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Interesting game, I could see it being used to teach kids how to type. However, like other commenters have said, you really need to use real words. Right now, it felt like Two-Factor-Authentication-Simulator. Type the code we have sent you via SMS. Haven't received anything? Send the SMS again. Better hurry, that car is about to plow into yours. ;)

I love this game, it's neat!

As a point of critique, the splitter's directionality is not obvious and even if you know about it, it's still a 50/50 trial and error type of thing.

Unlike most commenters, I actually love that you made the choice to support keyboard before mouse. More games should allow you to use the keyboard as much as possible, it is way better for preventing RSI / carpal tunnel health problems. You do probably need to refine the controls a bit more, though. Perhaps merging the movement and rotation of the cursor into just the WASD keys? A single keystroke will align you if you're not aligned, and move you if you are. I think that might be easier and more intuitive than involving Q and E.

The robot's voice is well done, loved it. The WASM build is essentially unplayable though, it actually gave me a headache. The entire world starts flashing if you move or look around.

Ouch, that always sucks, when the game fails to show off how good it is. I have experienced that myself, when I spent all the time on the game and didn't have time left to actually create some demo levels.

This game has the potential to be pretty cool! I love the twist on Tetris where you reject the shape you were given and manipulate it into something more useful; if only the real Tetris allowed you to do that. However, for this concept, you really needed operations more advanced than rotate and change direction. It sounds like you were working on a way to split the object into multiple parts, which would have made the game much more interesting.

It's also too bad there is only one level. As it was, 95% of gameplay was figuring out controls, and after that you solve it in 30 seconds.

Portrait mode?! What is this blasphemy? Could probably be a pretty addictive mobile game, but there needs to be some kind of penalty for getting it wrong, I think.

The art looks great and it's very fun watching the particles go around. It took me a while to figure out how to generate power, I had assumed it was by generating heat to drive a steam turbine, like in real life.

Hey, thanks for the review! 

I agree about the pacing; it is hard to get right without investing a lot of time (which we didn't have) into play-testing. 

You're entirely correct about this. A way to view equipped weapons and active potion effects is one of those features that we failed to include because of time constraints.

Thanks for your very thorough review! No worries about the wall of text, it's a good thing. :)

I agree with you that pressing space so often gets annoying, if I could change it I would indeed include some kind of auto-skip option.

Your suggestion to add a progress indicator is a good one. At one point in development we were going to include a gold-counter that ticks up when the hero loots rooms and enemies. The gold would basically serve as 'points'; a way to measure how well you did after each run. I think we removed the gold counter because of time constraints.

Right now the game is not endless, there is indeed progression and a genuine end to the game. If we were to make this into a full game, I think it would work well as a rogue-like, with endless procedurally generated rooms and levels.

Automatically moving items to/from the combine area is the kind of quality of life improvement that I personally value very highly, it is purely for lack of time that we didn't implement it. I would have probably made it work by shift-clicking the item or something.

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I love the different voices, especially the goblin's! The gameplay itself is quite fun, though it is sometimes very hard to guess the recipes. For the boss fight, it was not at all clear where to place the ingredients, the fact that the timer widget expands was not obvious.

A nice quality of life improvement would be if clicking again before the text has finished appearing instantly makes the rest of the line visible, instead of skipping to the next line of dialogue. As it was, I got impatient waiting for the slow text and started skipping all dialogue.

I don't understand this game. No idea how I got the elevator to work. I changed the switches afterwards, but the elevator kept working. Confused by the vending machine, which first complained I had no money, and couldn't be interacted with after I found some money.

You created a very nice ambiance, it was quite cool. A reticle would be a nice addition, it is currently hard to tell exactly where you are clicking, and impossible to tell what can be interacted with without running around smashing the left mouse button like an idiot.

Nothing exotic, Windows 10 with a x86_64 intel chip.

I love this game, it feels remarkably polished and bug-free for a jam game. Two points of critique though. 

1: At the falling box puzzle, the box kept toppling over, requiring a reset. It would be nice if it just always stayed upright.

2: After getting the water element, I initially thought the game was done, since I was at a dead end. I almost quit, until I saw a comment about a cloak. It felt a little strange to have to backtrack.

Restricting ability switches to checkpoints is probably a useful constraint for designing the puzzles though.

I love the concept! I also like the fact that you added the sounds on mouse-over, as illustration. I imagine someone who knows what they're doing might be able to do this by ear alone, which could be a fun challenge mode. However, I have to say that the actual combining of the balls is infuriating. They're always jumping away or absorbing an unwanted extra ball. This game could have done without the physics altogether, in my opinion.

I like it, but I'll have to deduct points for saying that 0.6666 == 0.41666 is close enough. xD

I love this idea, but I wish there was more meat to the game. I won after one season. :)

I use Firefox, but I also tested this on Chrome and got the exact same result.

Is this game buggy for anyone else? I only saw some brief flashes and nothing I did had any effect. Too bad, because it looked like a cool concept.

Pretty cool, but there was a huge spike in difficulty going from the first to the second level. It went from very easy to impossible.

There is nothing. And if there is something it is nowhere. I was able to play this game not even once.

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it. :)

I think it might be bugged for me, the 'colored beams' are all black, and so are the robots most of the time.

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Yes, I was able to look around, but not move. I just tried again, and it worked for about two seconds, until the screen went (and stayed) black. This Wasm thing kinda sucks, I guess.

Edit: Tried again and I was able to play this time. Very disappointed I couldn't smash the computer with the hammer. :D

Oh, I did see that warning. But I'm on Windows, and it wasn't just the first few seconds. But fortunately I don't actually suffer from seizures, so no worries on that front.

WASD is not working for me.

This is neat. I love the way the deer fall apart.

Really fun, but there are an improbably high number of octopi in the sea.

Oof, this is a bit of a seizure-inducer.