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Good start for a prototype. Missing that I cant drag with the mouse to scroll or clicking the map, not a big fan of scrolling with the keyboard.

Ofc the basic stuff is missing such as speed up, level up towers, other tower, other minons, even maybe "next wave" so you don't have to wait all the time. 

Good luck and have fun!

I've a question, if I buy this, is the tiles 'straight'? On the screenshot they are a bit tilted but I guess that is to prevent copying?

Loved it!

Hi Dark,

Super thanks for your feedback, it really helped and sparked some ideas. As it's for now you can go on forever so it would make sens to 'collect time' depending on how fast you are, and the distraction idea sounded good as well, background changes etc.

Yeah the short-term memory stuff I am not sure would be true, maybe it should be called something else, same thing with the name actually, never gotten any better idea of game name.

I've been working on this project on-and-off for a while and the latest add-on I just done was the leaderboard to try to add some kind of competition feeling. However I feel that the game is not challenging enough or that it kind of get repetitive after awhile.

I am looking for some feedback or suggestion on how to make it different.

I am not sure but is there any difference of fullscreen itch than any other page? 

Tried "document.exitFullscreen();" ?

I've tried to do ajax/xhr calls to but then I get CORS issue. I made a manifest and added together with the files but it seem to completely ignore the manifest in the 'play in browser' mode.

Is there any way to get the visitors username for me to use in the game (scoreboard)? Without needing to make it into an app or place it on a server.

Thanks for playing, yeah the game is a little unforgiving. But what Halloween game should have a happy ending? ;) 

So this is what I've gotten this far:

A small serie called “Behind the door” and each series starts with that the player goes through a door. How the player got to the door or where it is, is unknown and not really part of the game but can open up to interesting endings. Each game would have different story/themes and would not relate to each other. 

The beetles bugs have become more human and starting to explore the human anatomy and start apply human behavior to them self, walking on two legs etc, growing to a size of a dwarf. They have started to experiment with human and their race (beetles bugs), combining, giving them a brain/consciousness. But it doesn't stop there, they also try to experiment to mutate themself and give them different powers. One of them to be to have glowing eyes/light that when they look at you they absorb your energie. Another is Telepathy since the bugs doesn’t have any voice to communicate. etc

How is this possible? Who is behind this? Do they have more power than we know of?

This is placed in a modern world, so the player has a phone, but of course there is no reception but they can use it as a lightsource in the beginning. 
Some possible endings:
The player gets out, but the phone is dead so they can’t call anyone.
The player gets out, calls but whos gonna believe this crazy story?
The player joins the experiment and becomes one of them.
The player becomes a guinea pig.

The player opens a door. Walks down and it looks likes it’s a wine cellar with a lots of shelf on each wall. But on a closer look, it’s not wine inside these bottles, but a bunch of insects!


So I don't know if that is something to start with or interesting enough for you or if you have some ideas it would be appreciate. I don't expect anything and don't require anything.

Do you think that would work cross domain? If I upload on gamejolt and use their system and then people on itch also could play and get on the leaderboard? I know that have leaderboard on their page but the debugging wasn't that good and limited to show only on their site. 

I've wanted to make a short and simple point-and-click game with different ending but never gotten to write a story like that. If that is something that would interest you or if you have something laying around? As this would be my first proper game and it would need to be small as in 15-60min game to make the dev process not too long. 

(1 edit)

I've a game that is very leaderboard'ish and wondering if anyone has worked with making their own public leaderboard thats works fine on the itch platform? In a Javascript/HTML game.

Hi guys, I’ve developed this simple small browser game (works great on mobile as well). It’s simple as in you need to remember a color and then pick it on the next screen that has several other colors, and so it repeats until you pick wrong color or timeout.

I want some suggestions, feedback, ideas on how to improve it, make it more fun. It might be fun in the beginning but then it becomes a “forever game” since a session doesn’t get harder.

Currently you can “rest”/look at the main color without no timelimit, but if I put a time there as well I think it would be too stressful.

Any input or suggestion of any kind would be helpful, thanks.

Play my game and give feedback please.

You can play the game on this URL for now:

Is it random? How many possibilities are there?

Haha thanks for the name drop. I've still not managed to finish the first lvl yet but I am trying. One thing that I got now is that I would like to be able to skip the intro part (since I've already seen it and it takes a while to go throw it)

Atleast now I got to the first boss. Maybe when you hit him get some feedback, that he blinks or something? Or the feeling that you hit something.

If I make it to work in a browser and working fine on a mobile, will that count?

Cute art. The game itself remind me of some other I've played, not a bad idea/mechanic. I did not understand it was a lever until I read the page since I could not continue, tried see if  I could carry the first coffin but no luck. Looked like a dead machined/robot head to me. :D  

Really liked this! I was sceptical at first but when I played got to the first 'ending' were you control 2 things it got interested and the ending was great! Very inspiring!

I liked it, however it took very long time to walk and at one point I though it was looping and was about to turn back but then I got the last(?) card and game ended. Would have liked to play again to see after the "you left your house unlocked" to go back and see if there had happend anything or if I could discover the crimescene more. But since it take so long to get any progress I  did not. Otherwise I think this has good potential.

Haha, yeah, never judge a book by its cover. ;) 

It feel like I had open all containers but did not find they key. Is the key a lie? :( 

Was little empty and as Sungk says, would be nice if you could see little but more when it was dark, unclear if I was in the hallway or stuck. Maybe that the switch would be visible when it was light as well so you knew were they were. But maybe that was part of the game to make it difficult. 

Hate this kinds of game! Always makes my heart rate go up! Lucky me you didn't had any scary sounds when I saw the guy! Scary! Very good sir! 

Thanks mate! :) 

Thanks for you feedback, very good to hear. Yeah, I started to write the story but didn't really got far or had any motivation in the beginning of October. It wasn't until Bite Sized Horror came that I took it up again and finished the story (that you could pick different characters to be able to get different endings) and all programming and assets was ofc made during the 78h. In the end I tried to adjust the story a little so you would understand that there was a ritual going on but kind of hard to write. :) 

Sound and music has always been last thing I've been thinking of, but when playing other games it really gives an extra feeling. Original my idea was to do a voice over, but time has its limits. 

I thanks for your feedback and will checkout your game shortly.

It looked very promising at first until "This is just a demo" which came pretty too soon. I wish you good luck in the future.

Really love the style! Had some problems in the beginning to understand. Just said "Hold strong" and I had no idea. But when I restarted I got another combination and then I understood!

Yeah I thought it was kind of weird to have 6 (current) already voted and all the others barely have any yet.

Thanks, guess next time a little big more content would be good. 

Really like it, simple and elegant! 

Hey Southocean,
Thanks for your input and I totally agree with you, I had some idea that you could 'peak' on the employee list and by that manage to finish that puzzel, since it's 20 names after all. The second part is more "say Yes to the good ideas once and No to the bad once". I've added some notes in the description for future players. 

Thanks for your feedback and playing

I like this! Challenging enough, got around 320 as my higest. 

Like it a lot! Very beautiful grafic. Not much to add or say. :)

Still seems to be that error! :)