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Really like it, chill and calm game. I did not manage to be able to collect big garbage, I got the boat with canon and he shot some shots and made some garbage small but not all, I upgraded the capacity of the scout to maybe think that they could then collect but not. The distance is very long so I ended up all the time to get help from the base.

Absolutely love the artwork! Little creepy but some of them very cute. Love the racoon tail as a screen transition!

Gameplay, not much going back and forth to speak to people. Not a great reader and this seem to be more story heavy for my taste. 

Again, love the art and with some polish on the ui (maybe show what items you got?) and the dialogue to display the text different and also make the options stand out more, you then have a great foundation to expand this universe.

Best of luck to you

Cute game, some artwork can be synced on, the intro is very much different to compare to the main game. Little too much text on the  "how to play" but I manage to figure the game without it so no harm. Simple and easy to get going, too a while but I manage to win, I wish it could go little faster, especially when I move and need to wait for the enemy. 

Like the graphics and game mechanics. However it took a while for me to understand that I could 'climb' on walls if there was grass. Not sure if it was by accident or that I saw your gifs that made me realise. So some kind of guide or tutorial would have been helpful since with fire you soft-lock yourself all the time. 

That is also something that annoys me, that it's super easy to get soft lock if you use fire, especially since you need use fire to boost yourself and if you fail and get back to checkpoint there is no way to undo the burning blocks other than restarting the game. But I think that is more or less what you are looking for? One of those frustrating game that you need to make everything perfect otherwise you need to replay. 

To be fair, once you knew how to get past the obstacle it would go easy the next time.

Unfortunately I did not had the patient to finish the game, but a good game nonetheless. I am missing some kind of music however.

All the good luck to you guys!

Thank you very much. Yeah next step would be content and such! 

Thank you very much, glad you liked the intro, didn't had enough time to make more frames so it's a little laggy. Been thinking about the lore and gameplay so it would be little different than this version since the voids just keep coming. 

Would love just to get a feel of the game without needing to make an account and give out my email. Yes it's probably easy to sign up and all that but right now I just want to see. 

Thank you very much, likewise, wish I had more content. :)

Thank you. I didn't want to prolong things too much. Had ideas about experience and level up so you would be stronger but then I think people would start to grind and then the game would take too long / be more monotone. So since it's a 2 week jam I cutted it short so people would be able to play it to the end.

I am sitting here now thinking about how to change the gameplay and introduce new content and such.

Thank you, yeah need to polish the text boxes, good to see other people play it since I always myself closed them and did not leave them open. :)

Thank you so much. Yeah I keep collecting ideas when I daydream to improve the game, so hopefully I will go through with it. :) 

Thanks, yeah I wanted to create the feeling that the forest is... big!

Thank you. Yeah I've been thinking about different features and gameplay after the jam. See I if implement them and make it bigger.

Chill game, nice atmosphere. Not much to say, it's solitaire-ish. Not sure if that can be expanded into different card games or another element too it?

Cute. Small thing to maybe add indication when you are about to reset and maybe if you are stuck to give that information saying that you would need to reset. 

Good luck!

A videogame

Thank you!

Yeah I did not had time to implement an arrow indication of some sort. :)

I like the idea. It's like you play god and then let the AI do the rest. Definitely something to develop to add more stuff, too many foxes? Add Bear. Too many Bears? Add Hunters, etc.

Good luck

Fun idea. Think Noobgames mention some of the things I was thinking about. I was more afraid of the bins than I was for the crabs. In the end it got kind of crowded so was not sure what my first item was that I picked up.

Not too big of a fan with the IRL images, would appreciate some pixel art or similar.

Good luck in the future!

Forest of Calamity is a very short "RPG" or click game. The universe is something I've had back in my head for years and never really done anything about, so thinking to using it in this jam, and is very happy with exploring my idea and would love to expand if people found it interesting.

Love the game, this is exactly up my ally. No stress, you can think what options you are going to take. Love the graphics and UI, very polished and good music.

Wish there was more but perfect for a 2 week jam. Good luck out there tiger!

Great game, didn't quite understood the wands card and feelt like you lost more using them if it was not a high damage card, I kinda pulled some cards and sometimes it gave 3 dmg and others 18. Do not quite understand the symbol next to the enemy, it switched and felt like it was going to be their next attack if they had 10 knifes symbol for an example?

Would have been nice to see exact nr of HP each one had to figure how much to push.

Was cup gonna be armor? Because it still does the damage that my enemy said?

I might be all wrong here and maybe missed some things.

Either way, great game, some UI improvement to explain to lazy and stupit people like me. :)

Thank you. Yes I wish there was more time in the jam. I might revisit and add more in the future.

Thank you!

I am sorry to hear that. Here is a streamer who played and gets to the boss around 7min in the clip. You can watch that to see the ending or location of the boss. Not sure if you left any messages open that could cause a bug not to trigger the void?

Really good, did not expect that many levels and I only got to F038. Music great, mechanics are great. Overall a great game. Don't know how it ends but yeah starts very cryptic. :)

Good luck in the future. So far one of the 10 top games for sure.

Thank you very much. 

And btw I really love that intro picture that you also use as an avatar!

Really liked it! Got to 21k, the trucks can take a decent amount of hits. Love the details with the close up portrait that pops up.

Wish there was a quicker replay button.

At first I thought that the gas would spread and that area would be "deadzone" but seemed that I could go back, so that was fun to be able to explore more. At first it was very laggy and hard to play, went too quick I thought. But then I read your comment and lower the settings and went muuch smoother and I also scolled to get more of a 3rd person view and went much easier. 

I mange to get a 42k score so happy with that. Is there any ending or endgoal? 

Thank you very much, I'll pass on the music credit to umm_viking! :)

Yeah the voids will disappear and a new boss void will come, but you need to scroll/drag down a little to be able to see it. Did not had time to implement any arrows pointing to where the voids was to scroll too.  

Thank you very much! Yeah, I wanted the yellow fox that you first meet to be part of the gang but did not had time to implement for the jam, but something to add in the future for sure.

If I belive my code-time-counter it says 40hours programming and I am not sure if I can see the last 2 weeks of using  Aseprite via steam but I guess somewhere around 40hours there too. 

You can see my creation here: 

Thank you very much, I went back to watch your stream and it was fun to see in action.

Agree, my original idea was that the void would spread and if it hit the castle or something, you would lose, but wasn't sure how the gameplay would be and think it would be very frustrated. But definitely an idea to revisit.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much. Original idea was to have more in that menu and not only potions. Next time.

Ah you could use the car? I kind of shot it and figured that it was the enemies car or something.