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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife


A topic by Cosmi created Jun 24, 2016 Views: 10,676 Replies: 76
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Ask questions

Are you able to view Replays in a file that can be uploaded to youtube?


You can record a replay, and later record a video of a replay and upload that video to YouTube.

Can you show list with all colors for outline in co-op?


You can search for "hex color picker" and use a hex color (e.g. "#445588") to choose any color.

Named colors are white, black, gray, red, green, blue, aqua, yellow, pink, orange, lime, purple, "night" (distinctive dark blue), and "fab" (neon pink). These come from another mod of mine, Spelunky SD.

You can type in the name of the color, or you can google the Hex code for said color, both of which work fine

How do you select a colour outline for Co-op?

do /color (COLOR NAME) and go into a co-op match, upon doing so (if you have outlines enabled) they will appear in a different color

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Replays of 9830 version is unsupported in 9832?
And can people with 9830 version play online with these. who use 9832?


All players must have the same version of the game. Should you not, you will be informed about the fact.

Having cross-version compatibility (especially forward compatibility) would be much more trouble than anyone can wish for.

Similar goes for replays - since these are more or less reproductions of what buttons have been pressed and at what times, the game has to match up for them to reliably produce the same result on screen.

All publicly released versions will remain available for download for this reason.

I can't find the file "ntt archive", am i stupid and you meant to extract the entire folder somewhere else or am i legitmately missing a file?


"NTT archive" implies the downloaded file (.zip \ compressed (zipped) folder) itself. In other words, copy the files from it into the Nuclear Throne's directory.

Why does the mod unlock everything (Characters, skins and crowns)?

So that you don't have to go through the trouble of unlockng said things or soemthing

(Yellowafterlife can explain this batter than me)

Crowns are not unlocked for me and editing the save does not seem to work for me. I have steam cloud turned off (if that even matters for this) and I am saving the "NuclearThroneTogether" notepad file. Is there a way to make this work or am I doing something wrong?


Crowns are to be picked via /ccrown command, weapons are to be picked via /cwep or /bwep.

I might fix the SP loadout UI at some point, but this is a MP-centric mod, so I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble.

Oh thanks!

Developer (1 edit)

Mod uses a separate savegame so you would have to re-unlock everything first.

There is also a more important issue of combining the progression between players, and, most importantly, not messing up the local savegame in process.

So for now the mod just considers everything unlocked and leaves the task of not picking what you did not legitimately unlock up to your and co-conspirator's consciences.

How do I change skin when playing with others?

Press Space button for swaping skins.

I'm curious about networking logic. Where is broker server running? Is it possible to make direct p2p connection between two machine if we are in the same network? Thanks


It's using Steam servers, which in turn have a pretty interesting architecture for P2P transmission. Running on the same network will usually resolve to using the shortest route, but you'll still need two accounts owning the game, as Steam does not approve of using it's resources without paying.

will there be a download for Mac? My friend has had issues with using wine so it would be great for mac support


At some point - perhaps, soon - no.

If you've seen, NT has a chronic problem where generation does not match up per-platform (noticeable on daily/weekly), so cross-platform multiplayer will not be a thing without potentially rewriting everything (which is not something I can do here);

Supporting OSX/Linux requires writing separate "patcher" programs for them, which requires additional research on how their executable files work;

Supporting OSX in particular also requires to own a Mac to compile or debug anything.

Overall, might want to look at NT's reddit, since there were a couple of tutorials on configuring Wine there.

alright, thanks for the info

is it possible for you to make your coop partner immune to frogs active and ultras? it kinda limits the character to frog duos only atm

How do I start with mutations?


You can use `/gml skill_set(15, 1)`, where 15 is mutation id.

I have downloaded the most recent version and it works but for some reason the game is playing at a fast speed. Is there a way to fix this?

You've probably solved it by now, but delete options.ini in the Nuclear Throne folder

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I am attempting to make a custom character and I believe I am using the wrong software for converting a Piskel made sprite in .png to the base64 code, as choosing my custom character crashes the game. The site I used to convert the sprites is

EDIT: I see that I might have used the wrong type of encoder.

2nd EDIT: It was a wrong encoder, for anyone reading this with a similar problem, specifically look up png to base64.

Okay, legitimate question, how do I make the player drop a gun onto the ground for a one weapon carrying character, specifically the bwep? Side comment, using "instance_create(Player.x, Player.y, bwep" in step makes some interesting things happen depending on your secondary weapon.


You'd probably do it like

with (instance_create(x, y, WepPickup)) {
    wep = other.bwep;
bwep = 0;

Please help. When I click a mod, sometimes they take me to a webpage with just a ****load of code and i dunno what to do with it.

hello friend! all you need to do is right click on the download link (the one that takes you to all that tasty code) and hit "save as" and that gets you a prompt to save that mod bb! fuck shit up!

Can I have clarification as to how skill_avail works? I've defined it to return 1 in a skill file:

#define skill_avail

return 1

However the skill isn't being made available in the pool. Not including the skill_avail definition includes the mutation in the pool, but I am looking to make its availability variable, so I wish to define it dynamically rather than just disincluding the definition.


That should be working correctly. I'll take a closer look for the next update.

What would be the name for the mouse crosshair? I am making accuracy increase/decrease depending on the distance between the player and the mouse.


Mouse coordinates are stored in global arrays mouse_x[]\mouse_y[], so you'd do something like point_distance(x, y, mouse_x[index], mouse_y[index]) if it's on Player object.

I've been trying to figure out if this is a glitch or not... In Nuclear Throne, the wrench oneshots crows with scarier face but doesn't in NTT. Is this an intended change or a bug?


That's unusual. Could be a +-1 frame difference due to execution order changes. I'll take a look.


Upon further evaluation, it seems like you can 1-hit or not 1-hit crows both in vanilla and NTT - this depends largely on whether you are swinging the wrench in open space and on the distance to the target. In open space, the crow is pushed alongside on a swing (like a board on a wave), dealing more damage. If the swing touches a wall, on other hand, it advances slower than the crow is pushed away from it, and thus does less damage. Only narrowly reaching the target with a swing results in a similar effect.

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Hmmm really? I never noticed crows on steam live (98) needing two shots with the wrench and scarier face.

EDIT: Totally forgot to say which version I was playing prior to NTT. But yeah, 98 never gave me that problem.

EDIT2: Just tried to replicate the 2_hits_needed on live and couldn't do it. Every crow would die in one hit from scarier face...


Upon further examination, the issue was identified to be because the act of ravens having their health and max health reset during flight, with "flying" object also being exempt from Scarier Face' rules (meaning that they'd go from 8/8hp to 10/10hp).

Narrowly hitting with a wrench (only dealing damage once) does 4hp damage, full hit does 8hp damage, so that explains it.

Do mods work while playing with another person? me and a friend have tried to get it to work but it always breaks. Is this our fault or is the mod incapable of loading the mods for both people?


Some mods don't. That will be fixed in the next public release.

How do you mod the game? I'd like to make a character for it -do i require gamemaker for this? 


Check "scripting" - "getting started" page on wiki (linked on itch page). You don't need GameMaker, only a code editor and a web browser to check general GM ( and NTT-specific ("scripting" section on wiki) documentation.

Hello ^^

Is there any way to have the Nuclear Throne in 16/9 resolution?


See the announcement post. It even has the exact command to use.

How can I install this configuration? Xd
I'm a bit confused, would it be a mod?

would it be possible to port NTT to mac?


would it be possible to read the FAQ? (Setting up - On Mac/Linux support)

Whenever I start up the game I get the black fullscreen issue and the game only runs normally in windowed mode, I have tried the solutions given in the FAQs and the only way I've gotten fullscreen to work is when the game is running in double speed and deleting the options.ini file just creates the black fullscreen issue again and again. Is there any way to fix this?


On the affiliated Discord you can find the current preview build in #co-op_buddies channel' description. v9915+ have a "borderless fullscreen" option (as an option in "fullscreen" in Video Settings), which should help with that.

In the charector selection screen, why don't modded charectors appear around the campfire?

I checked the code and the sit and sit2 sprites are defined correctly.

I haven't been able to solve this or find a mod that has. Please help!


It will not by default, although mods can add this functionality by themselves (sample).

sit1 and sit2 are for the animation when sitting onto the throne.

Built-in characters have 4 different animations each for campfire scene (campfire idle, campfire active, transition to active, transition back to idle), which is a fair amount of extra work as for just having the character "be there".

Thanks for your help!

It says I couldnt replace the assets, the asset length must be the same.

Ok here's a stupid question, but me and a friend of mine are trying to make a character and we've been stuck on this problem since the first line of code: whenever we use the draw event and we have outlines enabled, the sprites seem to be drawn only in a specific part of the screen, kind of a rectangle around the player. Outlines are also applied to all the sprites in that area, and some transparent objects are recolored too,  but the sprites that don't fit in that rectangle are cut in half.

 We have made a clone-looking hologram that walks around exactly like the player did 3 seconds before, and we thought using a CustomObject would be a good idea, so we just set the sprite_index to be our custom animation for the idle/walk of the "past player". But then when we both tried to play the character at the same time, the CustomObjects worked as intended, following the player, but for some reason only one of the "holograms" had a sprite, the other one was just empty.

That's why we thought about using the draw event to make things easier, but then we got this result that the "clones" appear only when we are close to them because of this problem we've got.

This is with the outlines enabled (drawn with the draw event)

This is with the outlines disabled (and the "hologram" isn't erased if it goes outside the "rectangle")

It would be awesome if you, or anyone, helped us understand what's going on

Thanks in advance...

...and, damn, you're a genius man, this mod is our life now


Character draw event is for drawing the character itself - with outlines on things get drawn to a little surface and then that surface is drawn 5 times (4 for outline, 1 for actual character). CustomObject is the usual way to go here. I'd suggest to check how you assign and manipulate your helper instance or having a script_bind_draw that would then run drawing code for matching players.

So this is happening. I can't believe you actually answered. Oh boy this is awesome.

Thanks! So basically we just have to create a custom script to handle the drawing when there's more than one player. Got it

My friend's game keeps closing itself about 30 seconds after he boots it up. We've tried everything from reinstalling the game+mod and retsarting Steam. So far no solution has worked. What's happening here?


Honestly I'm not aware of anything that could cause the game to spontaneously close - could try playing with settings or fullscreen mode (Alt+Enter/Alt+Shift+Enter).

I have a small question that has got me thinking.

Is there a way for players to pick individual mutations in coop? I've been seeing all sorts of commands but can't find any that does that.

Or is it not an option? :o


Not at this time - adding such an option entails redesigning how mutations and related user interface (mutation picker screen and mutation lists) are handled on basic level. There might be mods that do this to some extent already - I'd suggest to ask around.

I did the ntt assemble stuff and did the stuff i needed to do, but NTT dosent start, What do i do?


If you have a file called in game directory and nuclearthrone.exe is larger than it, you can try removing and running NTT-Assemble again.

The file is larger than nuclear throne, Any other ideas?

Also, should the game be in beta/mods mode or the current mode?


Current mode, although "beta" branch should still work. You can also try renaming the game directory to let Steam redownload it and then reinstalling NTT.

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Im a bit dumb and dont know what a game directory is, what is it?

arent i so smart

edit: nevermind, its working, Thanks!

how to unlock the chicken b skin?
In NTT you'll want to do `/hardmode` in chat to enable hardmode, and the rest is as usual.

is there any way to play nuclear throne  together with a controller i tried it dosen work


Should work. You can force a controller via /gamepad command (try IDs 0, 1, 4, 5)

i don't wana be rube but i don't get it so can you like send me a video of you doing that


Since I remain to be a little overloaded with work, I would suggest that you ask on Discord for pointers.