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Ahmet Kamil Keleş

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You have to say it Goodbye to progress in the game.

Moon has a special meaning in the occult, it means that the spirit is evil. The random letters are made to make the spirit more unpredictable.

I am currently working on another game, Pawn of the Dead. http://aslangamestudio.com/en_US/pawn-of-the-dead/ I might work on a sequel of Clown House after Pawn of the Dead.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Super Game Pack II is a collection of 5 freeware games for its special event.

In a Super Game Pack, we collect a list of potential game names, like "But... You're a Horse". Then each developer choose a name from the list and make its game.


Kahve ve Çekirdekler (Coffee and Beans) is a simple arcade game in which you avoid beans.

Hit Me! is a co-op local-multiplayer game. You fight against monsters. You need to collect rocks, burn them using campfires, then throw to the monsters.

Goat You! is an action game. You control a Goat using arrow keys. You can move around and create closed green safe zones. Animals on safe zones will be collected. But be careful! when the Goat is outside the safe zone, animals can get you.

Normally, Pirates Can't Fly is an idle game in which you are a pirate and fight against other ships.

But... You're a Horse is a love story and a duel game. As the loyal horse of Lord Henry, you have a secret affair with his wife. He finds it out and you need to duel him, pressing the right key at the countdown's end.


I loved the idea, but it definitely needed sound effects and a better mechanic.

Thank you!

I did, but it would be a much different game. I wanted it to feel like retro and also suitable for playing in actual tiny 64x64 screen.

It looks great, but I was unable to play it because of the camera.

So cute, but too hard.

Lovely game!

Lovely game!

I loved it!

A great idea! I wish there were instructions for the action sequences and the deaths were forgiving (like I wouldn't need to restart the game).

Thank you!

I loved the atmosphere you created!

Good job! I found it too hard to play, though, I think a simpler game would fit into 64x64 resolution more. Texts and symbols were hard to understand.

I loved it! :D

It was a fun game! I loved how things were still understandable in low resolution.

It could be better if the input was more responsive and smooth. It lacked sound.

Loved it!

BatteryProblem_Data klasörünün de bizde olması gerek. Onu exe'yle beraber ziplemen/rarlaman lazım.

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I'm glad that you liked it!

Actually I did lots of improvements after the 4 hour version. It took like 8 hours to polish the game to the current version.

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Sorry for noticing this post too late!

No, there won't be a theme.

Yes, it can be about anything. (Unless it's something like hate speech against a race, or something that can't be in itch.io)

It is quite okay if that's going to be your first game.

Any program/tool can be used.

Nice idea, but the player should be more informed about what the goal is, imho.

Thanks, fixed.

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I hope she sees 64 Pixels of Cute, too :)

Great work!

It really needs to be able to restart without refreshing the browser.

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I loved it. My favourite in this jam.

Thank you! Though, I hope you haven't started yet, because another musician found the game last night and wanted to make the music. She was too eager to do it, so I felt like giving it to her.

If you have already started, I can let her know that you've already started and I don't want your effort to be wasted, though.

Awesome work!

I need a 8-bit cute cat music and a "meow" SFX for 64 Pixels of Cute, would you be interested? (This is how the game looks like)

I loved the idea. Though, we should had been able to make directional circles, like moving downwards.