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Thank you for your nice comment :)

Thank you so much! I hope to have an initial basic gameplay loop done soon.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Thank you very much for your feedback; those are all great suggestions! Thanks for playing our game :)

Thank you! That is high praise haha :D

What license is this under?

Thank you for your feedback! What confusion did you have with the weapon combos?


Thank you for your kind words!

Fun game! I really enjoyed the variety in enemy mechanics. I think you should texture the ground though, I got lost and couldn't find my way back to the cauldron.

Thank you for checking out our game!

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That is how it goes :) 144hz monitor here. I suggest taking a look at Bevys time delta to avoid differences in gameplay with different frame rates.

Very original haha. This was very fun and goofy and silly. I think you fit the theme VERY loosely. My combine kept rolling over and got stuck on its roof, but I applaud you for trying to do vehicle physics for a game jam that's crazy hard. Good job.

I think this is the most fun game of the jam I've played so far. I kept playing it over and over. I think you fit the theme well. I assume you used the boids algorithm? I'm excited to check out your source code and see how you did that in Rust + Bevy. My criticism: It got very frustrated trying to take over other flocks. It seems really random as to whether or not you're going to take over another flock or it's going to consume you. I couldn't find a consistent strategy, it really just felt like a 50/50 chance which got frustrating.

I love the idea, I think you fit the combine theme well. The pixel art is very good, and I also love the music. The name is also great, I assume it's a play on words with a Mole in chemistry. I love the simplicity of the 3d models for the molecules and different colors. Good job. Game over screen also gave me a good chuckle. Criticism: The tutorial text is impossible to read. The game did freeze on me once. I also think you should increase the maximum temperature, it's fun just adding molecules and seeing things go crazy. Some particle effects for combining would have also gone a long way.

I love the concept and seeing how you're affecting the harvester as you keep the satellite stable. The different perspectives seem like a good idea, but I only found the one facing earth to be helpful to gameplay. The others were just kinda cool to look at. I like being able to rotate and see the Earth. The game got very hard, though and it's easy to get into a death spin you can't recover from without restarting. Good game but I don't think you fit the theme.

Interesting little game, reminds me of an old flash game I used to play crossed with pokemon haha. I think you should explain combat and the numbers more, I struggeld to figure it out. Also slow down the combat animation a bit. I wasn't always sure how combining helped me in the game. I think you fit the theme very loosely.

Wow this is very original haha good job. This is like a flapp birds puzzle color game. It took me a second to figure it out but it's simple and fun. I think you fit the theme well.

Good job trying to make a tower defense for the jam that is hard. I am curious to know how you did the navigation.  I like the 3d assets it's a pretty game. Jumping between the two planes wasn't very fun, though and is just hard to keep track of. I also don't think you followed the Combine theme.

Fun little puzzle game combining different parts. I got stuck on the hoover level though and couldn't get back up the the door.

Interesting little combining game, I like the drag and drop.

Good game, I'm glad you posted the instructions and keybindings clearing. With that said, they keys were not very intuitive, I suggest adding mouse input and drag and drop to make it easier to play. Also don't end levels immediately, I want to see the beam go and hit my target once I've solved the puzzle instead. Good job, fun game with lasers!

Cute little 2d side-scrolling platformer; I love the mechanic with the bubble and that the player is a crustacean ;) I enjoyed playing it through. I am curious to check out your source code, I've been meaning to try out LDTK. I don't think you fit the Combine theme, though.

Is there a way to properly play this without using voice? I think it's cool that you included it but it shouldn't be mandatory.

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I like typing games, I think you did a good job gradually increasing the difficulty. I think you should have used real words instead of random chars to make it more fun, just typing random letters wasn't very fun and I don't think typing by itself fits the theme of Combining.

I love the voice and the idea, it's like playing portal, but the game is way too hard, I couldn't hit any pellets, they move way too fast and are way too small. Also, I am not sure how this fits the Combine theme.

Are you supposed to harvest inverted to the colors? I keep getting a message that says too many fields are harvested.

Can you please post instructions on what to do and what each button does? I am not sure how to play.

Can you please post instructions on what to do and what each button does? I am not sure how to play.

I struggled to understand what triggers blocks combining, I would drop blocks of the same color onto or next to other blocks, and they wouldn't combine when I thought they should. I think it would help to have a tutorial level.

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Thank you for your feedback and for playing our game!

Thank you! Feel free to checkout the project on GitHub Loot Goblin Game

Thanks for catching that, that was a mistake :x

Thank you!

I broke math :) happy

That was a lot of fun hahaha, the black cat fight was so suspenseful. I think you did a very good job with the different enemy types each having their own mechanics, very good.

Some things to polish: With the grey background it's easy to get lost and never find your way back to the cauldron. I thought I had to start over but got lucky and found it again.

I love the art dude, super beautiful game. Very original :)

Just a heads up guys, we found a game breaking bug on the level where the floor is made of platforms, the jump pad isn't working. Sorry :(

I can't beat the first level guys, not sure what to do, I tried putting the INV block on all the squares but it doesn't make the robot drive down.