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I like the concept of the idea, you should consider making this a full game some day. I gave it 4 stars for originality, love the gameboy feel. Also the music makes it have a unique atmosphere, but in my opinion, not the right music. The music makes it seem like a mystery game rather than a horror game. I sadly had to give it 1 star for charm, I felt like the doors looked odd, and it was hard to tell what were stairs and what weren't. Also, when you move the character, it's animation takes away from the gameboy feel. lastly, I give it 2 stars for spookiness. Like I said, the music made it feel like a mystery game. Honestly, if you were to take a lot more time with this project, this could be a master piece. I see potential.

thanks for the comments, that's awesome! Thanks for playing, I agree with the points you're making, I would've loved to change a lot of things in this and flesh out the story and gameplay more but I picked the worst week to join a game jam, I was so busy!

I'm not sure about the future of this game as my time to work on personal projects is so limited but I'd also like to see a better, polished version of this game too :)