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Hey I never even thought of that! Please do I'd love to see the results :)

If I'm honest though I feel that these palettes need updating, I made them a long time ago and my knowledge of colours and values has increased tenfold.

are you using the arrow keys and z to select an option?

That's fine! It's meant to be a .png file! I know, that's an image file but all of the information for the game is actually stored in the .png file.

You will need a copy of Pico8 to play the game and download the .png file into your carts folder. You can then use the 'load' command followed by the filename of the game file to load the game and then use 'run' to run the game.

Hope this helps somewhat but feel free to contact me if you're still unsure about something!

Really cool idea using Tracery to generate random radio station talk, well done!

Ohhhh man, this gave me chills! I love the idea of just making a really small poem game, I might try it out myself. 5/5