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Fun idea!

Great game. only had a problem at the start understanding what i could and couldn't collide with(platforms). Only a moments confusion at the start.

would of been to play this on the spectrum ZX. top game

pretty Good

Great game

Great simple Game!

yea, its not a big deal, not worried about the security of this.

I would appreciate some feedback on this project. Mainly it would be great to know if,..... You know what to do in the game when you start, You found help in the game and is it understandable. and of course other issues you find.

Really good game!

this is really handy.

This is pretty nice!

Don't know why it was there. Must of accidently done it. Thanks

Spot on feedback. Thanks for putting in the time. 

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Check out this very small introduction trailer. 

is it interesting? does it make you want to know more?

Tell me 


This game is looking to be good. i will be keeping a eye on it

Hi all,

Go check out my Sketchfab,  you will see there are some free to download models that i'm sure you will find useful.

free to use in your projects and no need to credit me.


Great feedback. Thank you


If anyone can spare a minute, i would appreciate if any of you would Play my in browser game and give feedback.

Remember its a kids educational fun game, so look at it from that kind of view point. 

it's more of a prototype/proof of concept really.

here are some keys

leave comments please.

Thank you,

Great game.

Great Game. Dark,but good dark.

Bloody good game!!!! Dark

wow!!! great game!!!

great game. Nailed the RE1 vibe there.

Wow! Great

It's nice to see something thinking outside the box for a change. Great!

Play Beyond the Dark here at
Horror game where you have to avoid a demon by keeping the lights on.

Very basics on this build . always adding and updating to the game see the devlog

Feel free to comment.


An early release of Beyond the Dark has just been released, a cat and mouse game where you must escape a small building while being hunted by a Demon. you gotta keep the lights on and search for the key to get out.

I would appreciate it if you were to leave comments of pretty much anything after playing( suggestions, improvements, errors, bugs, chat, fun).

Great game!!! this should take off well. it should do

This is great!!! just started using a lot of it in a project . Thanks

Top Game!!

The key is real. check around every dark corner. The containers are randomly Spawned every time you play.Thanks for feedback!!!

Good game!! 


SCREAM JAM community · Created a new topic Spooky for who?

Just thinking when the description says "spooky but for all folk" does this mean suitable for Children sort of thing?

Thanks Ray

Thank god ! Thought i was gona have to make some

Petty nice game!!

you should release this on the Xbox creators program. Since your game has local multiplayer and is optimised for the Xbox controller.

do you know where to take the project next? I think it has potential . I searched through a good amount of games on itch and this game stood out for me for some reason