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If I make it to work in a browser and working fine on a mobile, will that count?

Cute art. The game itself remind me of some other I've played, not a bad idea/mechanic. I did not understand it was a lever until I read the page since I could not continue, tried see if  I could carry the first coffin but no luck. Looked like a dead machined/robot head to me. :D  

Really liked this! I was sceptical at first but when I played got to the first 'ending' were you control 2 things it got interested and the ending was great! Very inspiring!

I liked it, however it took very long time to walk and at one point I though it was looping and was about to turn back but then I got the last(?) card and game ended. Would have liked to play again to see after the "you left your house unlocked" to go back and see if there had happend anything or if I could discover the crimescene more. But since it take so long to get any progress I  did not. Otherwise I think this has good potential.

Haha, yeah, never judge a book by its cover. ;) 

It feel like I had open all containers but did not find they key. Is the key a lie? :( 

Was little empty and as Sungk says, would be nice if you could see little but more when it was dark, unclear if I was in the hallway or stuck. Maybe that the switch would be visible when it was light as well so you knew were they were. But maybe that was part of the game to make it difficult. 

Very very mean of you to have a game over when I manage to collect all 10 keys and reach the gate! :( 

On very annoying thing is that you could not skip or fastforward the startscreen or end screen. The Font is not the best looking. Other than that. I like that the lamp gets smaller and smaller, the graphics is decent. Would have liked to been able to go diagonally. 

Hate this kinds of game! Always makes my heart rate go up! Lucky me you didn't had any scary sounds when I saw the guy! Scary! Very good sir! 

I really liked it! Took a while to figure the password. I even had to take a little note to write down some numbers. First I was thinking that the "why is that written with a pencil" but could not translate it to numbers. Really like the puzzle and interaction

Thanks mate! :) 

Really like the graphics and the multiply endings!

Thanks for you feedback, very good to hear. Yeah, I started to write the story but didn't really got far or had any motivation in the beginning of October. It wasn't until Bite Sized Horror came that I took it up again and finished the story (that you could pick different characters to be able to get different endings) and all programming and assets was ofc made during the 78h. In the end I tried to adjust the story a little so you would understand that there was a ritual going on but kind of hard to write. :) 

Sound and music has always been last thing I've been thinking of, but when playing other games it really gives an extra feeling. Original my idea was to do a voice over, but time has its limits. 

I thanks for your feedback and will checkout your game shortly.

It looked very promising at first until "This is just a demo" which came pretty too soon. I wish you good luck in the future.

Really love the style! Had some problems in the beginning to understand. Just said "Hold strong" and I had no idea. But when I restarted I got another combination and then I understood!

Yeah I thought it was kind of weird to have 6 (current) already voted and all the others barely have any yet.

Thanks, guess next time a little big more content would be good. 

Really like it, simple and elegant! 

Hey Southocean,
Thanks for your input and I totally agree with you, I had some idea that you could 'peak' on the employee list and by that manage to finish that puzzel, since it's 20 names after all. The second part is more "say Yes to the good ideas once and No to the bad once". I've added some notes in the description for future players. 

Thanks for your feedback and playing

I like this! Challenging enough, got around 320 as my higest. 

Like it a lot! Very beautiful grafic. Not much to add or say. :)

Still seems to be that error! :)