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Ahmet Kamil Keleş

A member registered Jul 19, 2014 · View creator page →


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Thank you!

I did, but it would be a much different game. I wanted it to feel like retro and also suitable for playing in actual tiny 64x64 screen.

It looks great, but I was unable to play it because of the camera.

So cute, but too hard.

Lovely game!

Lovely game!

I loved it!

A great idea! I wish there were instructions for the action sequences and the deaths were forgiving (like I wouldn't need to restart the game).

Thank you!

I loved the atmosphere you created!

Good job! I found it too hard to play, though, I think a simpler game would fit into 64x64 resolution more. Texts and symbols were hard to understand.

I loved it! :D

It was a fun game! I loved how things were still understandable in low resolution.

It could be better if the input was more responsive and smooth. It lacked sound.

Loved it!

BatteryProblem_Data klasörünün de bizde olması gerek. Onu exe'yle beraber ziplemen/rarlaman lazım.

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I'm glad that you liked it!

Actually I did lots of improvements after the 4 hour version. It took like 8 hours to polish the game to the current version.

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Sorry for noticing this post too late!

No, there won't be a theme.

Yes, it can be about anything. (Unless it's something like hate speech against a race, or something that can't be in itch.io)

It is quite okay if that's going to be your first game.

Any program/tool can be used.

Nice idea, but the player should be more informed about what the goal is, imho.

Thanks, fixed.

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I hope she sees 64 Pixels of Cute, too :)

Great work!

It really needs to be able to restart without refreshing the browser.

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I loved it. My favourite in this jam.

Thank you! Though, I hope you haven't started yet, because another musician found the game last night and wanted to make the music. She was too eager to do it, so I felt like giving it to her.

If you have already started, I can let her know that you've already started and I don't want your effort to be wasted, though.

Awesome work!

I need a 8-bit cute cat music and a "meow" SFX for 64 Pixels of Cute, would you be interested? (This is how the game looks like)

I loved the idea. Though, we should had been able to make directional circles, like moving downwards.