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Is there a way to automatically load the mods when I open the game?  Also, would my friend need to load the mods when they join my game, or would they be loaded automatically?


If you make a .txt file called "startup" in "mods" directory, any commands from it will be automatically executed as soon as you boot into a local game (same as if you did /loadtext startup).

In online session, only the person loading the mod needs to have it - any required files will be transmitted over the network.

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thanks, it worked

In multiplayer, when my friend joins the mods are not automatically loaded like in single player from the startup text file. I put /sideload in the text file also, but the mods are not being loaded.

In multiplayer both players will need to /sideload first (which is why files are not auto-executed), and then you can /loadtext startup

Ok cool. We were in the 4th level, and the fire trap was causing a framerate drop for both of us, not sure why. Game runs fine otherwise so far.