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Wonderful. Very cute. I wish the jump was higher, it felt like it didn't do anything, and certain donuts weren't obtainable (tragic).

I think this is a perfect entry. It's a great take on the theme, has a "show don't tell" approach to teaching the player, and is constantly one-upping itself. Great work!

Love this!

Really great concept. I got to level 36. I felt it was easy to max out damage but I needed more attack speed. Unfortunately I almost never got those cards, so I'm not sure there was anything I could do.

Wonderful concept. It feels like a blend between your first two jam games. I like that you're converging on something great here. I'd love to see more enemies and weapon types.

Windows 10 Pro. It might be that Firefox was using the wrong mic. My audio setup is complicated and it didn't give me an option to change mic settings.

Really cool. I love that you get to restart quickly. Feels nice and snappy and satisfying to play. It's funny because you're really only having to navigate a single maze but splitting it up like that makes it way more interesting. I'm not sure why certain levels have multiple exits and oddly colored blocks. I think it's meant to throw people off? I think it could do without that. Nice entry!

Pretty neat, not much to say about this. Building anything does match with the theme IMO so this is a good opportunity to make something like this. Grats on getting it working!

This really need controls on screen. I managed to figure it out after some trial and error, and I think it's one of the better combine harvesters actually combining with something else. I wish I didn't have to press space to unload, I think it can be automatic. Also I'm not sure if it's meant to happen but when the time was about to run out the combine and truck started floating in mid air and scaling oddly.

Very meta. It'd be cool if the game actually started to build itself over time, but that might be a tad ambitious for a game jam entry.

Not sure if it was intentional, but using the decals was helpful for marking dead ends. I figured out what to do and was able to win!

The fact that they don't animate adds a nice charm imo. They look like little toys. It's not a bad aesthetic at all. I manage to save all the animals! Nice little game!

Not sure what to do here. Controls on screen would be helpful. I'm pretty good at spawning paint buckets.

Cool concept, love that you shipped the editor, very game jam. This game reminds me of another submission, Escape Pod, and could maybe borrow some ideas from there.

Love the vibes here, and it's neat that you can destroy part of the terrain. The game feels a bit aimless though. Maybe a simple goal like getting a squad of N sheep to win would make it more interesting.

It would be nice if you could throw from either side. Things on the right were really difficult to hit. I like the idea here though!

The game was hard to understand but I think that's mostly due to the z rendering issue. I figured out pretty quick after I saw the description. The pivot point is really strange but I'm not sure if there's a better solution there. When I saw this I was kinda expecting a tetris building factory or something, perhaps that was the end goal.

It took me almost 8 minutes to beat. A minute to figure out what I was doing, and 7 minutes waiting for the right cards lol. I think the target card should be waaay more likely, or the game should be quicker in general. Also I was spamming spacebar at the end so I skipped the end scene unintentionally.  Nice work on the game!

Really cool visual style, and I love the combinations, they're pretty creative. I'm not sure if the game loops at a certain point or if I'm losing, some feedback there would be helpful.

This game is initially really difficult, but once you learn a few strategies, it becomes pretty easy. I think it's satisfying to find combinations that work well, but since each resource is limited, you are forced to experiment. Honestly I feel the only thing this game lacks is some polish. It's a pretty solid entry.

Truly disturbing but also cute spider girl. I'm not sure what to make of this game. The combat mechanic doesn't make any sense to me, and it seems to be random so maybe it's not meant to make sense? I did beat a couple levels but I'm not sure what I did right. Some sort of animation to illustrate the effects of each monster type might help. Still this game is pretty neat and definitely memorable.

Usually if a game jam has X number of levels, I try to make it to the end, but I'm sorry to say, I just can't. I think I'm pretty good at math and this is still torture. It's a really unique take on the theme though!

The game is much easier if you use the bottom of the boxes instead lol. Nice idea, and good use of mixing physics with your gameplay. I felt like I was vaguely getting the right amount but ended up being way off every time. Not sure if it's my fault or the game's fault.

I love the idea here, really amusing. This is not a job for me though. My satellite was spinning wildly out of control most the time. 3D rotation is really unintuitive on a good day, so I'm not sure it has much staying power as a core gameplay mechanic.

Spatial audio being relative to the player's orientation was not immediately obvious to me. I expected it to be relative to the camera. That along with the character turning when running into walls made this game feel strange at the start. Once I figured all that out though, I was really into it. Nice little mystery style game with a control scheme you don't see used too often. The dialogue kinda forced you into figuring out the solution though, so definitely need a bit of work on the mystery part.

Something that I didn't get right away was that the order matters. I think that needed to be explained somehow. Once I figured that out I found the combat system satisfying, although a bit clunky. I'm not sure 1234E along with WASD to move are the best controls. Really neat concept though! The game could use some sounds but otherwise the presentation is nice.

This is a really underrated genre. I remember playing games like this a decade ago. Unfortunately it seems you only need punch units to win, but the combine is a cool twist on the idea. Nice work!

Pleeaase implement local storage saves or some way to bypass levels after the jam. I was playing this for about an hour and it started to become laggy until it crashed. This game is fantastic! But I don't want to have to redo the levels I already completed. I have a few other complaints like the controls being a tad unintuitive and the ghost blocks being really confusing to look at, and the lack of camera rotation makes it hard to place in certain spots, but this is amazingly well made already.

I caught onto this game pretty quick and found it enjoyable. Especially when you have to backtrack, it's satisfying to watch the result.

Pretty neat, it's nice to see all the 3D physics based games. I'm not sure if there was a purpose to the game? And your art budget seems to have ran out lol. Nice effort though!

I particularly enjoyed disabling objects in the debug menu.

Nice presentation and concept. With an objective or story this could be really interesting.

Awesome use of the theme! It's like a more strategic agario but quickly snowballs out of control. Nice to see your movement code accounts for delta time though lol

Many submissions in this jam utilized combining colors but I think this is the only one that showed the color combinations on screen, which was a huge help. It took me way too long to figure out that you could hold left click to move up constantly, I think a sort of jetpack particle would have helped convey that idea. Fun little flappy bird style game with a bit more thinking involved than flappy bird.

The ships feel a bit too floaty and I'm not sure I understood the screen in between rounds. I managed to get a fleet of a few ships which was nice because I already thought it was satisfying that you could mine multiple asteroids at the same time. I wish there was some goal to work towards but otherwise nice work!

Cool concept, but a bit too overwhelming to reason about. Moving randomly seems a viable enough strategy. I like the idea of combining two games!

This game suffers from an inverted difficulty curve, in that it gets easier as it goes on. I was able to unlock all 9 abilities and I think the bomb and snowball where the best over all. The lightning one had a really cool effect though. Nice work!

The combine should move faster. These sorts of puzzles are satisfying once you figure out the solution but it's made less so when you have to wait for the slow input. I love the combine model! I feel this game ended a too soon.

This is checking a lot of boxes for me. The levels were all really interesting and clever. Finding what seemed to be the perfect solution for a few of them was rewarding. Admittedly I did cheat on the last level once I realized that shapes aren't detected as overlapping if one is completely contained in another. Great work, great polish, great use of theme. Love this!

I immediately loved this concept. I want more of this. I think it should preview what the combination the two units creates. Being able to move the units around as part of the strategy really made this game feel complete to me. Really fun graphics and excellent submission all around!