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Adventuring, but this time you're the backpack!
Submitted by park-dev, Festus, JacquesJ, Jazarro — 4 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Theme Interpretation#44.3494.349

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This entry is incredibly well done! Really nice polish and atmosphere. Some typos in the text, but a nice variety to keep it interesting. I'm not sure if it's totally random but, I played a little past the first boss that the game hinted would be difficult. After that, the game kept giving me vials without much else to do, so I slowly died. It kind of reminds me of roguelikes in that aspect, which I think is the idea. In roguelikes, it's all about getting to the bottom of the dungeon, so I really would have liked to see a similar incentive here. Maybe there is an ending but at the moment it feels like you're doomed from the start.


There is an ending, if you manage to upgrade your gear enough to reach it :D


You seem to have gotten on the bad side of the RNG ;). There definitely is a final fight. The loot tables are hand tailored, so exclusive vial drops are extremely rare cases. If you have the time, try playing again, I'm sure you'll get a proper playthrough!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I really liked playing Loot Goblin. It's very polished, the pacing is excellent, love the fact that there are empty rooms. Though a few things:

  •  I wish Hordalot's health was closer to the combat log, it's a bit jarring keep glancing left and right between the logs and the health bar
  • I wish I could see enemy health and strength. It's difficult to make tactical decisions without knowing if we are close to the end of the combat or not
  • A number at the end like "number of rooms traversed" would help. For now, I've little ways of knowing if I did better than last run
  • Controls are a bit odd, Instead of ctrl+alt+click, it would be ideal to have a trashcan tile.

I want to point out those are very minor issues compared to the high quality of the game though. Awesome job!


Thank you very much for your feedback; those are all great suggestions! Thanks for playing our game :)


Very fun game, I love the aesthetic of a goblin in your backpack sorting your inventory for you, and the eyes following the cursor was a nice touch. The game reminds me of Backpack Hero, though I feel like there's enough uniqueness that it stands out. I feel like the pacing was a little slow, and would have liked an auto-progress option rather than having to hit space all the time, or at least a button to click since the rest of the controls are mostly mouse based. Also, an indicator of progress would be nice, as it was hard to tell how far through I was when I died or whether it is just endless, though the tutorial scrolls popping up in certain rooms makes me think there is at least a somewhat linear progression through the rooms. The text prompts were pretty funny, though due to the repetitiveness of most prompts I found myself not reading them after a while. Also, I would have liked a button to automatically move items to/from the combine area rather than dragging them, especially since if the sword wasn't lined up properly it would just ping back into my inventory. Overall a really nice game, sorry for the wall of text!


Thanks for your very thorough review! No worries about the wall of text, it's a good thing. :)

I agree with you that pressing space so often gets annoying, if I could change it I would indeed include some kind of auto-skip option.

Your suggestion to add a progress indicator is a good one. At one point in development we were going to include a gold-counter that ticks up when the hero loots rooms and enemies. The gold would basically serve as 'points'; a way to measure how well you did after each run. I think we removed the gold counter because of time constraints.

Right now the game is not endless, there is indeed progression and a genuine end to the game. If we were to make this into a full game, I think it would work well as a rogue-like, with endless procedurally generated rooms and levels.

Automatically moving items to/from the combine area is the kind of quality of life improvement that I personally value very highly, it is purely for lack of time that we didn't implement it. I would have probably made it work by shift-clicking the item or something.


Thank you for your feedback :)


Impressive amount of stuff going on in this thing. Some thoughts while playing:

Pace was a bit too slow for me to want to continue after failing a run. Potions being time-based when the rest of the game is very turn-based seemed off to me.

Wish I could combine my already-equipped items (or at least view their stats)

Having multiple music tracks to choose from was a nice touch, but they all sounded very samey to me.

Typos in the combat text were a bit glaring.


Hey, thanks for the review! 

I agree about the pacing; it is hard to get right without investing a lot of time (which we didn't have) into play-testing. 


Really awesome presentation. Enjoyed it a lot! Reminds me of dwarf fortress logs :)


Thank you! That is high praise haha :D


The idea was inspired partly by Dwarf Fortress' older uncle - ADOM :).


The hint scrolls are awesome and wow great presentation. I enjoyed your submission a lot. :-)


Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it. :)


LOOT!! Isn’t that just the most fun part of the dungeon games :D Nice job with the aesthetics and the overall feel of the game.


Thank you for checking out our game!


Pretty fun, I enjoyed the pyramid progression of weapons/armor. Music/sound design also is great. I feel like most of the potions aren't super worthwhile with how long they last though.


Thank you for your feedback and for playing our game!


Game has a lot of little touches that made it really enjoyable: the hint scrolls, the funny event logs, the goblin's eyes, and clicking on the backpack to start the game!


Thank you for your feedback! :)