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Thank you for giving CCC a spin. What you're seeing is my last-ditch effort to put together something playable, due to team members quitting or being unable to contribute in critical moments. I might revisit it and try making the game loop more coherent, and impementing the actual other half of the game, which was furnishing the room with stuff gained from the card game.

Thank you for the encouraging words.

Managed to nuke myself, which i consider to be top-tier gameplay.

The color wheel makes the game, it's really quick to understand what you should be doing. Lacks sense of progression or slightly more complex mechanics to be involving enough.

Wow, this was surprisingly enjoyable. The controls were counter-intuitive enough to be a bit irritating (can drop things to the side, but can't pick up from the side).

You seem to have gotten on the bad side of the RNG ;). There definitely is a final fight. The loot tables are hand tailored, so exclusive vial drops are extremely rare cases. If you have the time, try playing again, I'm sure you'll get a proper playthrough!

Hey jammers,

I'm an experienced programmer generalist / game designer looking to join or form a team. I work in Unity.

Things I can do: build pretty much any gameplay system, plan and manage production, design a gameplay loop, design gameplay mechanics, keep scope creep at bay, invest time every day, record SFX, record electric guitar for your music.

Things I can't do: nice shaders (i can write very performant shaders if needed, but they won't be nice), work around the clock (day job), compose music.

If you're looking only for a designer, then I might be down for that, too.

I make games for a living. Also see my profile for some game jam results - most of them are not in Unity, but each jam resulted in a complete or near-complete game.

If this sounds good to you, hit me up on Discord: FestusVanGeck#9984

The idea was inspired partly by Dwarf Fortress' older uncle - ADOM :).

NIce visuals and atmosphere :). Could use a bit more sounds, like footsteps.

More a physics toy than a game, but it was fun for a moment. Lacks some sort of goal, like building up your vehicle to topple a structure at the and of level, for instance.

Sorry about the crosshair, we noticed it, but had gamebreaking bugs to fix right before release, and so it got left in. The lore reason for that is the aliens bending the barrel of your gun to gain an unfair advantage ;). 

Thanks for trying it out!

Oh, I can relate. We had to limit our game to an art showcase format, and we're still programming the features that we designed to be in it in the first place.

Great work. Bold dive into the 1-bit color palette, clever use of backface culling to hide some walls without much hassle. All the textures and sprites are really crispy and read well.

I was missing some more feedback - explosion/hit particle systems, aiming line, camera shake, monster calls, things like that.

Game could also use some ambient sounds for the dungeon, it feels dead when music isn't playing.

It's cool that you've managed to include a progression system with a simple economy in that small of a timeframe. Well done!

This is so fun! And large! Different characters, locations, minigames, puzzles... really cool. And music is spot on, well done!

Thanks for checking the game out! We're commited to finishing the project. Updates will follow :).

Solid piece of work. The graphics follow a coherent theme, and there's a decent amount of good looking animation for such a short project.

There's room for improvement when it comes to movement physics, they didn't feel "right" for me and it was sometimes hard to predict where the character would end up.

Also it was hard to get a proper walljump off, it wasn't clear to me when my character will bounce off a wall, and when will she stay on it.

Another minor thing is a how harsh and unbalanced the SFX were. Unity's audio mixer could help out a bit with levels and basic EQing, I'd wager.

Good effort, overall. Kudos for making a complete game!

Pretty cool proof of concept! I found it enjoyable. The small, hex-based playing field kinda asks for some buff/debuff combinations between built structures. Maybe an idea for further development?

Short and sweet game, the design is coherent and all the elements of the game mesh very well. Looks like the team knew what they wanted to achieve and went straight for it.

Interesting choice with not interpolating main character's animation frames.

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The web version gives an error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: unityFramework is not defined at HTMLScriptElement.r.onload (dashterity_webgl.loader.js:1)

The desktop version works, though. Character controller is well programmed, movement feels responsive and predictable. My only gripe is that the game ignores dash input from both mouse and keyboard (didn't try controller). Most of the time I had to just spam the key to get the dash going, which often resulted in a double or mistimed dash. 

I didn't make it far because of the dash thing, but level layouts seemed to fit all the mechanics very well.

Congrats on making a working game!

Thank you for checking the game out, Niven! The "less action" part is probably tied to the fact that there's no gameplay implemented in the current build ;). We're estimating it'll take up to 3 weeks to program all the mechanics in - the build you played was just a showcase of art, sound and music (and the systems that manage them).

I now realize I should've probably displayed a note on the title screen. Sorry about any confusion! Do come back in some time when we finish implementing the gameplay.

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The shader compliments the simple geometry really well, and boosts the atmosphere, for sure! 

I whished there was a way to review the last message, because I often ran past a trigger and the message strip just blinked with no way to get it back.

Kudos for making a complete experience!

I have to side with Robb here. While I understand the intent behind not making the path clear, there's no visual cues to help with memorization, since every path looks the same. Had to write down the path sequence on a piece of paper.

Kudos for making a complete game!

That's it - all we managed to make in time is an art & sound showcase. We'll be working on actual gameplay in the next few weeks. Thanks for checking the game out :).

Thank you for checking our work out, Andaroo. We should be done in 3 weeks or so. Will post a devlog when that happens. Cheers!