song.

Also Undertale for some reason, even though I'm pretty sure you can't date ghosts.