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Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

POKKO community · Posted in <3 <3

Thank you Alper!

POKKO community · Posted in Nice

Thank you very much!

It's the date when they met. It's written in the journal of Corona-Chan.


Great game! I expected multiple endings, though.

Thank you very much!



Cool coincidence! I had used a Witch Name Generator to get the name, it was the best name generated.

Strange, I tried to download the zip and it opened for me. Can you try again?


Teşekkürler. Bu aslında GGJ versiyonu değil, GGJ'den sonra birkaç saat boyunca oyun üzerinde çalıştım. Arkaplan assetlerinin büyük bir kısmı da Asset Store'daki ücretsiz olanlar.

Nice Christmas game!

I liked it! What is its Ludum Dare entry link? Let me vote it there.

I really loved the game!

The graphics can become more convincing with correct lighting. Everything seems too bright, without any shadowing. The 2D parts (blood and photo) should use diffuse shading, too, they look too bright to be real.

The game doesn't work. You need to upload the all files in the build folder.

5/5 Originality

It's a nice story.

Giving 5 for originality!

Spooky game! I kept dying all the time, though, I couldn't find all the white boxes.

Not really a horror game, but I loved the visuals and audio. An enyojable game.

It actually looks interesting, I wish it was a finished game.

One thing that bothered me is the rotation of the player as he moves. The pixel perfect rotation is inconsistent with the pixel arts of the game, it harms the GameBoy effect.

Was it necessary to make an installer?

I think the game is a little spooky with the photos.

My favourite entry so far! I liked the twist.

I am currently working on another game, Pawn of the Dead. I might work on a sequel of Clown House after Pawn of the Dead.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Super Game Pack II is a collection of 5 freeware games for its special event.

In a Super Game Pack, we collect a list of potential game names, like "But... You're a Horse". Then each developer choose a name from the list and make its game.


Kahve ve Çekirdekler (Coffee and Beans) is a simple arcade game in which you avoid beans.

Hit Me! is a co-op local-multiplayer game. You fight against monsters. You need to collect rocks, burn them using campfires, then throw to the monsters.

Goat You! is an action game. You control a Goat using arrow keys. You can move around and create closed green safe zones. Animals on safe zones will be collected. But be careful! when the Goat is outside the safe zone, animals can get you.

Normally, Pirates Can't Fly is an idle game in which you are a pirate and fight against other ships.

But... You're a Horse is a love story and a duel game. As the loyal horse of Lord Henry, you have a secret affair with his wife. He finds it out and you need to duel him, pressing the right key at the countdown's end.

I loved the idea, but it definitely needed sound effects and a better mechanic.