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I don't think it's an itchio error. Seems like a browser's session storage error(May be you disabled the browser storage??). By the way its running OK on my side.

Figure it out..... just jocking.... It will be answered in part 2... πŸ˜‰

You mean their meaning??

kool game man. Enjoyed it. All 5 πŸ‘

Yeah. I got that.Your feedback really is helpful(didn't upset meπŸ˜‡ ).


Thank you for your review. Yes I agree with you, I could have added more choices and scenes.

"Each choice just leads to the same dialog, with one of them just straight up restarting the game" - actually technical wise its just restarting the game but for story wise it's the character 'waking up'.


'Rangoku' is an Japanese word for Purgatory. The game restarting is actually keeping the character in the purgatory itself. This also means that I failed to tell the story correctly. I will keep this in mind while writing next one. Thanks.

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FYI, yes of course they were made recently and only accept rating/comment via their account only. Most of them(most of them were never heard of though) may be from my office/friends whom I shared my sumbission today. If you feel this is kind of cheating then(I don't know is there any way) substract those rating from my game. Also my account is linked to my real Twitter account. I don't think it's crime to share my game between my friends. I don't think me as a great or better game developer. I make software for living and make games for fun. I submitted my entry to participate not to win the price. If I'm selected I will graciously reject the prize. 

kool man.

Is there any way to export games made using playscii

If I'm not wrong babel is just transpiler/compiler, we have to use other packages for minify/bundling process like webpack, rollup or parcel.

Yeah. For me bundlephobia gives me a BuildError. 

there is an alternative to uglify which support/build basically for ES6, its terser.  Link =>

Thanks. I will check that.

Also when I check the 'Compress HTML & JS' in the export options, when I run the project it will throw an error, I don't remember I think its 'punc((...'  something.

v0.3.0 -  cannot set frame rate in the spritesheet. It keeps reset it back to 10.


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kool! waiting for the surprise....