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WOW. Thanks.

@Ragnar Random Do we have a discord server??? 😱

NP. I was just asking :) I’m really enjoying this one.

I’m not sure. But this may be something related to deleting/renaming an entity or its resources. I think @JessicoChan may have an accurate idea about this issue.

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Will there be any support for Playscii or REXPaint? I mean like the configuration files provided with MRMOTEXT.

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Could you please post here the contents of Error.log so that we can get a better picture of what causes the error

The ambience 😍. My Nostalgia got kicked in.

Thank you.

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This is really cool. Excited to play the final build.

awesome 👍

Oh WOW!!!

I still remember trying out Ct.js 3 years back (if I’m not wrong it was 0.3.0). I got busy with a project and lost touch with this engine. Today I was searching for something and found your post and was going through the list of new and existing features I’m like this => 😲.

Good job.

Here you go

Yes, it’s on the first floor.

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I think this is a bug. The issue is happening for all types of doors. I’m using the experimental branch. Here is a screenshot for reference.

I think this issue is specific to the experimental build only.

Glad you are still here.

The world as a collective doesn’t hate Russians, we hate the leaders who are making politics into a game for their benefit. In the end, politicians get whatever they want, and their fellow people are left alone to suffer.

It’s sad that you are going away from Itch. But we will meet again.

Awesome. I enjoyed it.

Yes. It’s working fine on my side.

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Make sure you have set the ‘Pickup’ sprites for the weapons.

This is awesome man. +1 for the hand-drawn graphics.

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I have a similar one but not with modifiers but with ttf font files on System Resource Importer(Log files attached). The font file name is dpcomic.ttf. No special characters though.

Error Log

awesome! keep up the good work 👍

The force is with you. {insert yoda.jpg here}

ok. I will wait for the fixes then.

ok. NP

still not working. Here is my script

vn 1

give weapon 1
text "You can now throw the cassettes"
// testing spawn keys
entity spawnat Key1 8 5

map return

I have a project which uses git for source control. But if we try to build, the editor will throw an error. Probably while building packager is trying to copy all the files in the folder including the hidden .git folder. Somehow it is getting denied copying certain items from the git folder which results in the exception. I’m attaching the error log (pastebin) for reference.

Error Log

Yeah. I do have a map start script. But my requirement was to talk to the decoration and it will spawn a Key to another decoration.

Maybe we can wait till JessicoChan release the manual with scripting syntaxes. Still old manual is useful for basic stuff. 🙂

Could you please give me the syntax of those methods?

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I tried the following script but the entity is not spawning.

entity spawn key1 10 5

This is the correct syntax, right?

Note: This script is attached to a decoration.

I have a custom modifier and want to put objects on top of the modifier. Is there any way to achieve that? Since wall tiles are the ones getting modified, I tried to put an object on the second floor, but the custom modifier is replaced by the object.

Yess! I love these kinds of aesthetic colours and music.

Thanks man.

I’m working on a Vaporwave/Synthwave themed game about a player who is stuck in a dreamlike state.


ohh ok. I can wait for the next iteration. Meanwhile, I will work on a fixed resolution.

Hey there,

I have a project which was using the default screen resolution (In my case it was 1280x720). I positioned the weapon like below

and it was working perfectly

But when I changed the screen resolution to a lower one like 800x600 the gun position moved to almost centre.

Logically it is correct but is there any way to force the gun to position to the world coordinates instead of window coordinates or am I doing it wrong?

Awesome. I will try that. thanks man.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but want to ask you a question related to skyboxes.

What is your recommended resolution for a rectangular skymap? I’m testing it with higher resolutions like 1024, 2048. But when the player looks into the sky we can actually see the cylinder-like below.

Do I need to change it to some other resolutions?

Note: Current skybox resolution is 2048x1024.