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A Text based horror adventure game written in 2 days for #BiteSizedHorrorJam 2018
Submitted by Indrajith K L (@indrajithKLIS) — 12 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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Submitted (2 edits)

I unfortunately get this error, trying in the latest chrome version on windows (might be itchios fault?):


I don't think it's an itchio error. Seems like a browser's session storage error(May be you disabled the browser storage??). By the way its running OK on my side.


What's up with the portuguese words/sentences?


You mean their meaning??


I know the meaning, I speak portuguese, just curious why you used them.


Figure it out..... just jocking.... It will be answered in part 2... 😉


Since you have no actual feedback yet, I'll be a little harsh. It was O.K... It was playable, and stable for sure (no bugs). I think you were definitely on to something with this, although  you don't actually have any choices in this game. Each choice just leads to the same dialog, with one of them just straight up restarting the game. The writing wasn't bad. Although story wise, it lacked impact whatsoever. I felt no connection to either character, and it left the impression that he was just confused and wandering about. It had no real direction. The music and sfx in the background was a nice touch, but I feel you could have done a better job at telling any sort of story given your game mechanics were already done.


Thank you for your review. Yes I agree with you, I could have added more choices and scenes.

"Each choice just leads to the same dialog, with one of them just straight up restarting the game" - actually technical wise its just restarting the game but for story wise it's the character 'waking up'.


'Rangoku' is an Japanese word for Purgatory. The game restarting is actually keeping the character in the purgatory itself. This also means that I failed to tell the story correctly. I will keep this in mind while writing next one. Thanks.

I can tell that my comment upset you a little, and i'm sorry for that. Anything I am going to say, and did say was meant to be taken as constructive criticism, both as a player, and as a fellow game developer. You did not "Fail to tell the story correctly" To put it simply, your game lacked a lot of content (dialog options, more monologue, backstory etc). Which made me feel that as a way to make up for it, you chose to let one option restart the game. I DID understand where you were going with the restart... but due to the previously mentioned points I just took it as laziness. I played through a couple times to try and follow each path, and to also see that if me staying in purgatory would lead to new dialog, and I was unsatisfied with the results. I DO think that you should make more, and experiment with dialog trees, images, sfx and more. Just don't take my comments as an attack on you or anything, the fastest way to improve is through constructive criticism, and people playing your games.


Yeah. I got that.Your feedback really is helpful(didn't upset me😇 ).


Nice one dude

Deleted post

Yeah I thought it was kind of weird to have 6 (current) already voted and all the others barely have any yet.

Developer (2 edits)

FYI, yes of course they were made recently and only accept rating/comment via their account only. Most of them(most of them were never heard of though) may be from my office/friends whom I shared my sumbission today. If you feel this is kind of cheating then(I don't know is there any way) substract those rating from my game. Also my account is linked to my real Twitter account. I don't think it's crime to share my game between my friends. I don't think me as a great or better game developer. I make software for living and make games for fun. I submitted my entry to participate not to win the price. If I'm selected I will graciously reject the prize. 

Deleted post

There could be many users came to know about (even I'm one among them), just because of people like him developing applications and sharing them on social media. People like me joining such platforms are discouraged with these kind of comments. It doesn't make sense that we cannot rate his game just because that we have joined recently. It's an end user's feedback and if you think it could go biased, the moderator could have done this voting/judgement through a closed group. 

Deleted post

I’m glad to see people are so concerned with the fairness of this competition! It shows that people are excited and engaged, which means it was a success!

I have no problem with people sharing their games on social media or asking people to vote for them: sharing your work doesn’t work against the spirit of the competition, it is the spirit of the competition.

Regarding the allegations that they are sock puppets, though I cannot fathom why a cheater would have his alternates comment instead of just voting, regardless he has said he would refuse any prize if selected. Surely, this will suffice.

Thank you for your concerns, however. I hope that everyone has fun and enjoys this jam not as a ferocious competition but as a collaborative experience. It is not about winning but about working and growing together.

Deleted post

He already said he would decline the prizes, though to be honest: garnering attention for your game is an indelible part of gamedev.

I’ve asked people to share their games, to tweet about it, there’s a hashtag system built into game jams.  It’s not against the rules to tweet about your games: it’s actively encouraged.

I would encourage you to invest your attention elsewhere, rather than explaining the point of my own jam to me. Because you won’t win me over by calling it absurd. Organize your own jam where you prohibit promoting your game. You can run it as you like and have a system you are proud of.

Deleted post

Cool, man. Thanks for participating, and I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it more. Tweeting the games is standard practice, though, so you probably won’t find one that fits your criteria unless you start it yourself. Good luck, and I wish you the best.

Awesome one man :) Way to go

this is just fabulous

It's Awesome  !!!