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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife

Frequently Asked Questions Sticky

A topic by YellowAfterlife created Jul 12, 2016 Views: 42,595 Replies: 178
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Developer (12 edits)

For the sake of everyone's sanity, FAQ has been rewritten in a compact foldable format and is now available online.

If your subject of curiosity is not covered in it, feel free to ask it here or make a separate discussion for it.

Would it be possible to make frog a more viable character in the mod? His active and ultras kill your partner and I know gas is a hazard but do you have any plans to change this so he can be playable with a friend?


In 9838+, when Frog reaches level ultra, coop partner is granted full toxic immunity. Can consider that a reward for the associated risks on the way.

(1 edit)

I've heard that ultra mutations are planned to be added to the game, how will you make it work if it's true? Will each player need to be the same mutant, or will they be able to pick from the full list of possible ultras? Or will each player get an ultra of their own?


They are already present in 9838, see /ultras in the documentation.

Me and who I'm trying to play with both wiped our Nuclear Throne files, and reinstalled the mod. The connection timeout error is still happening. What can we do?


DLL mismatch is the only known issue that causes persistent connection problems.

You could both try connecting to someone else to troubleshoot source of problem better.

Future versions of the mod will be doing a better job at ensuring that the DLL file is the right version and informing about the fact if it isn't.

Hello, I installed your mod and now I can´t play the weekly anymore... any ides why?



Dailies/weeklies cannot be played with the mod. For that you would need to use the base game (nuclearthrone-original).

Hi, thanks so much for the hard work you put into this mod. I was wondering if there was a way to clear all unlocks so my friend and I could unlock everything together. I read the unlocks faq but I still wasn't sure if it was possible. Thanks so much!


9843 introduces /loadgame, which permits to load the chosen file for both players. You'll also need to /savegame it to keep progress between sessions.

Thanks so much you rock! Is there a way I can make a donation?


When clicking "Download" on the page, there's a small popup box which asks whether you'd like to donate or just download the thing.

on the instructions,#2 says to extract the NTT archive into the Nuclear throne directory, how do i do that?


Right-click game on Steam, pick properties - pick "local files", click "browse local files". Copy the downloaded file into the directory opened, and extract it into it.

Hi. I instaled the mod and tried to do what you described and i couldn't find the task "local fils". I have Windows 10. Could this be the problem? I asked a friend with Windows 8 and it worked at her PC. 

I deleted the data by mistake. how can I restore it?


Recycle bin!!

I tried using the /loadgame command to load my save file (because I'd like to unlock the game in single player with this mod). However, nothing happens. I tried /loadgame nuclearthrone.sav, /loadgamenuclearthrone.sav, and /loadgame nuclearthrone. I know some of the commands work, like /color (I changed mine to red). However, this is not the case for /loadgame. How do I use this command in single-player?

How do you unlock the y.v c-skin? i can't find any information about it.


If I remember correctly, it unlocks together with B-skin. I am yet to properly implement unlock conditions for C-skins, strictly speaking.

Would it be feasible to add a larger variety of ping settings? I play with friends and we sit at a ping that jumps between 65 and 75 so our only real option is to have a responsive but stuttering game, or to have a slow and unresponsive but smooth game. Even if there was just some way I could edit it myself would be a major bonus to me and the buddies I play with.


Ping setting is limited to how long a game frame takes to process, because timing is frame-based in GameMaker.

Nuclear Throne runs at 30FPS (and this cannot be easily changed) so you get 1000/30 = 33.3ms steps.

Ah, and being that the game is more are less hard locked to that frame rate it's not an easy thing to change. Alright. Thanks for the reply none the less

Hey, I play this with the gamepad and whenever I start the game it sets auto aim to 100%. Everytime I turn it off it just turns itself back on right after I leave the options menu (so it is impossible for me to play without autoaim). Is there a way to stop this.


That could be an issue with the code that resets some variables on session start (entering the character select menu from main menu). I assume that changing it from in-game options menu should have it stick correctly.

No matter what, every time I start a run it resets it back to 100% And the pause menu has the settings button grayed out so I cant do it from ingame.


Options menu is locked only if you are in online multiplayer or have replay recording enabled (since it does not work correctly in both cases). I'll be looking into fixing that for next update.

Oh okay, thanks

I tried to play local with a friend of mine, one using mouse and keyboard and the other with a steam controller configured to xbox controls. For some reason the controller kept on going as player one.


As with regular game, you'll need to disable controller in options first, or the game will assume that you are going to play with two controllers (not known why it works that way).

the controller keeps being overridden to mouse and keyboard I believe since i later used a ps3 controller perfectly fine for coop. Even changing NT's steam controller options did not work.

Do you think it'd be possible to make a skirmish like thing while waiting for a player to connect? Because wait times can get a bit excessive...


It was originally planned to let the player wander/mess around in a tutorial/campfire scene like area while they wait, but I've soon discovered that the game breaks a lot on "soft restarting", so that was put off.

You can safely minimize the game though - when someone joins, the game will make a sound, and the window title will be switching between normal and "(Player joined!)" every second or so until you switch to it.

How do i uninstall the mod???


Remove the mod-created nuclearthrone executable, rename nuclearthrone-original to be nuclearthrone.

when the update 9853 plis tell me i waited a lot of time tell me the date of upload

i wait your answer


Once all new features are finished and all bugs are fixed. Hopefully next month.
I was planning to release the update late December, but life was busier than expected.

Scripting support itself is a task of insane complexity and takes time to refine.
You don't commonly see such a thing even in large commercial games made with similar tools, let alone in a freeware mod.

(3 edits)

ok i wait for the update and i waited a lot time when see the first video about the version where can add modifications to the game for play me and me brother in the same computer

and thats true

can be uploaded this week

(2 edits)

I was surprised that this isn't a frequently asked question: Golden weapons don't save in the files? They work fine as long as I keep the game open but as soon as I exit and come back (using /savegame right before quitting) they're gone. Is this just me or a known issue?


Should be fixed by the next public version - people kept asking to make the mod save progress, so I did, but there was not nearly enough time to work on the feature, so it would end up being very rough around the edges (that is, in pretty much every area that is affected by multiplayer/chat command changes).

Ah, I see. Looking forward to it, thanks!



Riot NOW

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Be patient and keep in mind that none of this was considered possible before I have proven otherwise.

Hello, I wanted to know if there was a way to change the sprites for an already existing mod. As an example let's say you wanted to change the Dasher mod in the List of NTT Mods. Is it possible to change the sprites for the character and stuff like that when you have the dasher.race.gml. Sorry if you don't understand, I don't know how to explain it well.


Mod' sprites are either found next to the mods, or embedded in the .gml files themselves (open with a text editor) in base64 format (you can find converters online). So yes, you can edit sprites in existing mods.

Deleted 11 days ago
from what I read it's not easy to modify code it has compiled.

That is correct, I have mentioned this in the initial blog post. While replacing entire chunks of game logic is a little better than trying to accurately decipher anything, I wouldn't suggest to try doing this. Can only assume that people will make somewhat-user-friendly tools for modding GM games at some point in future.

a rare bug when i play with my brother and i put the command /cwep2 XWEP and the game CRASH


Without seeing the error message, it is hard to say anything about what could cause that.

here is




action number 1

of Step Event1

for object NetPlay:

ds_list_find_value argument 2 incorrect type (unknown) expecting a Number (YYGI32)



called from - gml_Script_dp_player_get_uid (line 2)

called from - gml_Script_dp_player_find_next (line 3)

called from - gml_Script_chat_cmd_wep (line 6)

called from - gml_Script_chat_cmd (line 52)

called from - gml_Script_dp_handle_flow_frame (line 6)

called from - gml_Script_dp_flow_hx32 (line 51)

called from - gml_Script_dp_flow_hx38 (line 17)

called from - gml_Script_dp_flow_hx39 (line 1)

called from - gml_Script_dp_event_update (line 5)

called from - gml_Object_NetPlay_Step_1 (line 28)


Thanks! That'll be fixed in the next version (9882)

Is there any particular procedure I need to follow when updating to ensure my save files remain intact?


Save files should remain intact by default - they are stored in game's save directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone) rather than in installation directory.

Good to know. Thanks.

So, when I downloaded the new updated version, my game just randomly went 2 times faster than normal. Any idea what caused this?


You are literally asking this on the topic that has an answer to this as the last FAQ question.

(+1) bad, I'm fucking blind

I'm sorry I ask a lot of questions, but I wanted to ask regarding the lag for the game- before I installed nuclear throne together it did not stutter at all, but it appears that with the mod singleplayer stutters a lot which I don't understand since the original game ran at full speed. Is there any way I can fix this?


See "Mod working slowly" on this same topic where you are asking.

I think the reason I'm asking is because I tried that stuff and it didn't even out the play. : (


A better clarification of what "even out the play" means might be needed.

Also see here - depending on your setup, you may instead need to edit the options.ini to change vsync method and vertex buffer compatibility.

(1 edit)

Is there any kind of actual documentation for NTT modding? All I seem to be possible to use is other mods, but I can't get to know all the variables, functions, etc there are, can I? And how those were written then?


Is it possible to mass-load all of the files in the mods folder at once?


You can group the loading commands into one file and use /loadtext to load it.

Nice. I kinda figured out a solution right after I asked the question, but this solution will work even better than the one I had. Thanks for the help.

(1 edit)

Can you make a video explaining this? I have your ultra mod and brucepack in my mods folder. Not sure how to group the commands. For bruce mod I need to do /loadtext brucepack , and for your mod I do /load ntu. So how would I group these?

Similar to the FAQ, My game has no unlocks, but I want to mess around with everything unlocked. Is there a way for me to get all of the unlocks?


You can look up a tutorial on NT' save file editing - it's the same for NTT. The only case when NTT auto-unlocks everything is in online multiplayer sessions.

(1 edit)

Hi! I'm kinda confused with how to install.

I was especially interested in installing defpack, so I downloaded it and made a mod folder but nothing works, also because I don't know how to get the command line inside NT(?) Because the mods have to be loaded?

Can you explain me how to install+/load? Or send me to somewhere where it's explained?


On wiki. "Loading mods" is linked from the main page.

Ah, I missed the first step, didn't even install NTT! haha. Figured out a lot more now, just have to fiddle with the install. Thanks!

I recently got the mod and I wanted to know if you can have the progress from nuclear throne carried over to nuclear throne together .


Have you inspected the "unlocks" section of this very same topic that you have posted your message in?

thanks : ) i must have missed it when i looked through sorry

Where can v9887 be downloaded at?


That is one of the work-in-progress versions that is not publicly available yet. Be patient.

A am really using the pirate version of this cool thing. Yes, I am a true progammist. So, there popped up a queston, after 50hrs of playing. Here goes the queston: can I play this with my friends(not really care that tey're steam or not), without using Steam(licensed) version of this?

If I cant, then answep me and forget this message, nvm


Since networking is done entirely through Steam API, to play without Steam you would need something to emulate a substantial chunk of Steam client, including networking functions. I assume that such things exist, but you'll have to look around by yourself.

Alternatively, as a "true programmist", see if you can get Faucet Networking to compile on Mac/Linux or otherwise produce an open-source native extension for GameMaker for synchronous/blocking UDP networking functions on Windows/Mac/Linux. My Steam API networking extension can be used as reference for how game<->extension communication should be handled in current versions of GM. If such thing was to exist, I could add a "connect by IP" feature in future.

Have fun.

Yeah, thanks, YAL. Thanks for help.

Hi there! I love this mod a lot and it's got a ton of cool stuff in it. However I'm having trouble loading mods. I downloaded the "defpack" mod into my mods folder in my nuclear throne folder, but when I type "/loadmod defpack" it says "Could not find file 'defpack'". I then tried to load a single weapon from the pack in using the /loadwep command, that it couldn't find that file either... What am I missing or doing wrong?



Defpack has a "read me!" text file included the download, which says that you should extract the directory into mods folder and then do "/loadtext defpack 1.5". Try doing that, perhaps?

So. YAL, I will need to connect you often in the future. Is there any way I can connect not through Discord? Something like VK or FB? I just gone modding through API and will need a checkout of my mods, like, minor fixes, telling about bugs. Ok?


VK ID is YellowAfterlife
Discord is YellowAfterlife#3735
I don't use FB.

Thanks a Lot!

Is there a way to play with a friend on the together mod and play the ultra mod together or is that not possible?

its not possible sorry


Ultra mod is based on update 19 so that's about 1.5 years of differences in underlying game structure.

It is possible to make mods to selectively mimic most of the interesting parts (characters, weapons?) of it though.

I'd think that at least someone of people asking about this would have enough programming experience to get on that.

Is there a way to disable the list of mods when you are loading levels or pause the game? Bits of Ultra Mod is flooding the side of my screen:


Yes - just click on "[Modded]", and it'll collapse the mod list.  Click again to expand. Only works when it is usually shown (pause/loading/gameover).

Other trivia:

  • Green icons near the mod names can be clicked to unload them or Control+clicked to reload them.
  • Mod list can be scrolled via mouse wheel when mouse is over the green icon area.

Easy as that huh? Haha. Thank you very much for the quick reply. 

Is there a way to automatically load the mods when I open the game?  Also, would my friend need to load the mods when they join my game, or would they be loaded automatically?


If you make a .txt file called "startup" in "mods" directory, any commands from it will be automatically executed as soon as you boot into a local game (same as if you did /loadtext startup).

In online session, only the person loading the mod needs to have it - any required files will be transmitted over the network.

(1 edit)

thanks, it worked

In multiplayer, when my friend joins the mods are not automatically loaded like in single player from the startup text file. I put /sideload in the text file also, but the mods are not being loaded.


In multiplayer both players will need to /sideload first (which is why files are not auto-executed), and then you can /loadtext startup

Ok cool. We were in the 4th level, and the fire trap was causing a framerate drop for both of us, not sure why. Game runs fine otherwise so far.

my native cursor is invisible for some reason too.


Clicking the option another time sets native cursor to work with a size limit, which workarounds an issue on some systems where cursors larger than 64px turn invisible (although the Windows permits cursors up to 256x256 by the format).

I managed to download and apply Blaac's skinpack, but the game won't let me use any of the C or D skins. I can see all the skins, but I can't use my gamepad to select the skin. Even in vanilla NuclearThroneTogether, the game won't let me select the C skin for either Y.V. or Robot (even though I've unlocked the B skins for both). Is there any easy fix for this that I'm overlooking? thanks.


There is currently an issue where gamepads cannot be used to select mod-made skins in loadout.

This will be fixed in the next release, but till then you can use "/gamepad" command to switch to mouse for a moment ("/gamepad 0") and then back ("/gamepad 1") after selecting the skin.

Thanks for the quick response. It worked like a charm.

Is it possible to use the various additional mods, such as the bits of the Ultra mod, online? I've tried it with my friend countless times, but It won't work. I can load it in a lobby by my self, but then he can't join. If he joins first, then we get the error "Sideloading is not enabled".


You both need to enable mod loading via "/sideloading" in chat before you can load mods in online games.

Wow, I'm not sure how we didn't try that. Thanks!

(1 edit)

I just started having stuttering and freezing in my online games, is it because I have too many mods? It started happening right out of the blue, one day it was fine, the next it was freezing. It started happening before I installed the pgw mods, so I dont think it was those. In my startup.txt:

/load ntu
/loadtext brucepack
/loadtxt skins
/loadtext someweaponpack
/loadmod shareammo
/loadtext pgw
/loadtext pgw/bl2
/loadtext pgw/idpd
/loadtext pgw/wlp


Try restarting Steam (and have the other player do the same to be sure). If that has no effect, take a look at the latency graph (hold Tab) - maybe the connection towards the second player is having problems.

(1 edit)

Yeah I think its the connection. With no mods, I pressed tab and when it was laggy, the bar was red and spiking to the top. We are on the same internet because we are right next to eachother. In other games my internet is fine so I dont know what to do :P


If you are on the same LAN, you can disable Steam connectivity on the coop menu and connect by IP directly. That would solve any possible issues arising from Steam side of things.

I have never done LAN connection. I tried joining through the ipv4 adress but it didnt work. I dont know if I need to change the UDP either. Am I supposed to be joining through the ipv4 adress?


You'd need to use local (192.168.*.*) IP shown when doing Win+R, "cmd", Enter, "ipconfig", Enter.

I think I fixed the stuttering. I added nucelarthrone.exe to my exclusions for my antivirus(malwarebytes). Just played and no lag, green bars when pressing tab now :)

Hi, I recently installed this mod and I wanted to say it's great! However, I'm getting issues when I want to add more skins for characters (Blaac's skin pack, it was on the front page of the mod), and the console is saying that it either couldn't find the file, or that it loaded the file, however there are not any visible changes, nor is there an option to select the loaded skin in the menu. I've tried almost every applicable command I could find, using commands like loadmod (path).gml, loadmod mods/(file).gml <--(this is the one which the console said it loaded, but there were no changes.) and loadtxt mods/main.txt. Can someone please help me on how to properly load these mods? Any help is much appreciated


Have you checked Loading mods tutorial? If it's a directory (like with blaac's skin pack), you would do "/load skins", for example. /loadmod is used if there's a single .gml file.

yeah, I've tried that guide multiple times with multiple commands and it doesn't seem to work. Will edit if it manages to work

Hey, i was wondering why character mods crash my game, but manily the popofreak mod. Heres the crash report.

action number 1
of  Step Event1
for object MiscCont:

array_get :: Index [17,14] out of range [18,14]
called from - gml_Script_dp_state_hx17 (line 2)
called from - gml_Script_dp_player_hx19 (line 29)
called from - gml_Script_dp_flow_hx22 (line 10)
called from - gml_Script_dp_flow_hx27 (line 17)
called from - gml_Script_dp_flow_hx28 (line 1)
called from - gml_Script_dp_event_update (line 5)
called from - gml_Object_MiscCont_Step_1 (line 41)


One other person had this problem but I'm unable to reproduce it no matter what.


If Yellow hasn't passed word yet about the crash, apparently it is because mod characters have the "random" crown selected, so simply change your crown to none or a crown that exists and you should be good.

(2 edits)

Incredible mod, thank you!  I was having trouble and spent over 5 hours on the same error trying to set up a swep. (making my custom weapon the starting weapon)  I can't figure out how to give the custom weapon I made an ID, so I keep getting the error where you load into the game holding a red and black box saying error and the chat says it can't recognize the ID of my weapon.


For custom weapons, the ID is a string with weapon file name, so "some_wep.wep.gml" -> "some_wep". Also see if the problem occurs in the beta version if you aren't on that yet, I think there was some issue in 9921.

Still says GML Mod can't find the file, I'm in 9921 so I'm assuming that I'll have to go a couple updates back?


Forward, not backward. Beta builds are on Discord (see link in itch description) and the current beta is 9935

Hace poco me entere de esta comunidad, amo Nuclear Throne, y saber de que existe la posibilidad de crear nuestros propios personajes para el juego mediante el mod Nuclear Throne Together me hizo muy feliz, hace poco empeze a trabajar en uno, sin embargo tengo algunos problemas con el codigo, aun no eh descubierto como cambiar la vida de mi personaje. Tengo pensado que tenga 4 HP y , como pasiva, que al morir explote, igual que los "campers" de la zona 3-1. Alguien podria mostrarme el codigo? No hablo ingles, perdonen. Muchas Gracias

Como puedo cambiar el HP de mi personaje? Y como puedo hacer que al morir explote? Quiero hacer un personaje como el "camper" de la zona 3-1. 


To change max hp, add

maxhealth = 4;

to "create" script. (variables)

To explode on death, add

if (fork()) {
    var _x = x, _y = y;
    wait 1;
    if (!instance_exists(self)) { // we're dead!
        instance_create(_x, _y, Explosion);

to "step" script. (fork)

Thanks, now my character is complete. I'm working on a laser weapon for my character. A heavy, heavy laser rifle in the sense that it shoots very slow but it hurts a lot. Could you show me what the code would look like when firing?

Are there any plans / how hard would it be to add in being able to choose "Redemption" when playing as double Skeleton? My friend and I were absolutely devastated after we took the time and effort to get to Level Ultra and loop with two Skeletons before being met with the fact that you can't change into Melting together. We knew from previous runs that if only one player is Skeleton then you can't select Ultra A (for obvious reasons), but after dying a LOT of times, two of which were DURING the Throne fight, it was really a heartbreak to see that that hadn't be added. Is there an option to add it in, or a way to easily add it in? I'm not an expert in code, but it doesn't seem like it would be too challenging. Other than that, your mod is absolutely wonderful, and I'm sorry to bother you with such a specific request. 

I can't seem to connect to a game. When ever I invite a friend it works just fine, any one know why? I've done every thing the installation said to do and downloaded the most recent version and can't seem to connect to a game. I also can't get any one to join a lobby my wifi isn't the problem either it works just fine.


Kind of hard to guess from that, but try restarting Steam or attempting to connect again after 15-20 seconds - if Steam takes too long to establish the connection to someone, you'll get a connection timeout, but subsequent attempts should take less time.

Deleted 2 years ago

If you mean whether you can apply the mod without owning the game, that's a no - it's missing >90% of game assets.

If you mean whether you can apply the mod to a copy from Twitch store or whatever, probably yes, but you'll need to throw in any steam_api.dll in there so that it can happily fail to load and let you run the mod executable.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hello i have a problem with the desync, i have this bug at the same stage (the stage is 3-1) i can show you the files of desync but i don't know how to give you the copy, if you have an e-mail or something to receive the files, tell me (Sorry for my bad english, im not english)


Hello, you can find my email on about page. One other person reported a similar error, but I've yet to find time to make the mod log relevant debug information to make desync files useful for figuring out the actual cause

The problem is resolved. Thanks for your answe

I'm having serious issues with the 99 update version of NTT, the most noticeable one is the fact that it doesnt generate an executable, I've used the same version on a linux ubuntu (and it worked!) and i'm trying again on a windows 10. Could you help me with that? 


Perhaps NTT-Assemble is telling you why it's failing to generate an executable.

If it's something about assets, you probably have a broken lying around and need to get rid of it

i have a question when i open up v9940 of ntt-assemble it says 

Hello! What would you like to do?
1: Install Nuclear Throne Together
2: Extract (for messing with)
3: Replace (after messing with)
4: Toggle Steam
5: Toggle offline mode
0: Exit

can you explain 


Press 1. If it says that it can't find any assets in, remove that file from game directory, run again, and press 1 again.

thank you so much 

i know it's probably pretty dumb and i just don't under stand what it means

because i cant extract

Hello! I am trying to install this wondrous mod, but whenever I try and install, it says, "Can't patch - audio doesn't fit. A newer NTT build or an older game build may be needed." however I am running the final update of the game, and have downloaded the most recent version of NTT. Please advise me on how to fix this problem

Never mind! I was able to get it working.  I had to remove the file that was in the folder.

I'm having difficulty connecting with a friend. Everything works fine until we reach 3-1, then the game disconnects us. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this problem? I have the current version and the same version as my friend.


This is a bug in 9940, I wasn't able to look at it yet unfortunately

9936 didn't have the issue yet and supports most mods that 9940 does

Thank You

Help. How to open the characters frog and skeleton command. And there is a command of immortality?


Skeleton is unlocked by becoming skeleton, which is if you die as Melting on a necromancer's circle.

Frog is unlocked by getting a golden frog gun and making it to the end of the level.

There's cheats mod and debug mod.

hey, me again. and i've been wondering, is it possible for me and my friend play a ntt mod online? like nuclear throne x10 for example.


Yes - both of you agree to load mods (type /sideload), and then one of you can load the mod (which will load for other person as well)

According to virus total, there is something malicious. Can someone please give me some insight?


As per FAQ, since NTT-Assemble assembles a new executable out of parts of existing executable, some antivirus programs may consider it a virus. You can compile it yourself from source if you are concerned.

Does YV use they/them pronouns? I noticed that the quotes on the wiki refer to them with they/them, and I'm curious on if that's intentional or not.


I'm not the person to ask about Nuclear Throne lore, but the reason why wiki uses "they" is likely that neither of games (NT/Gun Godz) explicitly mention Y.V.'s gender (if there's any - deity and all), therefore using "they" seems appropriate.

hell yes. thank you

(1 edit)

Hey so me and my friend downloaded the NTT mod and we got everything up and running, we own it on epic games and not steam so idk if thats why but we cant invite eachother or connect to hosted games by one another, if you could help that would be great if not thanks anyways. It says that it times out everytime.


Since you connect by IP-port, you'll need to port-forward or use a virtual private network software like Hamachi (there's a bunch like this).

Thank you that worked

In the NTT-Assemble.exe there is an option:
4: Toggle Steam
What it does?

It says that "Steam features are now enabled". At first I thought it has something to do with achievements (as I don't get steam achievents with NTT normally) but after "toggling steam" in NTT I don't see any differences with the NTT without "steam toggled" as I still don't earn achievents.


Enables/disables use of Steam API for networking (which is how you are able to use Steam invitations). When disabled, you can only join by IP-port

Okay, thank you

Is this Mac compatible? If not, is there a Mac version?


It is not, although people did run it on Mac via WINE, Crossover, and Parallels.

Unfortunately it is not very viable to natively support Mac in a freeware mod due to steep development costs and issues with implementing cross-platform multiplayer.

Heya, I'm having trouble getting NTT to recognise my gamepad, which is especially weird because vanilla NT seems to have no trouble. Its a standard xbox360 controller. Tried using /gamepad to no success, are there any other possible solutions?


Do i need the same save file to play with friends?


When playing online, an "everything is unlocked" save file is loaded up by default. You can then load someone's actual save file via /loadgame and later update it via /savegame.

Hi, how сan I remove the mod list in menu? I install them too much and it interferes :D


You can click on the mod list +/- button when it's open to minimize it

Oh, I didn't notice, thanks!

hi how do you unlock frog in this mod?


Get a golden frog pistol and survive till the end of the stage

I downloaded this mod earlier and it seems to mostly be working but now when I go to the co-op mode, it says there is an error with steam. "Steamworks extension could not load. Did you copy all the needed files to the Nuclear Throne' directory?" I'm not sure what this means or how to fix it. I think I downloaded everything properly and it lets me play solo fine and I think I can set up local servers, but I can't figure out how to get steam to work. My friends downloaded this too and don't seem to be getting the steam issue, I'm not sure what I did differently.

Will the 2020 beta ever be available to people who have purchased the game on itch?


That would be something to ask Rami, unfortunately - I think itch version isn’t even u99 yet?


linux support?


I have made a test Linux build at one point, but it was desyncing when playing with Windows users, and none of the DLL-based features (shader loading, v9940 error handling, mouselock, native cursor, etc.) worked, so it was never released to public. Meanwhile, WINE/Proton run NTT reasonably well.

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Me and my cousin and my brother wanted to play together but we lag when trying to play together, my brother and I play locally and my cousin is online so we have input lag when online anything I can try or a solution?


The premise of the mod is that it uses delay-based netcode to avoid rewriting the entire game from scratch. You can play around with delay mid-match via /delay command to find what works best without causing slowdowns.