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Thanks Ray

Thank god ! Thought i was gona have to make some

Petty nice game!!

you should release this on the Xbox creators program. Since your game has local multiplayer and is optimised for the Xbox controller.

do you know where to take the project next? I think it has potential . I searched through a good amount of games on itch and this game stood out for me for some reason

Pretty fun. Could be a good idea for a 3d version

Game is good Fun to play, you should defo carry on with this project. What tools have you used to make the game? if you dont mind me asking.

ahhhhh. Now that makes sense 😄

Dam Good . wish you didnt make the controls like that , needs seperate button for fire

Thanks !!!! My first game it took me ages to do that simple ai

Hey, if you like this game and want to see more levels or weapons etc leave some suggestions and i will keep working on the game.......