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A member registered Jun 15, 2017

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I think I fixed the stuttering. I added nucelarthrone.exe to my exclusions for my antivirus(malwarebytes). Just played and no lag, green bars when pressing tab now :)

I have never done LAN connection. I tried joining through the ipv4 adress but it didnt work. I dont know if I need to change the UDP either. Am I supposed to be joining through the ipv4 adress?

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Yeah I think its the connection. With no mods, I pressed tab and when it was laggy, the bar was red and spiking to the top. We are on the same internet because we are right next to eachother. In other games my internet is fine so I dont know what to do :P

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I just started having stuttering and freezing in my online games, is it because I have too many mods? It started happening right out of the blue, one day it was fine, the next it was freezing. It started happening before I installed the pgw mods, so I dont think it was those. In my startup.txt:

/load ntu
/loadtext brucepack
/loadtxt skins
/loadtext someweaponpack
/loadmod shareammo
/loadtext pgw
/loadtext pgw/bl2
/loadtext pgw/idpd
/loadtext pgw/wlp

Thanks, I got it to work with your help :). I made the gml file, then made the mod load from my startup text.

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It works , but I have to do this everytime we die. Also put it in my startup.txt, but I have to do it in game. Is there a way for this command to save? Also is there a "no friendly fire" command? Thanks

Is there a mod that gives ammo pickups to all players instead of just the person who picks it up? I would like this if it is an easy mod to make.

Ok cool. We were in the 4th level, and the fire trap was causing a framerate drop for both of us, not sure why. Game runs fine otherwise so far.

In multiplayer, when my friend joins the mods are not automatically loaded like in single player from the startup text file. I put /sideload in the text file also, but the mods are not being loaded.

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thanks, it worked

my native cursor is invisible for some reason too.

Is there a way to automatically load the mods when I open the game?  Also, would my friend need to load the mods when they join my game, or would they be loaded automatically?

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Can you make a video explaining this? I have your ultra mod and brucepack in my mods folder. Not sure how to group the commands. For bruce mod I need to do /loadtext brucepack , and for your mod I do /load ntu. So how would I group these?