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I just started having stuttering and freezing in my online games, is it because I have too many mods? It started happening right out of the blue, one day it was fine, the next it was freezing. It started happening before I installed the pgw mods, so I dont think it was those. In my startup.txt:

/load ntu
/loadtext brucepack
/loadtxt skins
/loadtext someweaponpack
/loadmod shareammo
/loadtext pgw
/loadtext pgw/bl2
/loadtext pgw/idpd
/loadtext pgw/wlp

Try restarting Steam (and have the other player do the same to be sure). If that has no effect, take a look at the latency graph (hold Tab) - maybe the connection towards the second player is having problems.

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Yeah I think its the connection. With no mods, I pressed tab and when it was laggy, the bar was red and spiking to the top. We are on the same internet because we are right next to eachother. In other games my internet is fine so I dont know what to do :P

If you are on the same LAN, you can disable Steam connectivity on the coop menu and connect by IP directly. That would solve any possible issues arising from Steam side of things.

I have never done LAN connection. I tried joining through the ipv4 adress but it didnt work. I dont know if I need to change the UDP either. Am I supposed to be joining through the ipv4 adress?

You'd need to use local (192.168.*.*) IP shown when doing Win+R, "cmd", Enter, "ipconfig", Enter.

I think I fixed the stuttering. I added nucelarthrone.exe to my exclusions for my antivirus(malwarebytes). Just played and no lag, green bars when pressing tab now :)