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Opening the tech chests and choosing one of the items from them spawn hostile Gators.

Thanks, I try my best. This is my first character anyway, never said it was actually good. 

If Yellow hasn't passed word yet about the crash, apparently it is because mod characters have the "random" crown selected, so simply change your crown to none or a crown that exists and you should be good.

The accuracy one is on me, but the spr_idle issue shouldn't be happening, because looking at the character Dasher, he was able to load in correctly and the global.spr_idle and spr_idle were set up exactly the same way I had it set up.

Charger code snapshot:

Owl code snapshot, used the Melting example character script to base it off of:

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Will this mod be expanded to also take custom sitting/select/deselect animations?

Edit: Also, when I try to load with my custom character I made, O.W.L on the ntt tag, it causes a plague of fish to start populating the screen with these errors, this one for my character related to his accuracy function:;[25:18] Couldn't find any instances of 0 (Player).
Then your mod: ...gml[28:26] '145144' (increases as fish appears) (CustomObject) does not have a variable 'spr_idle'

I have a good guess why the error occurs: With a save file that has all of the characters, the character array has an overflow when you choose the mod character.

Alright, dropbox link:

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I have been getting the exact same issue with both my mod characters (uninstalled, reinstalled and fresh downloads of both NT and NTT) I am making and others I have downloaded, even though I thought it was because one of my characters was pre-9921, as he worked with 9900. If you ask if it occurs with game play changing mods, it does not, as I am able to play the Hardmode mod just fine.

Theory: Maybe it's related to the save files where you're Nuclear Throne progress is saved in the users/name/appdata/local, testing this.

Edit: Definitely something to do with save files. I removed my whole nuclearthrone folder in that directory and my mod character worked perfectly fine, though I didn't check multiple times in a row to see if a write to the save messes it all up.

What would be the name for the mouse crosshair? I am making accuracy increase/decrease depending on the distance between the player and the mouse.

Okay, legitimate question, how do I make the player drop a gun onto the ground for a one weapon carrying character, specifically the bwep? Side comment, using "instance_create(Player.x, Player.y, bwep" in step makes some interesting things happen depending on your secondary weapon.

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I am attempting to make a custom character and I believe I am using the wrong software for converting a Piskel made sprite in .png to the base64 code, as choosing my custom character crashes the game. The site I used to convert the sprites is

EDIT: I see that I might have used the wrong type of encoder.

2nd EDIT: It was a wrong encoder, for anyone reading this with a similar problem, specifically look up png to base64.

The game is awesome! I would love to see more.

windows for windows. I mean jittery slow motion. I redownloaded it and will try again.

When I tried the game, it felt good, just it was not running well at all even though I have a great system.

the controller keeps being overridden to mouse and keyboard I believe since i later used a ps3 controller perfectly fine for coop. Even changing NT's steam controller options did not work.

I tried to play local with a friend of mine, one using mouse and keyboard and the other with a steam controller configured to xbox controls. For some reason the controller kept on going as player one.

Yea, noticed it too late and came back to fix that, but you beat me to it. I was wondering if you would accept another character, though you have a hefty roster already. Good luck with the rest of your mod.

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I would like to say, this is a beautiful mod. One of the biggest bugs I see on this is Hunter. His target mark has his projectiles home in on enemies even though I do not have one of the ultras, where reading the ultras, 2 look exactly the same to me. And I know this is a challenging unlock for Sheeps skin to not shoot until scrapyard, but with Scorpions, their spam, and contact damage, this feels extremely improbable to beat. Solving these issues/player incompetences, this is the best NT mod out.

Update: Hunter's active also makes projectiles move far faster, so fast they skip over enemy positions, and accuracy offsets the lockon cursor. With Y.V's alt skins, I was suddenly told while playing as Hog that I unlocked them.

The main menu music has this weird screeching noise like nails on a chalk board, it is really annoying.

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Wow, neat. I modded WK and I had a bad time just putting in support for a second player. I have it on called Champion of the Wastes.

Do you have to make Nuclear Throne on Steam go to the very first game in the versions tab or is the online PVP automatic when you own it?