Submissions open from 2022-08-19 20:00:00 to 2022-08-29 20:00:00
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Welcome to the second official Bevy Jam! In this 10 day event, your goal is to make a game in Bevy Engine, the free and open-source game engine built in Rust.

Game jams are a great way to dive in to game development, even if you have never built a game (or used Bevy)! They are also a great way to meet like minded people. Join the Bevy Discord to meet other people, discuss the jam, and form teams. Make sure you check out the "Bevy Jam" channels there!

The Bevy Jam is a competition with winners, but the goal is for everyone to have fun in a safe and collaborative space. This is about the journey, not the destination!

If you are new to Bevy, check out The Bevy Book and the various community made learning resources in Bevy Assets.

You can also check out the Bevy Jam #1 results.

⚪  Theme Voting

The theme is determined in two stages:

  1. Community members propose themes in the #jam-theme-voting channel of the Bevy Discord, which will open up a week before Bevy Jam starts. A maximum of two suggestions are allowed per community member, and one theme suggestion per message (to make voting possible). Use emoji reacts to vote. Only "thumbs up" votes will be counted.
  2. The day the jam starts, the theme will be randomly selected from the 3 highest voted suggestions. Organizers reserve the right to veto the random selection, but they will be transparent if this happens (and explain why the theme was vetoed).

⚪  Rules

  1. Only submissions built with Bevy Engine are allowed.
  2. Submissions must be made during the duration of the jam, explicitly for Bevy Jam. No submitting old work!
  3. You are allowed to reuse assets and code, provided what you build is novel. Check out Bevy Assets for plugins, libraries, example games, tutorials, and more! If you reuse assets or art please disclose what they are and where they came from. Note that "Originality" is a voting criteria. Reusing significant art or gameplay assets will affect that score. Please be honest here. We want to reward people for creating new works of art.
  4. Teaming up is allowed and encouraged! Reach out in the Bevy Discord if you are looking for a team.
  5. Racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination are not allowed. If you have questions about this, ask us on Discord.
  6. Submissions may be removed by the organizers for any reason. If you have questions about content, ask us on Discord.
  7. Submissions must follow the theme. We will be lenient here, but submissions that clearly don't relate at all might be removed by the organizers. Be prepared to explain how your submission fits the theme!

Additionally, we have some "soft rules". You are highly encouraged to follow them, but your submission won't be removed if you don't:

  1. Submission code should be open source (ideally under the dual MIT / Apache-2.0 license for maximum compatibility with the ecosystem).
  2. Submissions should be run-able on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This can be done by publishing native builds for each platform, by submitting a WASM/Web build, or both.

⚪  Voting

Voting on submissions will begin as soon as the jam ends and will run for two weeks. Anyone with an itch account can vote. Submissions will be rated on the following criteria:

  • Gameplay: Is the game fun, challenging, or interesting in some way? How complete is the experience?
  • Theme Interpretation: Does the game fit the theme? How much did you enjoy the game's interpretation of the theme?
  • Presentation: How are the graphics? How is the game's audio experience? How well do these elements meld together into a complete experience? 
  • Originality: How unique is the game? Did the author come up with new ideas? Did they create new art or use off-the-shelf assets?

The combined score of these criteria will be used to determine the winner.

3, 2, 1 ... lets JAM