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Aw thank you so much! Hopefully I'll get back to making games again at some point!

Ahh I'm so glad! Sorry I only just saw this comment, thanks for playing!

Thanks jakeonaut! Unfortunately the game itself didn't really get anywhere 😅

Thanks for playing my game! Sorry there wasn't a lot of content!

"Meowch! That bites!"

Thanks again Vic :D

Thanks a bunch for playing and your kind words! That's really good to know, as the level designer I became blind to whether it was really obvious or really confusing where the player was supposed to go XD I'll be going through the games and playing people's entries this weekend hopefully :D

Thanks for playing Vic, really appreciate it!

Here's my little player character.

They are a cat named Rou :)

Okay good good just thought I'd make sure, thanks everyone!

is it okay to download and use a font from, say, the BitFontMaker2Gallery (which is a great font site for pixel-art games btw) or do we need to make all the typefaces ourselves in the timespan of the jam?

Awesome! I'd love to see it!

For this game I wrote the physics for the movement and jumping from scratch with delta-timing implemented (or so I thought) but then also ran into these same issues when testing the game and was unable to resolve it in time. I used the framework Love2D for this submission and spent a lot of time writing the core systems for the game when in hindsight it may have been more productive to use something like Stencyl or Gamemaker instead to get the base 2D-platformer aspects completed quickly and allow for time to focus on more interesting and important gameplay elements. Our team had lots of ideas for Kirby-like gameplay mechanics such as stealing magic powers from defeating enemies that I would have loved to implement in our game but were unfortunately not able to be included due to time constraints. Thanks for playing and reviewing our submission :)

I had some technical difficulty with making the game framerate-independent and I know that it was effecting the physics at different framerates so this is probably a result of that. Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about it without rewriting the physics :(

If you're on a laptop, you could try plugging it into power and seeing if the game runs at 60FPS.

The .zip should be there now :) Just need to extract it somewhere and run the .exe

Haha are you an angry Kirby main then...?

I like the idea that it's a carnival game designed to be frustrating XD

Art was really nice too!

Here is my best time!

Thanks for playing and leaving such a big comment! Since I made the game with Love2D the only way I could export it was to an .exe with the .dll library files it needs to run so I didn't have much choice there. I feel like this game was a little more experimental than a traditional game with a win or lose state so I was happy with the game simply being a short experience that the player could explore the possibilities of in a few minutes :)

You're too kind Vic!

Thanks Kyle, I'd like to come back to this at some point in the future and finish it, lots of other people seem very enthusiastic about it too which is awesome :)

Also I'd just like to say thanks for putting the game jam on, the fact that my favourite group of internet folk were hosting a jam gave me the determination to work on this stupid game every day for a month so shout-out to you sir!

No you shouldn't need to download the font I'm not sure why this would happen, sorry :/

All I can suggest is that you try re-downloading it and be sure to extract the .zip before running the game

Oh I see, I didn't realise you meant were having technical issues with the game. Can you be a bit more specific about what you mean by 'don't appear in the game' (there is no main menu or title screen in the game if that's what you are referring to).

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It was meant to be a corny joke name ripping-off the Dragon Quest series so don't take it too seriously ;)

Otherwise I agree that there are a lot of 'Something Quest' games about nowadays.

Hearing that honestly made my day, I was worried that people would be annoyed that I didn't include more of the ingredients from the game jam so thank you so much for the encouragement!

I can't promise that it will get finished any time soon as I have a huge backlog of unfinished projects to work on already but maybe someday I'll revisit it :)

cool, currently working on a post-jam version with more rooms to explore etc. :)

Will probably post the first post-jam version in a week or so

working on a few fixes for the game atm then I really want to polish it more and add proper levels for a post-jam version if I have the time :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah I agree about the map size, was having to export the map from Tiled and then copy chunks of data manually to get it into the right format for my game which meant building levels took aaaaages. Would like to add more rooms in the future :)

I'm thinking about doing a post-jam version where I'll expand on the features a bit more, got any ideas for things I could add?

Glad you enjoyed it! I tried to make it clear that it was made for 0.10.2 but I should really just make a 11.2 port. I just really don't like that they changed the colour components from 0-255 to 0-1 ;(

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thanks for the bug report, which version of love are you running or are you using the .exe?

EDIT: I believe it may be due to a change in later versions of LOVE, make sure you are using v0.10.2 or try running the .exe

I'm not sure why that would happen so I don't think I'll be of much help. All I can suggest is that you try using different file compressor software to extract the contents of the file.

I actually just did it as a quick hack to see what it would look like as it meant I wouldn't have to hand animate it so it saved me a lot of time in the end.

Would draw frames if I continue work on this though ;)

thanks for the comments, that's awesome! Thanks for playing, I agree with the points you're making, I would've loved to change a lot of things in this and flesh out the story and gameplay more but I picked the worst week to join a game jam, I was so busy!

I'm not sure about the future of this game as my time to work on personal projects is so limited but I'd also like to see a better, polished version of this game too :)

The post-jam version is now live if you wanna check it out ;)

Attention Jammers!

The post-jam version is now live!

play it here!

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as Luke100000 said, this may be due to a programming quirk with how often the update function is called which I'll try to fix in the new release.

A short-term fix may be setting your monitors refresh rate to 60Hz and seeing if that fixes the issue.

Wow thanks for the huge reply :)

After reading this I am very aware of the pitfalls and quirks with the jam version of the game as I only had 8 sleepy hours to figure out what I was doing and how to do it which lead to many 'quality of life' and 'polishing' elements get left out to leave time to work on the core gameplay experience.

I'm currently working on a post jam version that should add a lot of nice features and address the issues mentioned in your comment. This includes bug fixes and *hopefully* improvements to player control.

For the future I would also like to add different gameplay modes or match customisation to give the players new, configurable challenges.

Ahh well this may just be the default speed of the bullet... By default it has a fast constant speed but this may change in the post-jam release.

The way I programmed it, I believe that if you're using a smaller monitor, everything is closer together which could make it harder to play so watch out for that too.

I've already started working on a post jam version that should address some of these issues and improve general gameplay so hold on tight, it'll be out soon 😀

It's hard to tell what you mean without any further information... how fast do you mean? Is the bullet moving off of the screen faster than you can react? The gif I took is a bit slower than the actual gameplay because of my old PC.

My highest score:

Thanks for the comment :)

The slow down when the background turns white may be due to the shader I wrote that inverts the colours, however it's quite simple and lightweight so I don't see why it would slow the game down... I made and tested the game on a pretty old laptop too?

As for difficulty, I'm afraid I didn't have any time spare to ramp it up over time and also test that it doesn't become unplayable.

After the Jam is over I might consider updating it a bit and releasing a 'post-jam' version though :)