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Ahmet Kamil Keleş

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Thank you very much, so glad to hear this!

Great and fun nostalgic feeling!

At some point, I thought the levels were proc-gen, which would be so cool for this game.

The start button of Dualsense causes a life loss, by the way, is it a bug?

Creative way of breaking the game, lol


I know that the ball in the second window is laggy. It seems that I missed out some points in multiplayer connection.

Lovely game! Minigames are fun and I loved the use of the limitation this way.


I mostly make Unity games, like this one. Drunkard Bird's Windows build is a 32-bit, by the way.

Can you send the output_log.txt file in your C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\LocalLow\Aslan Game Studio\Drunkard Bird folder to ahmet [at] ? Let me see if it gives any error about why these games don't run in your computer.

LOL'ed at the title. Fun game and idea!

Thanks! And yes, the disobey option could make the game more interesting.

5/5 for all categories! I especially loved the originality of using "obstacles" to advance in the game.

Lovely art! The game gives cute vibes.

My entry has a similar idea, by the way. The obedience variable was something I also thought, but wasn't sure if I could finish on time. It's fun in your game, it can be improved in the direction CFHM mentioned.

Lovely graphics! The controls can be improved. I'd love to be able to use my gamepad, as well.

I guess this is interactable only via numpad. I can't play, as my keyboard lacks that.

It looks interesting!

I got stuck at the scene where only a door and stacks are seen, I can't turn back from that scene.

I loved the ambience! Is there an ending of this game?

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it!

Funny that I had mentioned "yum yum yum" before in the review I left for a game, lol:

Thank you very much! Looking forward for your review.

This looks interesting!

My inspiration was this demo, by the way:

I had the idea of reversing the role after playing that demo.

Thank you very much!

Thanks, glad that you liked it!

Nice game! It made me curious about all endings.

I'd like to vote in Ludum Dare page, too. What is the link of its page, I couldn't find?

Right. He pulls the knife if the player is not looking at him.

The neat part: You can't.

I wish it was easy, it would take a tremendous time to make the game for C64, as I don't know C64 programming :(

Hmm, by "looping too fast" do you mean the grade part of the game? Game restarts when you press any key.


You can actually get to the rightest color from the leftest color by moving to the left. And vice versa.

Thanks. Hmm, do you mean by number keys or something? That sounds like a good idea.

Thank you!

I'll look into that bug, thank you letting me know.

Great game! I loved the idea and visuals.

My feedbacks:
* The game starts from the very beginning after failure. Maybe it can start from the level where we were, without the story.

* At first, I didn't understand we were supposed to click on the enemies to destroy them after creating the color.



It's sad that you can't access the game. I suggest you to use source control systems the next time.

It wouldn't be a problem to upload a WebGL build, as long as the game's content didn't change too much.


It was a great game! I loved the mechanics. My only complaint that the nightclub level was too hard.

Fun game, I like this genre! Great work for 2 weeks, considering there are many upgrades in the game.


Impressive graphics! I wished the game was easier, though, so I could continue playing it.