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Frequently Asked Questions Sticky

A topic by YellowAfterlife created 223 days ago Views: 5,996 Replies: 42
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Developer (Edited 9 times)

This is an arrangement of questions about the mod that are asked most often.

Mac/Linux support

Potentially, there are going to be OSX and Linux native versions of the mod sometime.

It is not clear, however, when exactly that will be, as there are various technical challenges associated with this.

The primary challenge is figuring out the file format specifics per platform - since for legal reasons the mod may not distribute complete game files, it has to reassemble the needed files from the existing files, and the location and format of those differs for each platform. Given that this is what I've spent the most time while making this mod, going through the process two more times could be unacceptably costly in terms of time.

Other problem is cross-platform multiplayer - if you've seen, Nuclear Throne is currently not exactly good at working identically on each platform - on dailies and weeklies the level generation works completely differently, and that is a big problem for a mod that relies on game working predictably on each computer.
While it might be possible to debug and rewrite substantial chunks of the game to make it work predictably between platforms, the amount of time required makes this an unrealistic goal for a mod.

Mac support in particular also requires to own a Mac to actually be able to properly compile\debug anything for the platform.

Overall, for time being, it might be a better idea to use WINE. While simulation is going to be slower than running the game natively, that does ensure that it works the same (since it runs the routines of the original executable).

4-player support

Nuclear Throne was not made with 4-player support in mind. Or, rather, that apparently was being considered at some point, but ultimately the game was hardcoded for two-player support. So all UI only supports two players, most logic can only deal with two players, and overall this requires an uncomfortably large amount of testing and tweaking.

While I might get to this eventually, you should understand that it's a lot of work to ask for.

PvP mode

Undoubtedly, a PvP\versus mode would be cool. Unfortunately, it would be also quite a mess to do right.

Aside of technical obstacles (projectile owners are assumed by type alone; many projectiles don't hit players), there's balancing, which would be quite a trainwreck - since NT was not made with PvP in mind, there are weapons that hit for several times more health than players have, and weapons that have over-the-top area of effect, and weapons that completely counteract other weapons, and abilities that were not made with PvP in mind.

Overall, this is a lot of trouble for something that would be fun with some very select sets of characters and weapons.


NTT uses a separate save file from regular Nuclear Throne;

Due to technical complications, online mode will assume everything to be unlocked by default;

If you wish to unlock everything gradually with someone, use /loadgame to load the savefile, and /savegame to save it back (if needed).

Character-specific ultra mutations

These are available in v9838+ and have to be enabled explicitly via /ultras command. See the included document for more information.

Startup errors

It can occur that the mod will display a Steam API error upon launching it despite meeting all required conditions. This is most often related to Steam bugging out (also causes bugged daily/weekly in the base game), and is resolved by simply restarting Steam.

Mod working slowly

You may randomly encounter a situation where the mod would run at about half of the original framerate. This is caused by Steam API getting stuck on something (and writing a constant stream of errors who-knows-where) and is fixed by restarting Steam.

Connection timeouts

If you are getting a connection timeout error every time, it is usually due to either of players having misplaced the Steamworks.gml file from a different version of the mod - for example, v9832 will not work with v9830 DLL, and vice-versa.

This is solved by replacing the file with one from your desired version of the mod (and verifying that the other player doens't have mismatching files either).

In-game timeouts

Currently, if a player times out (disconnects) after a session has been started, you cannot reconnect automatically.

A workaround is to use the /timeout command to increase the connection timeout so that the player would not be automatically kicked out of the game if there's no response of them for 30 seconds.

"NTT-Assemble is a virus"

It can occur that certain versions of certain antivirus programs can consider NTT-Assemble (mod's patcher program) to be a virus. This is a false positive, supposedly caused due to suspicion arising from the fact that program copies parts of game' executable to assemble a new one. In case that happens for you, there's a bunch of ways you can resolve this:

  • Try updating the "virus definitions" in the antivirus program.
  • "Whitelist" the file in the antivirus program so that it lets you run it.
    NTT-Assemble can be removed once it assembles the new NuclearThrone executable - the mod does not need it to function.
  • Have someone send you the resulting NuclearThrone executable (~110MB).
    The modified game executable is never considered as a virus.
  • Compile NTT-Assemble by yourself from the source code to be sure (requires Visual Studio).

Mod runs at double speed

Move "options.ini" file away from the folder. If the problem persists (or the game is displaying graphics problems), move the file back, but change AlternateSyncMethod in it to 1 or VertexBufferMethod to 2. A few users reported not being able to run the game full-screen while it works perfectly fine windowed,

If your subject of interest is not covered here, feel free to ask it here or make a separate discussion for it.

Would it be possible to make frog a more viable character in the mod? His active and ultras kill your partner and I know gas is a hazard but do you have any plans to change this so he can be playable with a friend?


In 9838+, when Frog reaches level ultra, coop partner is granted full toxic immunity. Can consider that a reward for the associated risks on the way.

(Edited 1 time)

I've heard that ultra mutations are planned to be added to the game, how will you make it work if it's true? Will each player need to be the same mutant, or will they be able to pick from the full list of possible ultras? Or will each player get an ultra of their own?


They are already present in 9838, see /ultras in the documentation.

Me and who I'm trying to play with both wiped our Nuclear Throne files, and reinstalled the mod. The connection timeout error is still happening. What can we do?


DLL mismatch is the only known issue that causes persistent connection problems.

You could both try connecting to someone else to troubleshoot source of problem better.

Future versions of the mod will be doing a better job at ensuring that the DLL file is the right version and informing about the fact if it isn't.

Hello, I installed your mod and now I canΒ΄t play the weekly anymore... any ides why?



Dailies/weeklies cannot be played with the mod. For that you would need to use the base game (nuclearthrone-original).

Hi, thanks so much for the hard work you put into this mod. I was wondering if there was a way to clear all unlocks so my friend and I could unlock everything together. I read the unlocks faq but I still wasn't sure if it was possible. Thanks so much!


9843 introduces /loadgame, which permits to load the chosen file for both players. You'll also need to /savegame it to keep progress between sessions.

Thanks so much you rock! Is there a way I can make a donation?


When clicking "Download" on the itch.io page, there's a small popup box which asks whether you'd like to donate or just download the thing.

on the instructions,#2 says to extract the NTT archive into the Nuclear throne directory, how do i do that?


Right-click game on Steam, pick properties - pick "local files", click "browse local files". Copy the downloaded file into the directory opened, and extract it into it.

I deleted the data by mistake. how can I restore it?

I tried using the /loadgame command to load my save file (because I'd like to unlock the game in single player with this mod). However, nothing happens. I tried /loadgame nuclearthrone.sav, /loadgamenuclearthrone.sav, and /loadgame nuclearthrone. I know some of the commands work, like /color (I changed mine to red). However, this is not the case for /loadgame. How do I use this command in single-player?

How do you unlock the y.v c-skin? i can't find any information about it.


If I remember correctly, it unlocks together with B-skin. I am yet to properly implement unlock conditions for C-skins, strictly speaking.

Would it be feasible to add a larger variety of ping settings? I play with friends and we sit at a ping that jumps between 65 and 75 so our only real option is to have a responsive but stuttering game, or to have a slow and unresponsive but smooth game. Even if there was just some way I could edit it myself would be a major bonus to me and the buddies I play with.


Ping setting is limited to how long a game frame takes to process, because timing is frame-based in GameMaker.

Nuclear Throne runs at 30FPS (and this cannot be easily changed) so you get 1000/30 = 33.3ms steps.

Ah, and being that the game is more are less hard locked to that frame rate it's not an easy thing to change. Alright. Thanks for the reply none the less

Hey, I play this with the gamepad and whenever I start the game it sets auto aim to 100%. Everytime I turn it off it just turns itself back on right after I leave the options menu (so it is impossible for me to play without autoaim). Is there a way to stop this.


That could be an issue with the code that resets some variables on session start (entering the character select menu from main menu). I assume that changing it from in-game options menu should have it stick correctly.

No matter what, every time I start a run it resets it back to 100% And the pause menu has the settings button grayed out so I cant do it from ingame.


Options menu is locked only if you are in online multiplayer or have replay recording enabled (since it does not work correctly in both cases). I'll be looking into fixing that for next update.

Oh okay, thanks

I tried to play local with a friend of mine, one using mouse and keyboard and the other with a steam controller configured to xbox controls. For some reason the controller kept on going as player one.


As with regular game, you'll need to disable controller in options first, or the game will assume that you are going to play with two controllers (not known why it works that way).

the controller keeps being overridden to mouse and keyboard I believe since i later used a ps3 controller perfectly fine for coop. Even changing NT's steam controller options did not work.

Do you think it'd be possible to make a skirmish like thing while waiting for a player to connect? Because wait times can get a bit excessive...


It was originally planned to let the player wander/mess around in a tutorial/campfire scene like area while they wait, but I've soon discovered that the game breaks a lot on "soft restarting", so that was put off.

You can safely minimize the game though - when someone joins, the game will make a sound, and the window title will be switching between normal and "(Player joined!)" every second or so until you switch to it.

How do i uninstall the mod???


Remove the mod-created nuclearthrone executable, rename nuclearthrone-original to be nuclearthrone.

when the update 9853 plis tell me i waited a lot of time tell me the date of upload

i wait your answer


Once all new features are finished and all bugs are fixed. Hopefully next month.
I was planning to release the update late December, but life was busier than expected.

Scripting support itself is a task of insane complexity and takes time to refine.
You don't commonly see such a thing even in large commercial games made with similar tools, let alone in a freeware mod.

(Edited 3 times)

ok i wait for the update and i waited a lot time when see the first video about the version where can add modifications to the game for play me and me brother in the same computer

and thats true

can be uploaded this week

(Edited 2 times)

I was surprised that this isn't a frequently asked question: Golden weapons don't save in the files? They work fine as long as I keep the game open but as soon as I exit and come back (using /savegame right before quitting) they're gone. Is this just me or a known issue?


Should be fixed by the next public version - people kept asking to make the mod save progress, so I did, but there was not nearly enough time to work on the feature, so it would end up being very rough around the edges (that is, in pretty much every area that is affected by multiplayer/chat command changes).

Ah, I see. Looking forward to it, thanks!



Riot NOW

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Be patient and keep in mind that none of this was considered possible before I have proven otherwise.